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Hoping They Are Still Here <3


I wanted to share several of my strange experiences regarding paranormal activities.

My name is Saska, and I am from Serbia. I am a teacher of Spanish and English languages.

It happened not long ago. My brother passed away at such a young age (38), and my family and I were experiencing immense grief day and night.

Soon after he died my family and I went on a trip to Vrnjacka Banja, where we had a cottage and spent a lot of days together. There is an amusement park and every night my family and I would go there and have some fun like we always used to do, when my brother was there too. My son wanted to play fishing, and it was a kind of game where you need to catch a fish using a toy fishing rod. So, after several tries, he caught one with a number that he had to read and go there to find a group of toys gathered under that number. When he took his number and went to find a section with that particular number (there were many of them) he was a bit disappointed because there were only stuffed toy hearts with some cute messages. He randomly picked one and gave it to me. I read it. It said "For my little chick (baby chicken) ". At that moment I eyed the other messages and there were a lot of them, mainly ordinary "for the best uncle/ mom/ brother in law"... So, I took that one he picked and put it in my bag.

Some days after we went back home to our hometown Uzice, and I took the toy heart and hung it beside the framed photo of my son and his uncle (my brother). Then, it came to me, Aljosa (my brother) was always teasing my son and comparing him to that little smart chick from a cartoon. I thought "Wow, what a coincidence, there were so many toys and numbers, how is possible he got that particular one?" I still wonder if it was a coincidence.

One evening I was working on my computer when I heard my dog barking in the backyard. I went out to see if someone was coming since my dog usually barks for a reason. I tucked my dog, Ana, inside her house but she was still upset and she was squealing as if she had seen something unordinary. The sound she made reminded me of the one she used to emit when my brother took her for long walks. They had their special kind of language.:)

I was pretty surprised looking at her eyes trying to figure out if there was anything present there I couldn't see. As soon as I turned and walked up the stairs towards the entrance door I saw a small blob of light right in front of me on the path. It was a few meters away, and it consisted of bright white light. It was there only for a tiny part of a second and then it disappeared so I supposed I was hallucinating. I rubbed my eyes and the next moment I opened them I saw a flash of white light across a nearby tree. I stopped and rubbed my eyes again, turned around to see if there was anyone or anything right behind with a flashlight or a similar thing that could make that kind of light but there was no one. And it happened the third time, this time it was flashing just like lightning does, right on the facade of the neighbor's house. It was blinking like it wanted to give me a sign. And, by its rising position, I could imagine it went up high. Then, I thought of my dog Ana and her strange behavior and I was in a state of disbelief asking myself "What has just happened?!"

A few days later I had a strange dream where I was looking at a piece of cloth that was moving. I was calling for my mom and telling her "Look, Mom, Aljosa is moving the cloth but we can't see him." It wouldn't be anything strange but only a dream, if the following morning while I was conducting online classes on my computer I hadn't heard the sound of cloth moving. At that time I was engaged with the class materials, waiting for my Chinese student to join the class and I was writing a message to my friend about Aljosa, so I didn't turn my head to see if someone was moving the nearby cloth that was laid over my lamp. But as soon as my class finished, I started asking myself what that was, since the sound was lasting and I was sure my husband and children were sleeping as I work the early hours due to the time difference between Serbia where I live, and China. Exactly when I started questioning the sound I heard I remembered the dream about the moving cloth and was in a state of shock not knowing what to think.

And last, but not least, last night my dog was barking again, and she continued barking all night long. My alarm clock which was set to ring at 6:30 started ringing at 4:55. My brother used to always set his alarm for 6 to 6 or 6 and 6, 5 to 5 or 5 and 5. I woke up, looked at the time and while my dog was still barking asked myself if I was going nuts, I knew what time I set my alarm clock for, how is it possible that it rang at this time, and it never happened before.

Before my brother died, we also had a lot of strange experiences. My dad died two years before my brother and, on certain occasions, we heard doors, my son had nightmares and was screaming and crying in his sleep "No, I don't want to go out!" I heard the movement of the chair in the living room and the TV used to turn on by itself in the middle of the night several times.

Not to mention the flickering light bulbs. It's happened so many times on special days or occasions.

So, after all these things I do not doubt our souls are real, and somehow they can affect our physical world. Are they doing it to try to console us, and tell us they still haven't lost their sense of humor even in those divine conditions, or they are just learning how to interact with us without scaring us too much? I just hope they can guide and protect us in some kind of way. Well, if they can move things, make sounds, and play with lights, then why not believe they are here for a purpose, to help us frame our lives in a better way? I am talking about these higher consciousnesses, not about ghosts. All these events happened in different houses, in different locations, so I don't believe those places are all haunted.

