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The Park Street Apartment


My older sister Sam rented a two-bedroom apartment on South Park Street (Park House Apartment) in Madison, Wisconsin during her junior year at UW-Madison. There was a beautiful corner window in the living room but a huge pine tree blocked the window from the busy street. Whenever Sam called me, she would be in tears and telling me about the latest ghostly figure she'd seen. I would brush it off my shoulders and roll my eyes at this. After months of Sam begging me to visit her, I finally did. When she opened the front door, my eyes were automatically glued to the hallway and all the little hair on my back neck stood up. Sam gave me a tour of her place - opening closets to show me how much space she had and trying to convince me to move in with her. When she opened her bedroom walk-in closet, I felt goose bumps on my arm. I told her to close it right away because I had a feeling that someone hung themselves in there.

That summer, my parents dropped off my two little sisters to stay with Sam. Sam's the irresponsible one in our family. That weekend, she felt so stressed out that she decided to leave the two little sisters at the apartment, in a new big city, while she went to the clubs with some friends. My little sisters, Pom and Him, were excited be left alone without adult supervision. At around midnight, Him fell asleep on the futon while Pom watched TV until her eyes couldn't open anymore and she laid next to Him. A few minutes later Pom was woken up by the sound of clunking of high heels on concrete coming towards the front door. She also heard voices of women talking and laughing then the sound of keys sliding through the keyhole. Pom was happy that Sam was back. She waited there in the dark, the front door never opened. Pom dashed to the corner window to look and see if Sam's car was back, it wasn't - she saw something else. A dark figure was sitting next to the huge pine tree - Pom noticed the outline of the figure to be a little girl who had curly hair and a puffy dress. Pom screamed, waking up Him and the both of them held each other and cried. Not more than 5 minutes later, they heard voices and high heels on concrete then the front door opened with Sam and her friends walking through the door. The girls never went back to stay with Sam.

When I moved in with Sam, we both shared her room - I slept on the top bunk. Sam situated her computer in the corner desk so that when you sat down to use the computer, your back would be facing the walk-in closet door and the bedroom door. Every time I'm on that computer, I have the tendency of turning around because I would feel someone was looking at me from the doorway. All my friends thought I was going crazy because I was cooped in there with Sam, who they thought was a little lunatic. They came over once to cheer me up. We were all sitting on Sam's bottom bunk, talking and laughing. We even put on a little music. One of my friends cranked up the music and started dancing. The rest of the girls joined. The music faded shortly. It's as though someone turned down the volume. This happened several times, we got scared and ran out to the living room. We all heard the door slam and my friend, who ran out last, was screaming. She said she felt something pushing her out and the door slammed on it's own.

Months went by, Sam and I got use to living with "the others". All our friends still came over to give support to be with us so we won't freak out. Sam saw the figures the most - sometimes when the figures saw her, they were scared as well. It got to the point where I would hear Sam talking to herself or cursing and screaming at the top of her lungs. When I ran to see what was the matter, she'd tell me that she was yelling at the figures to go back to heck. The two of us thought we were really losing it, until my entire family moved in temporarily for 2 weeks - until they could get into their new home.

My older brother set up his computer in the living room. Each night after work, he'd stay on it until 2:00-3:00 in the morning on this computer. One night I was watching David Letterman while he was on his computer. After about an hour, I turned off the TV and head to my room. Several minutes later, he came in and asked if I turned off the TV. I told him I did. We walked together to the living room and the TV was turned on but it wasn't on any channel, it was just fuzzy. He turned it off and I head to bed. Each night after that, the TV would turn on by it self and it would be fuzzy. He checked the circuits and made sure nothing would trigger it to turn on, even keeping the remote next to him. Still it turned on by itself.

After that started happening, the computer in our room would turn on by itself. Nights when I completely shut down the computer and unplugged the power cord, the computer would run by itself even if the power cord was not plugged in the outlet. There were someone or something that was messing with us for its amusement.

My little niece, who was only a 3 years old at the time, would run around our apartment - laughing and playing by herself. When I asked what she was doing, she'd tell me she's playing with her new friend. She was too young to be having an imaginary friend. One morning I found her in the second bedroom under the covers. I heard her saying that she's going to tell her mom something if her friend wasn't going to behave. When I uncovered the comforter, I found my little niece sitting by herself but she had scratches on her face - as if tiny little fingernails dug deep into her cheeks.

The last week when my family was to move into their new home, my mom slept on Sam's bed in the bottom bunk while Sam was on her computer. My mom woke up but just staring around the room and she didn't stir in bed. She saw a person standing by the bedroom doorway and thought it was Sam. But when she looked closer it was a little blonde-haired girl who was wearing a puffy Victorian dress with black buckled shoes and a big bow in her hair standing there looking towards Sam. My mom said the little girl reminded her of the Alice in Wonderland but she had curly hair. The little girl turned around and disappeared in the hallway.

That alone answered many questions we had about why we always felt eerie when we were on the computer or why the computer and TV would turn on... and who was playing with my little niece. We are still trying to find out what happened there and who the girl was... When I drive past that apartment complex, I still get goose bumps.

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Tabbie (3 stories) (11 posts)
13 years ago (2011-01-24)
I would love to walk through that house... But a cleansing of any kind would be good, and looking into the history wouldn't be a bad thing either. ❤ good luck and best wishes!
zacksawyer (1 stories) (20 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-07)
That was truly a haunted apartment. Must be a lost soul. It probably doesn't know she is dead. Poor soul...
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
16 years ago (2007-12-11)
Hi Kodak. Has your sister ever had a chat with the landlord or the neighbors in the area about the history of the building? They might know if something has happened in the recent past. She could do a little research for herself. If your sister still lives there and is so scared, she should try to find all she can about the place, or consider moving. As for her current situation, she should ask the spirit to move on and leave her alone, that it's frightening her. Thanks for sharing your story.
benja_the_lion (1 stories) (2 posts)
17 years ago (2007-04-14)
well, that tops my experience in Madison by a mile! Does anyone you know still stay there, and have any of these paranormal things continued?
Either way, I'd be interested in contacting the landlord and seeing if I could visit the place, even just for a guided walk-through.
silentoption (1 stories) (8 posts)
17 years ago (2007-02-25)
very scary. I suggest everyone move out especially sam.
that place is not suitable for anyone
Alex (guest)
17 years ago (2007-02-24)
Thats a really interesting story, sounds like a very scary house. Please comment on my story 'The piano room'

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