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The Haunted Jungle


Friends, today the strange and very frightening experience I am going to tell you all is about an experience which my uncle (not my maternal, another one) had many years back.

My uncle, along with his friends was touring Maharashtra (a state in India) . My uncle, who was a non believer in ghosts and the paranormal world, was chatting with his friends, when they were touring through Konkan (a region in Maharashtra). As they were busy talking with each other, they did not realize how time passed quickly, while driving their omni van. As it was nearing night, the five people in the van, which included my uncle decided to stop when one of his friend said,

" We should not stop here. First of all it is dense jungle here and a burial ground surrounds us. And on top of it all, today is full moon night. At this time evil spirits come out at night."

The other four laughed at him and said " Brother, you still believe in such make believe things. Nothing of such sort exists," and parked their car and were just going to eat their food, when suddenly they heard someone reciting something in a very strange language, as if someone was singing a hymn in an very evil manner and an evil laughter.

What they saw in that Konkan jungle, made their heart beat increased and due to fear, their voice got struck inside them and they could not even scream for help and they started sweating due to fear. They all saw that four or five people (whom of all were ghosts) were carrying a procession, singing an evil hymn and were carrying a dead corpse (that was also a ghost's dead body) in the dark sky, dressed in white clothes and laughing in a evil manner.

They all hid themselves in the Maruti van (it was their good luck, that the glasses of their car were all black I. E, tinted) so, the supernatural beings could not see them. They didn't realize, when they went to sleep and when morning neared, they all woke up madly and drove their van like madmen in a state of fear and my uncle, who never believed in the supernatural, vowed never to laugh at nature and it's forces ever again in life and never to visit that region, ever again in life. Waiting for your valuable comments on this story. Thank you.

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BeingStupid_666 (4 posts)
4 months ago (2023-12-11)
Hi Amchi
Is it possible that Spirit can't see through BLACk tints
Will They require a GPRS to reach a Destination? 🤔
Amchi1986 (18 stories) (71 posts)
6 months ago (2023-10-06)
No, they were not aghoris, but ghosts carrying another person's dead body on their shoulder. The person whose dead body, they were carrying, was also a ghost.
Rajine (14 stories) (757 posts)
6 months ago (2023-10-05)
Hi Amchi1986

I need to ask, do you perhaps think that it must have been aghoris instead, I've read about them and their practices are very strange and unconventional, they also tend to live in the boundaries of society.
Theomniscient (3 stories) (7 posts)
6 months ago (2023-10-03)
Hope, all of them are safe and sound. I'm really sorry if I'm sounding kind of gritty and rude but why should we challenge the forces which are beyond our perception of normal five senses. I think this story is really a good lesson for all of those who challenge such forces and gets pin down

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