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Rajine (14 stories) (811 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-23)
Hi Alexandra

Losing a loved one is tragic, no matter how much time passes by there's always going to be void, an emptiness that cannot be filled. But I think that, even though you cannot see and speak to them, they're still around watching over you and your son.
Linjahaha (24 stories) (142 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-22)
Alexandra: I assure I was wide awake when the incident happened. I don't expect you to believe it as I know it sounds incredible. However, I know what I experienced, & I got great assurance, & comfort from it.
You're right about wanting them to move on the better place, & not being stuck here. I know "I" wanted my husband to stay, but that would be selfish of me. He deserves to be in a 'better' place. I take comfort in the knowledge that I will join him someday. 'That' awaits us all. However, I feel it is actually a continuation of life in a different realm!

My Very Best to You! 😊 😊
Alexandra89 (1 stories) (4 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-22)
Thank you Lady-Flow!
I ran into this site accidentally. And I love reading all kinds of wonderful stories here. I take every free moment to read them, especially before I go to bed, and yours are the next ones I'm going to read.:)
I always knew physical death was just a rebirth, but I am curious to know why some people leave us so early. I hope everything happens for a reason, still unknown to us. <3
Alexandra89 (1 stories) (4 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-22)
Linjahaha thank you for trying to console me and sharing your experience with me!
I watched about those cases when people talked with souls via mediums or were sent messages from another world via them, but I never truly believed in that kind of thing.
The story you told is believable somehow but I can't even imagine how that is possible since the only signs I got were related to the lights, some sounds, or unusual events.
My brother visited me in my dreams, we talked and he told me nothing hurts him anymore, he's alright but beyond this, nothing else happened.
I can't possibly think of your experience without wondering if you maybe have an extraordinary sense, maybe you're gifted or you were in a state of trance when all that happened. Is your memory of that event blurred or clear? Was it happening in our physical world or it all played out inside your consciousness without visible effects in ''our'' world?

As for my mom, she started reading books related to those experiences like yours, and the first book she read was ''Life After Life'' by Michael Newton. I know he is very famous in your country for his work on this topic. Anyway, here we have some people who graduated from the Michael Newton Institute and opened their clinics here. They are regression therapists and my mom scheduled an appointment already. She strongly believes that her son and she are connected in a strange kind of way and she thinks they were together in past lives too, so she thinks there is a certain kind of relationship between the two of them and hopes she can discover their karma, at least, some tiny indications of it. She feels a bit relieved right now, but the moments of grief and disbelief are always coming back to us. It is only 6 months now that my brother's gone. I suppose that a lot more time needs to pass so we can accept the fact he is no longer with us. Her balcony light went on all by itself last night, and she started talking with the flickering light on the balcony. Whenever it starts blinking she starts talking with Aljosa. We read their souls can affect the electricity in a certain kind of way and cause the light bulbs to start flickering. Anyway, wherever my dad and Aljosa are now, I would like them to do their things, and continue their journey, I wouldn't like them to stay captured here and look after us. That would be too selfish. I hope they will keep their way and that we'll see each other again. Maybe the length of our life is just a blink of an eye for them since they say time doesn't exist from their point of view.:)
lady-glow (16 stories) (3159 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-21)
Bienvenida a YGS.

Hi Alexandra.

What an interesting set of experiences!
I agree with the previous posters' opinions regarding all of these events like signs of your loved ones still sticking around. It's so comforting to know that physical death is not the end of love.

Thanks for sharing.
Linjahaha (24 stories) (142 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-21)
Alexandra, I meant to express to you how 'very sorry' I am for your loss. I fully understand.
As for your mother, her grief 'could' be what is preventing her from receiving any messages from him. It's just possible.
After I lost my darling husband, I was grieving so severely. I never knew the human body could hold so much water as all the tears I cried. I talked often to my sister-in-law, Beth. She was the last remaining immediate member of her family. John 'visited' her a little over a month before he came to me. She told me about it. He wanted to make some things right between them that happened before he passed on. I was a bit jealous because I thought he should've come to 'me' first. However, Beth explained that my extreme grieving was putting up a wall of sorts that he couldn't penetrate. She told me that she was exhausted, & totally relaxed the night he came to her. She believed that in 'that' state-being completely void of thoughts/relaxed, that he 'could' appear to her then.
I was so conflicted, & saddened about it all. It took 3 more months. I went to bed one night, absolutely exhausted, & not able to even 'think' anymore. I was still 'awake' however, when John came through. He put his arm around me in bed-I jumped up-he got up-we embraced-kissed-I held him in my arms again. Incredible feeling. He turned the light on, & we sat on the edge of the bed, & talked for about 4, or 5 minutes. He told me I would be alright, & that he loved me. He said he had to leave. I didn't want him to go, but he said he was alright now, & "I" will be alright. Then he disappeared. I sat on the edge of the bed in a lighted room by myself staring [at] the spot he sat in. I cried, but they were tears of joy. I felt so peaceful, & very comforted after that.
Give your dear mom time to calm down. She may get a sign from him yet, or enjoy the kind of spiritual visitation that I did. It was a truly wonderful encounter, I assure you!

