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The Auto Bus Ghost Girl


Last month I was traveling and I decided to come back by a public bus like a auto bus where it travels to other states. It was apparently a luxury bus. It was the 2nd day of being in the bus and I was getting ready to sleep as it was a long drive and we were in the middle of the desert, I know how the passengers look and were like so here's what happened;

I dozed off and went to sleep, and when I woke up, I see this little girl with glasses and blonde hair and it looked like a younger version of a friend I have, also she wasn't one of the passengers. She was peeking her head from the seat in front of me and was looking at the windows outside, and then she lowered her head back down. Now I went back to sleep, this bus doesn't picked new passengers, it just drives to your location. And when the bus stops for a restaurant break so that we can eat, the little girl I saw was nowhere to be seen.

The only person was in the seat in front of me was just someone who wasn't a little and another man.

Since the bus doesn't stop for new passengers the little girl that I saw was a spirit. There were not a lot of kids in the bus and only young adults and older adults, and before the encounter, there was no passenger that looked like her.

I was so shocked like I should've caught it on camera but it went so quick, the fact that there was no one on front of me except for a man that was sitting there and the fact that it looked like my friend.

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Linjahaha (20 stories) (103 posts)
4 weeks ago (2024-02-04)
Wandering: This is a head-scratcher. I agree with Rajine. Possibly you, & the other passengers were to ones 'passing by' 'her' area.
Maybe something tragic happened to her who knows how long ago, & she is confused, & trapped in 'that' particular area. Thanks for the read. It's a good one!

Take Care! 😆 😊
Rajine (14 stories) (718 posts)
4 weeks ago (2024-02-03)
Hi Wandering24fox

It could be a passing spirit, or we're you and the bus gang the ones passing by...🤔... I'd say that you and the others were the ones passing by and you happened to come across the resident ghost of that specific area.

Have you spoken to anyone with you that day to confirm what you experienced? Someone is bound to know something.

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