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Encounter With my Uncle's Ghost


I have a couple stories, I know it's long, but trust me, they're worth reading. When I lived at my dad's house, I could never sleep in my own room because I was scared, I knew that his house was haunted so I would sleep with him in his bed. When I was about 10, I think, I started to actually see ghosts. I saw one when I was running the bath water go from my room to the other, I had 2 rooms, and those where the only ones it would go into and it terrified me because the ghostly figure had an axe in his head and I believe that it's the previous owner of the house. He passed away during the war and he hid real silver in that house somewhere and no one has found it until this day. When I was forced to sleep in my own room, my bed would shake and I would have to cry myself to sleep.

When I went to visit my mother, one weekend, I was sleeping in the bed with her and her boyfriend's daughter and I woke up because I lost my stuffed animal. I was about 8. I found it but when I got up, I noticed a girl with a bright light around her and she walked over to the bed where we all were and she picked up my mothers arm and started twisting her wrist and I screamed "stop! stop!" and she shook her head like saying no, she wouldn't talk though, so I woke up my mom saying "wake up, there's this little girl twisting your arm" and she said "heather stop! your scaring me!" The little girl ended up leaving and I followed her to the door and she was gone, she like vanished. The next morning, we had to go to the hospital. My mom had a sprained wrist.

My uncle passed away about 2 years ago and he owned a business. Now my mom and step dad own it. A psychic visited there and she asked the worker "did anyone die in your family?" and my mom answered "my papi" and she replies "no, someone younger" and a worker said "my boss" and the psychic described him and the worker said "yeah, that's him". So she told the worker that he was there and he was standing right by her and he looked mad because she was reading her book and not doing her work and he always hated that. The worker tried staying away from that area and before the women left, she told the worker that he was standing over there now, which was where the worker moved to. So the psychic met with my mother, they were talking and my mother asked "is he here now?" and she said "no, would you like me to call him?" and my mother said "no, that's ok!". She gets scared easily.

Later my mom got this really cold chill and she looked over at the lady who felt it too and the lady said "he's here now and he wants me to tell the family he's sorry, he was in shock that he was dead, but someone was there to help him". What was scary about it was that right when he came, the song that we gave to him played.

A couple days later we got in contact with her again and she told my mother that my uncle was mad that we haven't made contact with him. So the next day, when the business closed for the night, we brought the Ouija board and we did it in the back and it worked. He came and was talking to us. Me and him were very close and we asked where he was and he spelt out my name and that he was standing behind me and I started to cry and my mom told him "you know that Heather loves you and misses you a lot" and he said "yes" and then she asked "are you her guardian angel?" and he said yes and that made me cry even harder. We asked him if he would touch me and he said yes, so I waited and we asked if he did and he said he did but I didn't feel anything because I had his big hood on so I took it off.

He wanted us to take a break, so one of the girls wanted to go to the bathroom, but was scared to go by herself, so I went with her and I walked by one of the rooms. It smelt like gas and there was no gas in the place, so I just kept going to the bathroom. While I was waiting for the girl to come out, I felt something tap my head and I looked everywhere and nothing was there and I knew that he had touched me. I walked back past that one room where I smelt gas and I called my step dad and mother to come close to smell it. My step dad didn't smell it, but my mother did and I knew that it was a sign of my uncle's presence because he died in a car accident, his car went in flames and I think it was because his gas tank blew up.

We went back and started talking with him again and we asked him to show himself and he said he would if we went to the graveyard by the hill. The hill is right by his tombstone, but we didn't go. That night I had a dream and he was in it and it was his funeral, it was like a party, I don't know why, but I saw him talking to my step dad and I told him to come here and he said "no, you come here" so I went up to him and he hugged me and he whispered to me "it's ok, you can let me go" and I said "I can't".

I started crying and I woke up feeling his arms around me and I smelt him. I woke up out of that dream crying. It was really him, I knew he was there.

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Kashley (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-10-09)
I had a very similar experience like your dream. My uncle died when I was in the 10th grade and it was very sudden. He had taken a bunch of pills in an angry rage at his wife and it was hard on the whole family. A month or two after that. I had a dream that my family was having a huge cookout at my house and this man shows up. To everyone else he looked like a stranger... Some man they had never seen before... But to me he looked just like my uncle. I ran up and hugged him and everyone else looked at me like I was insane. They all were wondering why I was hugging this stranger. I remember screaming at them and saying, "Its Uncle George!" and I just couldn't understand why everyone was acting like it was no big deal. I hugged him even tighter and began to cry. He smiled at me and wispered "Its ok... Its ok... I am sorry." Over and over again. Then I woke up crying. I guess that was just his way of saying goodbye.

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