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My Grandparent's House In Europe


I've gone to visit relatives in Hungary every year during my summer vacation, and have never experienced anything paranormal. I was a Christian until I reached 13, but since then, I hardly ever go to church.

Here is my story of the house here in Budapest, Hungary...

Every year when I arrive to Europe, I live with my grand parent's. The house they live in was built in 1988, my grand parent's were the one's who moved into the house first, and so no one has ever lived there before us. As far as I know, nothing used be where the house now stands. So it couldn't have been a residential haunting, although they live by a cemetery.

It all started when I was 13, I couldn't fall asleep because it was too quiet. It was around 2:50 A.M when I started reading the bible. After about 10 min, I started hearing whisper's coming from downstairs, not from one person, but it sounded as if 3 or more people where whispering. It was frightening for me, but it didn't last more then 20 minute but I stayed awake the rest of the night.

When I was 14, there were family issues and my grandmother was very nervous and upset, so then things started getting weird. Almost every night I could here someone walking up and down the stairs, I did not dare to leave my room. This was the year I was truly scared and excited all at the same time.

First here is a quick description of the downstairs of the house, (walking down the stairs, you enter the dining room, to the right is a glass door which leads to the living room, to the left is the kitchen and front door.), I was sitting on the floor in the living room watching T.V, it was in the early afternoon, my grandmother was sleeping upstairs, my grandfather was working.

I heard my grandmother walking downstairs; I looked around and saw my grandmother's shadow behind the closed glass door. Seeing her reach for the door handle and seeing it start to turn, I turned back around and said to her, "Hey Grandma, you woke up early..." Turning back around NO ONE was there. A cool breeze hit me and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up giving me goose bumps. I walked into the dining room, seeing no one there; I closed the door and sat on the couch next to it staring back at the T.V. It started opening so I closed the door, making sure it closed properly. Then again it open, (Seeing the door handle on the other side of the door push down), so again I closed it. But when it happened the 3rd time, I left the house. Coming home, I asked my grandmother if she came downstairs during that time, but she said, "No I didn't".

When I was 15, the same things started happening with the stairs, almost every night it sounded like someone was walking up and down the stairs. Things started getting out of hand with me and my grandparents, my grandmother was starting to get more and more violent, and I was starting getting more and more verbally abusive.

Sometimes during the night, my bedroom door would open and I'd feel someone (or something for that matter...) start gently brushing my hair. Another night, when the same thing happened with my bedroom door opening, I took a quick flash picture at the door opening with my digital camera, and on the picture I saw a small orb. You could clearly see it, it was a bright white light, and the light illuminating off of it was being reflected off of the glass door. (I had taken a lot of pictures of my room in the dark, and I have not seen any dust on any of the pictures I had made, so I knew what I had taken was a real orb.

Still 15, I was sitting on my couch in my bedroom playing on my PlayStation, (My bedroom window was open at the time, and my bedroom door was wide open with a window open in the other room, so there was a breeze going through the house.), it looked as if someone blew a smoke ring, but it was a perfect circle. It headed from the corner (where the wall met the ceiling), it headed straight at me, I just sat there looking at it, it was heading in a downward angle right at my face, and it then disappeared into thin air.

Still 15, (Yes all this happened in 2 months time), during the night I hear someone walking up and down the stairs, then I could clearly see a perfect dark outlining of one of my uncles, walking by my door outside my room, it looked like his shadow. I wasn't the only one to witness these strange events, one of my friends and I were in another room (there were 4 rooms altogether upstairs), we were watching T.V, when we saw the shadow of my grandfather pass by the door, we heard him walk into the other room next to us, and waited for him to go downstairs, after 5 min., we checked to see what he was doing. So both of us went to the other room, but no one was there.

