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This is my first story. I am not normally sensitive to these things, my mom is, though not spectacularly, but I am quite "immune" to supernatural things.

But this one was real, and until now it was very clear in my mind.

I was about 20 yrs old that time, living in Indonesia. One night I was sleeping, and "dreaming" of opening my eyes while still lying on the bed. The room was dark, only some light from the window. The door was opened ajar (which was a bit strange as my door has spring, so always in close position unless someone is holding it open).

I saw some figures around my bed. I couldn't see their faces, but I knew they were my relatives even though only one of them I was sure was my eldest uncle (coming from Asian families, I have a lot of close, not-so-close, distant and very distant..."relatives". Most of the elderly ones I know only by names).

Not scared at all, I "dreamt" I only lied down watching them for a while, feeling that they wanted something from me, not sure what to do and had no intention to do anything either. Suddenly I felt someone was calling me repeatedly, then... I woke up.

Mom was standing beside me looking relieved that I woke up. She had been calling me for some time, but I didn't respond. Then what she told me afterwards got me shivering in the middle of a hot night in a tropical country.

She said when she was sleeping in her own bedroom she dreamt that some relatives, including her eldest brother who had passed away many years ago, came to visit me. They were trying to invite me to follow them to...not sure where. She got really scared and woke up running to my bedroom to stop me from going with them.

Until now I am still scared to remember this. How come mom and I had such "re-occurring" dreams? What happened if she didn't wake me up?

Could it be because my eldest uncle was missing me?

I grew up with him, but he passed away when I was small. I was the first grandchild in my mom's large family of 5 uncles and 1 aunt who spoiled me very much. Then, after mom and dad moved to our own house, only the unmarried eldest uncle came to live with us.

He was very smart, very strict and certainly not a toddler's favorite. He tried to teach me many things, even English which was obviously not very successful. His lessons were hard, the reward too small (one small candy or raisin after each lesson), and he never smiled. Probably because of that I tended to stay away from him. Looking back now, I realise he probably loved me, but lacking the way to express it.

I have some other real stories happening at home when I grew up. Dad, my sister, and I, aren't sensitive to the paranormal but mom and my old maid both seem to be sensitive to odd things.

I will write some of what happened to them later.

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lilblackpom (13 stories) (218 posts)
14 years ago (2008-08-24)
Hi candcand. Sorry I am late on reading this story. Maybe your mom believes that something could happen to you if you entered this dream with your Uncle. I have experienced dreams with my brother who passed 2 years ago and they are posted on this site. I have never experienced these before, only with him. It sounds like you and your Uncle weren't very close though. Maybe he is coming back for another visit with you to ensure that you are okay. Take care of yourself and hope to read more stories from you. Jude
thespook (5 posts)
14 years ago (2008-08-24)
nice story, never heard of the ghosts in dreams before, so what I'm thinking is you wernt actually dreaming. I don't think ghosts can enter dreams. You were probably awake. Yes this happens often though. It gives you the feeling after like it was a dream because your mind can't comprehend it
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
14 years ago (2008-06-19)
Wow that was a scary experience. I do not know much about the asian culture but maybe there is something there that may help you. I heard aof a similar story and it indeed is a scary one. I bet your mother knows more about these incidents. Maybe she would help you with them. I hope I will read your next stories soon. I hope to hear from you soon and take care

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