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The Unholy Night


Friends today the story I am going to tell you is about a very horrifying incident that took place with my uncle (not my maternal one, let me mention you clearly first of all) when his son was just a new born baby and he had gone to tour Maharashtra (a state in India) with his new born son and his wife in their car.

Now let me tell you first of all that this story has few similarities with my previous story, but is totally different from it. My uncle used to believe in the supernatural right from the beginning, since his wife used to have devi (a form of goddess) coming in her body on some auspicious occasions and in our Hindu religion it is a belief that when goddess comes in a woman's body, no evil or any supernatural force can harm her or those who are with her.

My uncle was tired of driving the car continuously and decided to stop his car and spend the night in the jungle. Since it was a dense jungle, his wife advised him not to stop the car since there was possibility of robbers or wild animals.

My uncle was a non-fearing healthy Maharashtrian man, having tremendous strength, and capable to be tough to three to four people at a time and at that time, he was quite young too. He and his wife had their dinner in their car and went to sleep happily. Everything was going on normal until three the night, when my uncle got up to drink water and he saw an woman, dressed in white saree, with her long hair swaying in breeze and with an evil and insulting smile on her demonic face. My uncle got scared to the extent of death on seeing her evil face with a wicked smile, and felt he would have an heavy heart attack any moment and collapse and die in the vehicle itself. Suddenly he remembered that in his car's dashboard a God's locket was kept and he wore it around his neck swiftly, without wasting time and at the same time the evil female ghost extended her hand towards the car and they went across the car's windows. He got scared and looked across his wife and new born son, worried about them and to save them from this evil ghost, jumped on the back seat.

The ghost tried to harm them, but since my uncle had swiftly acted by wearing the locket and his son was in his wife's lap, the evil ghost got scared and at around five p. M., disappeared in thin air. As soon as dawn rose, he drove his car madly though the jungle and stopped only when he reached Mumbai and told about this incident to his wife, only when they reached home safe and sound. Waiting for your valuable comments and views on this story.

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bhoostpisachnikatnahiaave (1 posts)
4 months ago (2024-03-05)
The belief is that when goddess possesses someone, that means they're pure by heart and have a stronger devotion towards that goddess. And because of that, there's always a divine hand over their head, and their call for help is always answered because of their continuous devotion (even though the possession itself is occasional).

Also am not sure how to tag other folks here, but lady_glow, pretty bold go you to question logic on a website for paranormal, which is anything but normal and logical. More than the questions, it's the condescending tone that you can may be avoid?

Have that said, I do believe no human is pure enough in this age and time to have goddess enter their bodies. This also does not necessarily mean your aunt is faking it OP, I have myself witnessed this and even spoken to a few about what exactly happens when they have this experience - and I have concluded that it's the festivities, the loud dhol, the overall environment of certain rituals that involve a certain Bhakti in you so much for few that they think they personify the divinity that's being worshipped. Even us regular folks, sometimes feel a vibration when we are fully indulged in the pooja and Aarti, in a good way. Our brains are capable of doing extraordinary things and the belief of possession is one of them, sometimes manifesting into physical strengths and unusual voices and I think connecting the dots to predict the future and foresee omens (which if you were to decode you will see that the person knows the family and their on-going issues so it's basically their subconscious talking just with 10x the confidence).

And I do believe what you're saying is what you heard OP, I've heard many of such similar stories too. However, may be filter the ones you can logically justify yourself before posting? Just a suggestion.
TravisCannabis (70 posts)
6 months ago (2023-12-13)
Jeez bro! That's exactly what the other dude means. U have written a lot of stories but only a few have happened to you. 🙄 😁
Amchi1986 (18 stories) (71 posts)
6 months ago (2023-12-11)
I have written two to
Three stories on my experience. Just check them out. Don't jump to conclusions without reading all my stories.
CantunSEEit74 (4 stories) (63 posts)
6 months ago (2023-12-10)
Amchi1986 You have 15 stories on this site and 10 of them are other peoples stories. Please bring your own experiences to the table.Itttssstttooommuucchh.
sushantkar (16 stories) (533 posts)
7 months ago (2023-12-06)
Hi Dear Amchi1986,

Hope you are doing good!

I have had quite a few paranormal experiences in my life so far, but none of them were as long as this. Most of these events only last for a few moments.
No paranormal entity has enough energy to sustain its form (whatever it may be) for such a long time. Since all of these entities are made up of some kind of energy/energies, they need fule to maintain their shape and form to travel, to communicate and even in cases if they want to possess someone they requires to save their energy to do so.
I am not denying your experience, but I do not want to coincide with it either.

KenS80 (1 stories) (42 posts)
7 months ago (2023-12-02)
I have a few acquaintances who I chat with online from Mumbai Amchi1986. So I understand your way of expressing your take of sorts.

