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My New Haunted House


I have a couple of experiences to tell. I would like to let you in on eerie events that have happened in my house and would appreciate your suggestions and feedbacks.

I live in the Tampa Bay area for almost 5 years now and up until 2 years ago I bought a huge 5-bedroom house for me and 4 roommates to share. Initially, I did not know much about the history of the house. I only knew that it was built in the mid 70's and there had only been one owner. The weird thing was I had a really hard time trying to close the deal on the house. Someone had stolen my identity and caused my credit to plummet; (I had no idea of this before the mortgage lender pull up my credit) therefore, my loan was rejected and the deal fell through.

I called the credit bureau to report identity theft and they somewhat "fixed" my credit. Though my credit was not recovered completely it's enough for the lender to approve the loan. A few days before closing, the title company gave me a hard time by refusing to send out someone to close the deal, because their office is located 2 hours away.

My broker and I hopped into his car and drove to them with paperwork in hand and demanded some action. They told us to go home for they would not sign any paperwork that day. We threatened them with a lawsuit to get them to finally acknowledge their obligation and honor the deal. On top of that, the day when we were supposed to move in, the previous owner had not gotten any of his stuff out of the house, so, we waited another 48 hours before everything is cleared. I began to sense a strong feeling that something was trying to prevent me from buying this house.

As I said before, the house is huge. Upon crossing the threshold to the front door there is a long corridor leading to a large family room. On the right side of the hallway there are: the kitchen connecting to the laundry room, the master bedroom and a smaller bedroom. On the left side of the hallway there are: a bedroom directly across from the master bedroom, a large walk in closet/storage area and a full bathroom next to it. There are two master bedrooms on the second floor with a humungous connected balcony.

The house was a upper fixer so the first couple of weeks were reserved for renovations only. On the first day, we painted the walls and installed bedroom doors. Around 12 A.M. I got tired, called it a night and retrieved back to my rental house. One of my roommates stayed back to finish up. He was alone.

It was around 1 A.M. when he was painting the wall opposite from his bedroom entrance. Suddenly, he heard a flapping noise behind him. He looked back--nothing there. Needless to say, it startled him and shook him up a bit. He went to the door and stuck his head out to a long hallway to find a large owl standing on top of an ajar door between the corridor and the family room. It just stood there staring at him for several minutes, then flew back out. He was surprised to see the front door open, because he heard me closing it before I left.

The only time when I see an owl is at the zoo--I find it very odd that there is an owl in a suburban neighborhood, let alone one in my house. I was told that in some cultures, anytime an owl enters your house or stands on your rooftop it's a bad omen, usually associated with death. Upon learning this, I contacted my real estate agent to find out more about the history of house. She came back to me a few days later and informed me that the previous owner had a son who died in the house due to cancer. He collapsed right by the front door. He was only 23 years old. Sometimes people tell me they immediately "feel something" upon entering through the front door.

Really eerie things started to happen, a couple of weeks after we moved in. My niece and her boyfriend stayed for a few days and experienced something that scared the wits out of them. The room they were in is close to the kitchen and the laundry room. On this day they were home alone and heard the door to the laundry room open and slammed shut several times. When that finally stopped they began to hear footsteps approaching their bedroom. The footsteps sounded like steel boots stomping on hardwood floors. They became louder and louder and then ceased altogether just as they reached the door.

All of a sudden the doorknob started to rattle vigorously as if someone was trying to break the lock. They panicked and sought whatever in the room that could be used as a weapon. They stood by the door quietly and waited--with a porcelain piggy bank in hand ready to smash someone on the head with it. They were convinced that the house's being burglarized.

A few silent moments had passed and nothing else happened. The rattling stopped- no retrieving footsteps, no slamming doors. Too petrified to open the door, my niece called 911 from her cell phone. Feeling like sitting ducks, the only thing they could do was stay alert, and wait it out.

The cops came and of course found no one. Nothing was stolen, no broken entrance. In fact, all doors were locked including the laundry room. My niece would like to think of herself as a "logical" person that refuses to believe in ghosts. She would not accept anything more or less of a rational explanation for what had happened. As for me, I really can't rule anything out. Too many unusual activities have been reported in my house.

Then there is an incident involving another guy and one of the master bedrooms upstairs. I occupied one room while the guy had the other. He recalls paranormal occurrences that happened late at night as he was asleep. Low, whispering voices woke him up. He could not make out what they were saying or what language they were spoken in. He was able to determine that they were female voices coming from all directions, just in low whispers. After the voices came the shadows on the walls. They were females with long hair and in dresses. They came on several occasions but as with each time, they quickly disappeared as soon as they came. It's always the same words, same tone almost like a repeated dream. Sometimes there were shadows of female children and female adults while other times only female adults.

