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Finding Their Way Home


This ghost story entails the start of trauma and sadness regarding some of my best feathered friends.

My husband and I moved to our current home in 2022. My dream once owning our own home was to start a little homestead with a garden. After we went through our first winter, the following spring I obtained my first flock of chickens. Any animal I bring into my home is considered family, whether it be a simple fish, or farm animal. I had names for my little flock of chickens, including my favorite rooster, Tweedledee.

The following early fall we purchased some more chickens and were a well bonded happy family. I never free ranged my chickens for their safety, I know we have predators. But we slowly started letting them roam outside with supervision and they stayed with us most of the time. I maintained a relationship with all of my feathered friends, some being closer to me than others, again my roosters always being my best friends, at that point I had 3, Gabriel, Rusty Pete, and Tweedledee.

The first blow was when my white rooster, Gabriel, died of sudden unknown causes, so I laid him to rest back to nature where he loved to pick bugs and just be in the sun.

The following weekend I was away in town for a girl's day with my best friend, but when I was coming home, I had a gut feeling something was terribly wrong. I have always known I had the gift of clairsentience, so I feel energies and can picture them in my mind's eye, but never have had the gift of sight or sound.

When I pulled into my driveway something compelled me to check on my feathered friends, and that's when the pain hit, only 6 of my hens were waiting for me by their coop. I saw the look in my hen's eyes as even my shyest hens came running to be with me. I cried and called for hours for my babies to return home, I begged the universe, I pleaded, and was almost on my knees, my husband only finding one alive and another returning to me from the woods.

I knew it was a fox as we had seen one in prior months and my husband found a dead hen in our yard in the tall grass. Later that day as I was pleading for anyone to return to me, especially Tweedledee my favorite rooster, it started to downpour, rain mixing with tears as if the sky was mourning with me. I leaned my hand against a tree begging for all of my energy to be sent out to find any chicken that was lost and couldn't make it home. As I was trying to let my energy resonate around my property, I saw a flash of the feather pattern of 3 of my lost hens and a hen on my shoulder, as if one or all three of my Wyandotte hens were saying goodbye.

I did not give up the search for days, and weeks. At this point as this happened just a few weeks ago. The following weeks I kept hearing my roosters crowing in the woods, but no sign of them alive sadly. When I returned home from work tonight, I was walking to my chicken coop and saw a clear image of my rooster Rusty Pete by the door, just waiting to go in, it broke my heart to see his spirit, but I told him to go in, his girls were waiting for him.

Upon seeing Pete's spirit the whole night, I had images of my other hens running in my yard and wood line in terror, and the mental scene of a fox sniffing around my chicken coop door hoping to finish the job on the 6 hens he left alive. The scene of the fox manifested for me to even see a flash of fox fur by my chicken coop door that I raced to the aid of my feathered friends when there was nothing there.

I considered myself a very open person with a fair number of metaphysical gifts, but after this traumatic event, have gained the gift of sight and hearing now, and I know that I need to help my missing girls and roosters find their way home to find peace so they can rest. Going into my wood line now has different meaning, it's quieter, the breeze seems to carry more on it than it ever used to, and in my heart, I know my babies knew I loved them to the point they are starting to seek me out from the next life.

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Twilight1011 (9 stories) (321 posts)
2 weeks ago (2024-06-10)
I'm so sorry to hear about your feathered baby's 😥 My heart really goes out to you, in this time. I have duckies, that I love, as their my babies. I know the pain you're experiencing now, as I've lost some of my ducks, over the past few years, since having them, since ducklings. It's very painful to experience the loss of a pet, that you love so much. For me, it felt like I lost a family member, and having to begin each morning, seeing the one's you just lost, is so heartbreaking. It took me awhile to get use too, and even longer, to finally be able to talk about them, without breaking into tears. I do free range though, for the most part, with my ducks. It wasn't easy for me to do, but I know it makes them happy, to be able to roam around our place, throughout the day. We live in the woods, and despite my neighbors not being as lucky, for the most part, my ducks have done very well with free range. My only problem with it, is when they ventured to where they shouldn't have (too far from me to run and help, if needed). Fortunately they're not bad about doing so now. But when it starts to get dark, I always put them up in their homes, as they wait by their doors, for me to do so ☺ After losing 3 of my baby's, I finally decided to get us a Great Pyrenees dog, to help keep my other baby's safe. They're known as a Guardian dog breed, that help watch over & protect your live stock and other animals. I'm also a clairsentient, and knew all 3 time's, when I noticed 1 of my ducks weren't with the other's, and didn't come when I called, that they were gone. I could feel it. I lost 2 of my Drake's, to what I believe was a poisonous snake bite, as we found them in the woods, dead, with nothing appearing to look wrong with them, and 1, to what I can only assume was a hawk, as we never found any trace of her. To make that even worse on me, I had saved that particular duck before, from a hawk, that already had its tallens in her wings/side. Luckily I was outside when this was happening, and heard my ducks freak out, running and flapping their wings (they aren't the type that can fly), as they ran towards me, and me knowing they only react like that, when something is trying to harm them, I immediately jump up and scream out really loud lol, (I think that was my reflex reaction, in hopes to scare off whatever it was) and looked where my ducks were running from, to see a hawk ontop of my favorite ducky, so I ran to her, chasing off the hawk. She was very traumatized afterwards, as it took almost the whole day, before she was able to snap out of it, and just go about her day. Her injuries weren't bad at least, but she wasn't able to spread her wings for awhile, until the puncture wounds healed. For me to have saved her then, and to not the last time (because she wondered beyond, where she should have), was very painful to accept. All I could think is the horrific death she must of had, and most likely was very terrified, hoping I again, would save her 😥 I apologize to go into so much of that, I just wanted to say, that you're not alone, when it comes to having such a deep connection to your pets. I hope you can find peace soon, and just know, that they had a very good life, that a lot of other chickens or ducks, don't really get to have, and even more so, I truly believe that they all were very much aware, of how much they were loved by us! I was able to eventually find peace in that thought. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and again, I send my deepest condolences.
Rajine (14 stories) (811 posts)
2 weeks ago (2024-06-08)
Pets do become part of the family and there's always that special bond, I do hope you find the remaining chickens.

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