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White Christmas Spirit


Hi, this is another one of my other story. I was in my room being bored so I decided to read. I was laying on my bed and the house I live in now is new, nobody else has lived in it. I was laying there, reading with my legs up and my book resting on them. I had this feeling that something just told me to look in my door way. Well I did and I saw this white figure just standing there, looking at me and I was so scared, I closed my eyes for a couple of minutes. I decided to open them and it was still there, like a couple of seconds. When I opened my eyes, the figure just walked to the right of him/her into either the bathroom or my little sister's room but I never saw it again. That day was around christmas time and my aunt said the same thing happened to her and she just thought it was a christmas angel visiting. My mom said the same thing so it was probably it. I have experienced a lot more stories but I'm going to tell them all one at a time so you don't get confused.

Thanks for reading.

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