Now, as you recall there is a door on the end of the hallway that leads to the family room. The hallway door has a window stretching from top to bottom so a person who stands at the front door of the house can actually look down the long corridor through the hallway door and see the family room. On this one particular night, a roommate woke up to go to the bathroom. As he was walking along the hallway, still half asleep, he saw some movements straight ahead through the glass door.

Frozen in disbelief, he saw an old man with white hair, white shirt just floating, not walking but floating back and forth. The old man had no torso and no lower limbs - half of his body's missing. Freaking out and just standing there in total shock he kept telling himself it's just a dream. He could not move any of his limbs. Sight and fear kicked in full effect while his other sense ceased to exist. When he was finally able to break free, he ran to his bedroom, grabbed his keys and drove off. He did not come home for four days; and, when he did he made sure it was daylight and everyone was home. I tried to find an explanation, but he was not buying it. He said he saw what he saw and there is nothing anyone could say to make him think otherwise. He packed his stuff and left for good.

Things really out of control when a roommate thought he was assaulted by supernatural entities. He came down with flu and had to take medication prescribed by his doctor. The sedatives started to kick in and the drowsiness came. Not yet fully asleep he thought he heard voices calling his name and thought he saw images of evil spirits trying to strangle him. Though many illegal drugs can cause extreme hallucinations, I have never known prescription medication to do that. He claimed that it all seemed so real that he could actually feel the dry, scaly hands he tried to pull them away from his throat. He, too, no longer lives in the house.

Most of my roommates have moved out while a couple of new people have moved in. The new tenants are aware of these paranormal activities as they are told exactly what has happened. So far, nothing is being reported and I have yet to witness or personally experience anything out of the ordinary. Though I am still a bit sceptical, I really cannot argue with four other people. I just have to take their word for it and make sure to keep my eyes and ears open.

If there really are ghosts in my house, I would like to know what they want. A couple of things I know for sure: the house was built 35 years ago and there has only been one death, also, the neighborhood's built on part of the land which the Seminole Indians had once occupied. Very possibly my house was built on top of an Indian burial ground. I would sell it to a willing buyer that is fully aware of its abnormality. I can't afford to have my tenants chased out every time there is a haunting crisis.

My neighbors are very nosy, gossipy and not very forgiving. I refuse to be the "nut" that every neigborhood has therefore, bringing in a clairvoyant/medium in is out of the question. Any suggestion is appreciated, thanks.

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Elard_Andrews007 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2008-11-18)
Yeah I live in Tampa Florida and I am a Ghost Investigator from Tampa Bay Paranormal. If you like to our team would be gladly helping you out to see what is going on and to see what we can catch to show you. If its ok with you please contact me and let me know more about what's on, My email address is elardandrews [at]
ohmy (22 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-17)
Hi, Raven. I live in the Tampa Bay area, too. If you need any favors from me regarding your haunted house, feel free to ask, no matter how crazy the request, though I don't think I would be much of a help, as I am also an "insensitive" and a "chicken little" to boot. 😭 My e-mail is listed on my profile. I'm guessing your neighbors won't be happy campers if the public finds out about a haunted house in their midst because it would decrease the value of their own houses. The good news is that I am sure there are people out there who would love to buy a haunted house.
RavensCry (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-14)
First, I would like to say thanks to all with your comments and advice. Second, I would like to apologize for the delay in response. You all have been very helpful and you certainly make me feel better knowing I am not alone in this...

To Frawin and ChrisB:
In response to your comments; One of my new roommates is a buddhist and has been helping me a great deal with the situations surrounding my house. He has a porcelain statue of a blessed Buddha which is placed in our family room. I was asked to pray to the statue and ask the spirits to go to heaven. Though I'm a non-practicing Christian, I am willing to try this suggestion. Once every week I do this and so far the house seems peaceful--no one has complained yet. I am very hestitant to take the dramatic approach. Unless I get notified of disturbing spirits I'll just stick to what I am doing now.

To MotherPann;
It is good to know that there is an actual ghost hunter on this site who lives close by. I deeply appreciate your offering to help. If necessary, you will be the first 'professional' I'm going to contact. I have your e-mail address written down for future reference.

To Biemaster:
To be honest with you, when I first set foot in my house I did get this strange/eerie feeling that something was not right. I forced myself to get accustomed quickly, afterall, it is my house. I grew out of it completely but when I found out what had been happening to the roommates it all came back. I was one of those people who really had to "see it to believe it"--that had always been my philosophy and that's the bottom line. Then again, how could I not believe four of the closest people to me. Indeed, I am torn between my own beliefs and those of the four people I have been knowing for 10, 20 years. Often times I wish I could experience the paranormal for myself just to break from being the tormented neutral party. I don't like to believe that I am the "insensitive" one out of the 5 people therefore I am not susceptible to ghosts. Oh and I happen to be the owner of the house. It sounds pretty cliche and beyond of a coincidence to me.