Another time, my grandmother and I were talking in the kitchen, when all of a sudden a reflection of light (just like the light of a car reflecting off of a wall) shot by my grandmother and hit the dishes in the sink, the dishes suddenly shifted, my grandmother just said it was the reflection of a car off the street (which I knew wasn't), and the dishes just moved because the Earth was shifting (?).

Now that I'm 17, I'm not afraid of these activities. So what I did this year here in Hungary was to make an Ouija Board. My friends and I (in perfect daylight) tried it out, and the small glass cup we used started slowly moving, so we pulled down the blinds of the window and started it again, working perfectly. After a while, my friends started asking it stupid questions, and soon after the ghost/spirit/demon stopped communicating with us, so I started threaten it, calling it weak, a lesser nothing, anything I could think of to get it to do something.

Then my friend started saying God's name over and over again, and then we asked... "Do you like us?" It went to 'NO', soon after, one of my friends started getting a headache, so we quickly stopped using the Ouija Board, and afterwards we all felt very tired, like our energy was completely drained. That very same night the window in my bedroom (which had a window shutter) made a very loud bang, like someone punched the glass of the window almost to the point that it broke.

During my 17 birthday, my grandparent's, one of my uncle's and his girlfriend and I were all in the living room. After the candle's were blown out and the cake has been cut, we started talking about usual things but suddenly there was 4-5 loud knocks, none of us did it and none of us knew where it was coming from, my uncle said it sounded like it came from the dining room.

All of this happened to me in Hungary, my mother and her two brothers who lived in that house also knew that it was haunted. These are just a few of the things that happened to them that my mother had told me so far... (This was before I was born of course)

One night my uncle went to the bathroom, before getting there he stood in front of a figure that looked like an alien or beast, but it was dressed in a military uniform.

Another night my uncle talked with his brother, one in the bedroom, the other drying his hair in the bathroom. They talked about casual things for a few minutes and after a while the brother in the bedroom stopped talking to the other one. He looked through the bedroom door and asked why he stopped talking, his brother replied, "I wasn't talking to you,".

Sometimes during the night they could here someone walk up and down the stairs all throughout the night. Sometimes the doors would be slamming to the point of breaking downstairs late in the night. And once, when the family came back from a vacation, their parent's bedroom door was broken off of two of its three hinges.

So this is my story of what has happened so far in my grandparent's house here in Budapest, Hungary.

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Zehel (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-11-05)
Hi P0B0X99!
First of all, this is a really strange situation. It's really rare to experience that much activity in a house, where your grandparents were the first to live there. You should really look into the history of that certain place, and maybe you can write back to me, I'm also hungarian, and I live in Budapest. I'm really curious what's really going on in that house, if you would please, tell me more detailed. Write e-mail whenever you drop by to see the posts here.
Anne.r.zehel [at]
Thanks anyway
ChrisB (6 stories) (1515 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-04)
Wow this was a very scary story. Thank you for sharring it. I believe that not the house is allways haunted but the land that the house was built on can be haunted. Try doing research on the land which the house stands on. I hope to hear from you soon and take care
Sarah (1 stories) (53 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-01)

Woaa that sure is a lot of activity to occur in one house! Similar scenarios have also occurred to me. Could I say though, that I think it was a little foolish on your part to use a ouija board and try to communicate with whatever was there. They seem to only cause trouble and upset to all parties concerned.
Also, at the beginning of your story you mentioned that you were a Christian and that your first ghostly encounter occurred whilst reading the bible... I think this is the key to helping you resolve the matter.
Prayer can be such an important tool.
In times of need remember this.
Thank you for your story

JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
16 years ago (2008-07-31)
Holy Cats, POBOX99! There sure is much activity in that house. Except for the inhuman dressed in uniform, the spirits "appear" to be all relatives. I gather you will be there all Summer. Would you consider keeping a notepad of dates and times of extraordinary occurences anyone experiences? It may help you figure out the source, in case that is one of the matters you're interested in learning. Good account. Thanks for writing. Keep us posted, would you please?

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