The Very, Very Best
To You! ❤ ❤
Alexandra89 (1 stories) (4 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-21)
[at] Rajine Yes, they were so close, my brother loved my son too much, and that is the most devastating thing I had to face, the fact he won't be present in my son's growing up.

[at] Linjahaha Thank you, I believe they are, especially if they could see the state of us, they are maybe trying to get to us and convince us they're ok. My mom is taking all this very hard, but the things that happened to me never happened to her, maybe they can't reach her because of the extreme pain she is going through... Thank you, I strongly believe in your words!

[at] Tweed Thank you! I believe they can do some weird things too! It happened to my husband that the little toy water gun he was playing with while being out with my son, flew off the top of the nearby wall where he rested it. And, it didn't only fall but flew through the air some meters away, like it was thrown. And, that happened right on my birthday... I like to think the little heart my son picked was the first and my favorite sign my brother gave to us... As for the light, I didn't have time to analyze it. It all happened too fast, I just remember the flashes were so quick and powerful and it wasn't like our normal house light. It was so natural, nothing artificial, and it was so white. Like I said, just like the light of lightning. 😊

[at] RCRuskin Thank you... I don't think you're just rambling! I used to watch different videos too, and the one that proponents of the theory of quantum physics offer I didn't find so appealing, since I'm scared a bit of the fact that everything has been already predestined, even though, in depth of my being, I believe we have no power to change anything at least inside this body and mind.:) Everything is a perfect sequence of causes and effects and we can't change our being or brain to be able to change our reactions, this is something we were born with. Maybe when we reach those heights of our souls, then we will be able to change this ''reality''. I also watched different sorts of videos (inspired by true events), and I came upon the notion our souls need those particular experiences on Earth, so they choose the future life and the body in which to incarnate... Another fact in favor of the claim that nothing is accidental...
RCRuskin (9 stories) (826 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-21)
May your brother's Memory be Eternal.

I mean, the toy heart could just be coincidence, but I was watching this science oriented video channel on YouTube recently and the topic was interesting. At least to me.

So we know the mathematics of particle motions and interactions. Quantum Mechanics introduces some uncertainty, but let us for the moment assume we have perfect knowledge of all particles, even those weird quantum ones. Knowing all this, we could do the math though it would take quite a lot of computing power, and know every possible future and past state of the whole universe.

So, at that moment in that amusement park, your disappointed son just grabbed one stuffed heart, and it happened to be that one. Coincidence? Fate? The inevitable result of all these particle interactions? Maybe I'm just rambling feverishly?:)

I think the important thing, if you made it this far, is that it did happen, and I don't think it was quite so random.
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-21)
Hi Alexandra,

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I agree the souls of our loved ones can make themselves known in all sorts of interesting ways. There have been a few encounters of alarms being changed on here. It seems to be a way some loved ones like to show they're still around. From what you've said in your narrative it sounds like your brother likes to show he's around.

The word 'coincidence' can really get in the way of something beautiful sometimes. Sure I believe in coincidences but when it comes to something like what happened at the fishing game, well hmm. Sounds like something a lot more than just a coincidence.😉

I was very interested in the light flashes you described as I have encountered similar. A flash of light on the side of a house or tree I can relate to. Like an entire object will light up momentarily and then everything returns to normal. It's interesting that the light never illuminates any other surrounding objects like one would expect. I'm happy to read someone else has encountered this too.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.
Linjahaha (24 stories) (142 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-21)
Alexandra: I believe that your departed loved ones 'are' trying to communicate with you. Trying to let you know in somewhat subtle ways that they are aware of your missing them.
They are letting you know they are 'still' with you, but on a much higher plane now.
I've had spiritual visitations (that is what I call them) from my late husband, & grandmother. They startled me at first, but once I realized what was happening, it gave me peace, & comfort.
I hope you feel that kind of comfort yourself, & know they 'are' still 'with' you in another form!

Very Good Read! ❤ ❤
Rajine (14 stories) (811 posts)
5 months ago (2024-01-21)
I think that it's just your brother's and dad's way of saying that they're still around, by giving you those little signs, from what I gather your son was very close to your brother.

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