To MrDarkAvocado:
Not only the Indians but the Asians and many other eastern cultures believe that an encounter with an owl is bad luck. I never thought it was, but I am beginning to look deeper into the superstition. As for the reptilian-like hands, my roommate did mention it felt like the skin of an iguana. He never mentioned the reptilian faces only "evil images".

To Bellissima:
Thanks for asking about my credit. Some of it is still unresolved but I can live with that. The credit bureaus like to take their sweetest time to get thing done but I won't even bother. Just trying to get a live person to talk to is back-breaking work. It is a complete waste of time. They go around carrying this attitude that "they'll do it when they feel like it".

As I said before in one of the responses to another blogger, I think it's a total cliche to say I was the only one out of the five who couldn't see ghosts. I just so happened to be the owner of the house. It almost seems like a plot out of some badly made horror movie. While it is not highly unlikely that something like this could ever happen I just don't see it. Kinda reminds me of Stephen King's 'Rose Red' except my roommates don't have superhuman powers.

One thing about my roommates--they do not make up things. I have been friends with them for a very long time, and I can read them like a book. They were my second family (and still are). While I don't doubt them I have a hard time disregarding what I have known to believe unless I have some sort of first-hand experience that is remotely close to their's. Have you ever felt when reading someone's story, you think to yourself... Well gee, this all seems way over the top, it's just too ridiculous to be true! Well, I feel that way even as the storyteller. To me it all sounds so incredible that I almost feel like a fool telling it (no reverse-psychology intended). Is there a phrase for this kind of skeptics, a believing skeptic, perhaps?

I have more comments to your post but I'm afraid I cannot finish today. I will be back another day.

I will respond to the rest of the posters when I get back. Thanks again for reading and responding.
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-14)
Hi Ravenscry. Thanks for psting this story with us. I found it very interesting. I believe that Rhodes and Belissma are giving you the best advice. I would listen carefully. I know how hard it can be living in a house like this but I believe that you need to get rid of this. Thanks for sharring. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
Tonith (1136 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-12)
Why is it birds always get a bad rap? In my family they have this thing about a bird getting into the house which is an omen of death. To my knowledge it's an eastern European superstition and apparently my ancestors brought it with them when they came over here. There may have been one incident of it but I don't remember it being talked about with every death in the family for sure. I don't know about the Native American thing with the owls. I'm sure different tribes have different views of it. I happen to love owls (hence my screen name) and find them fascinating but never frightening. They, being nocturnal by nature (so am I) tend to make people think there is something supernatual about them which is ridiculous. Some of my friends think of me as eccentric because of my sleeping habits and my fascination with things that go bump in the night but that has never bothered me either. I am the first one they contact if something weird happens to them because they know I have done my homework on such matters.
I don't know if this house is consumed with spirits that don't want any one in their space but if the house was built over Indian burial grounds it would explain a lot of what's going on. Again it could be just residual and some of your room mates were sensitive enough to witness it. If you worry about what your neighbors think they will always own you. Do what you need to and you don't have to have a van pull up with a logo of ghost hunters on it like Taps. Most ghost hunters are so much more discreet. I would say to heck with the neighbors if I could get Taps to come lol. You would be famous for 15 minutes and that would make your neighbors envious.
ElectricTNT (1 stories) (45 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-12)
Hi Ravenscry

First, you may not be experiencing anything because you are perhaps not as sensitive to the paranormal as your roommates. Second, you need to get help regardless of whether you personally are having problems. You should not have to loose your home because of the paranormal. Begin keeping a diary of the occurrences just in case you do get help so that you are not relying on memory at the time you are explaining the problems. Last, if you believe in life after death, (I do. I'm a Christian and this does not violate any of my beliefs, but only confirms the existence of God) then perhaps you or your roommates are seeing into some aspect of the after life.