Apart from couple of typing mistakes with time (am/pm) and the use of your cultural speak you have expressed your take of events quite well indeed.

Understandably it may be confusing for some members who aren't used to your way of communication, but I do get what you are trying to say.

One thing I am a bit confused about, is why this ghost hung around for so long before getting scared and disappearing. Your uncle put the religious necklace as soon as he saw this ghost, right?

I do hope you and your family are safe now Amchi1986.


◝⁠ (⁠⁰⁠▿⁠⁰⁠) ⁠◜
lady-glow (16 stories) (3160 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-30)
"My nephew did wake up and started crying, but none of everyone in my house saw the shadow except me"

I'm afraid you are mistaking not only both your nephews, but your own stories too... There's no shadow in this story. LOL.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3160 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-30)
"I am always ready to answer anyone's doubts."

Perhaps it would be a good idea to go back to all of your stories and reply all the unanswered questions you may have missed to read.

Hi Amchi.

I have been reading some articles about possession by devi. There's a lot of interesting information on this subject, from the ones that look at it from an skeptical angle, like in the following link:


To others with a more faithful approach. The latter seem to agree on these phenomena taking place during some sort of festivity, specially throughout Navratri.

"In India during Navratri many people got possessed by Devi this happens specially during the first and the last day of the Festival... The worshipper of Nanda Devi goes in trance during Aartis... But now in todays period many peoples performs fake acting of this ritual to gather publicity..."


Although I wasn't able to read everything there's to read, the data seems to point that once the goddess leaves the body of a person, leaves it for good and said person goes back to their normal self.

My point is, why would a woman and her child be protected from negative entities when she's not possessed?

Thanks for your feedback.
Amchi1986 (18 stories) (71 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-30)
My nephew did wake up and started crying, but none of everyone in my house saw the shadow except me
Rajine (14 stories) (813 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-29)
Hi Amchi1986

That must have been unnerving, but I have to agree with some of the commentors, howcome the baby didn't get up, or the wife, a lot of supernatural beings take human form I believe.
Amchi1986 (18 stories) (71 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-27)
See ladyglow the main thing here is I am always ready to answer anyone's doubts. I am telling here, that my uncle had this horrible incident many years back. I don't understand about the origin of devi or goddess coming in one's body, but I have read somewhere that goddess comes in woman's body and it predicts everything accurately, except for life and death, which is in God's hands. It is said in our hindu religion that in any woman's body where devi i. E arrives, no supernatural or paranormal force can affect her nor her child.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3160 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-27)

I concur with your way of thinking though, in my opinion, 2 hours still sounds a little too long for the events described in the narrative.

Personally, I would like to know more about the "his wife used to have devi (a form of goddess) coming in her body on some auspicious occasions" part, and if at the time of this encounter she was under the influence of this divine being.

Like most of the previous stories from this poster, he's retelling someone else's experience, something that he didn't witness, and seemingly without taking the time to ask for more details and without providing other useful information to bridge the cultural differences between his beliefs and those of the readers'.

I have several questions about this story, unfortunately I have seen in the past that the OP is not one for answering questions even though he has agreed to participate in the discussion.

Rant over.

Mods, please delete if inappropriate.
valkricry (49 stories) (3275 posts) mod
7 months ago (2023-11-26)
I guess this is where I differ than many others. Because of this sentence, " As soon as dawn rose, he drove his car madly though the jungle..." I assumed the P.M. Was a typo, and should have been A.M. Making the ordeal 2 hours long.
RCRuskin (9 stories) (826 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-26)
MythBelieve: there are many things in "real life" that do not make sense. But "real life" is in many ways entirely nonsensible. So I for one believe that Amchi is telling us what happened exactly as he recalls it happening. Like Travis in his comment, I find it a bit hard to believe that the baby did not awake during the night and cry from hunger, but maybe the baby had a big meal before the trip? I don't know.

As is usual with these stories, I'm wanting to know more. Ghost videos? I want more angles! I want better resolution video or photos! Where was everyone in relation to the strange event? Can't really get these answers now, so many years after the experience. Heck, can't even get them 5 seconds after the experience unless there were multiple cameras already taking video/pictures.

Amchi, I am glad your uncle and his family were unharmed.
Amchi1986 (18 stories) (71 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-26)
My dear mythbelieve I have told only what we have experienced in life and all my stories are cent per cent true. If you think that they don't make sense, it's your wish
MythBelieve (4 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-26)
Your entire family seem to experience some form of ghost and many of the stories don't make any sense
TravisCannabis (70 posts)
7 months ago (2023-11-26)
It makes no sense bro... Didn't your aunt have to feed the baby at least once during the 15 hours the ghost was there? 🤔
As if! 😁 😁

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