Faith1013 (4 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-12)
i have heard the seminole see owls as a death omen. Other cultures they sometimes represent bad luck or the spirits of the dead.
Bellissima (12 stories) (792 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-12)
HiRavensCry.Wow.You really got more than you bargained for.First, I have to say, that's terrible that someone stole your identity. What an awful thing to have to go through. I hope things are more than 'somewhat fixed' in regards to your credit by this point in time.
It does seem like things were stacked against you from the start. These facts - You haven't witnessed anything firsthand, the room-mates who did are now gone and the new room-mates haven't had any experiences, make me wonder- do you think it might be possible that the room-mates who did have encounters, and are now gone, were sensitive, highly sensitive, and that is why they were the ones who witnessed supernatural events? Run on sentence, I know, sorry. I don't see any reason for them to have dreamed all of this out of nowhere, no mystery surrounding the place and it's not old and menacing, so I'm not really doubting their claims. One possibility though, since I don't know them, after the first person had an experience the others were unwittingly looking for something to happen and were jumpy. You don't seem to suspect this though and you do know them. I also think you have a skeptical nature and seem level headed, you're not claiming to see or notice things all over the place and you don't doubt your friends claims.You're very believable.Okay, so what I wonder is, if they were sensitive and are now gone, could any spirits that are in the house have gone domant? Could the activity be residual and be taking place under you and your current tenants' state of consciousness?You're just not seeing or sensing it? If you're troubled you could perform your own cleansing ceremony. There are directions for a smudging ceremony in the articles section of this site or you could look up other ceremonies on other sites. It would probably have a stronger effect if you could get your room-mates to perform this with you, it'd also give them some peace of mind as well. One other thing you could do is just go through your house and tell the spirits to leave, they are not welcome in your house. Let them know they are dead and have relatives who are looking for them and can offer comfort they can't get by staying in your home. I don't know if it will work if they are beyond your awareness and you are beyond theirs. It would be a shame to lose your home over this, you've been through a lot. I have no idea if anything I have said has been any help, I hope you can try the cleansing. You might be able to keep things within your group of friends and out of the prying neighbors gossip this way. At least things are quiet, maybe you will want to cleanse the house and walk through telling them to leave anyway, preventative measures maybe. Thanks for sharing your story of the experiences in your home, it was really interesting.
MrDarkAvocado (1 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-12)
It is true that owls are often seen as omens of evil or death, especially by certain Native American groups (couldn't tell you which ones precisely).
In the case of one of the gentlemen he said he felt "dry scaly hands..." Do you know whether he thought they belonged to some sort of reptile humanoid or other being, or just a disembodied sort of feeling? Reptiles are often a dangerous sign. They often signify eternity and hidden knowledge. Owls are also a symbol of knowledge and/or wisdom.
Very strange, but very intriguing.
Biemaster (7 stories) (192 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-12)
Hey RavensCry! Nice story! I really enjoyed it and it was very interesting!

These were quite a few experiences that your friends had! I wanted to ask you a question, though, Did you have any paranormal experiences like these in that house or only your friends had? I am asking you this because some ghosts only like to show themselves to others rather then to the owners of the house. Thanks!

MOTHERPANN (10 stories) (77 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-12)
Hi, I belong to a VERY good and professional ghost hunting group here in Florida. We never charge and are very professional and don't advertise that we are in a home. You can click on my name and follow the link to their webpage.
The founder hosts a paranormal radio show on a radio station out of Bradenton FL.
Or you can just e mail me and we can "discuss" if you want help with your home.
FRAWIN (guest)
14 years ago (2008-07-11)
Hello Ravenscry. If you feel that you need help then I would ask for it. Explain to whoever you get to help, that you want to keep it low key. If they are professional, they can come in, do their thing and be gone and the "nosy neighbors" will be none the wiser. Good luck.

RavensCry (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-11)

Thanks for responding to my story. I am doing some more research about this house and nothing new came up. You are right about my neighbors. I should not worry about what they think. I need to worry about the safety of my tenants first. If someone reports an attack then I am going to have to take a dramatic approach. If push comes to shove I'll get someone to exorcise the house. If this doesn't work, I am going to have to foreclose it. So far everything seems to be normal, there has been no reporting of any sort. I don't know how long this is going to last but I want to be ready when another outburst happens.
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
14 years ago (2008-07-11)
RavensCry, hello and welcome!

It's very wise of you to put your skepticism aside when so many people claim to have encountered something paranormal at your new home. Just the fact that they have all run away is something to make anyone think.

I don't know how accurate the rumor is concerning the Indian territory but that is something you can search for yourself. Try finding out a little more about the history of the land where your house stands as well as anything you can learn about past tenants or even about what used to be in the place of your house before it was built. You need to know if anything at all has happened around there or in the house itself before you need to take the next step. It's always good to be prepared before you need to make any other decisions.

Your neighbors like everybody else's neighbors may like criticising others and whatever seems to be "socially unacceptable" and thus, asking professional help might prove challenging but this shouldn't concern you if it can improve your life and rid you from anything harmful or negative.

If help is needed at some point, ask for assistance. It's yourself you need to think of not your neighbors. Besides you don't need to go public with what you're doing in your household.

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