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Gun Alley


Gun Alley. Home to one of the most famous people in the N.T, who sadly died not long ago. He owned a business there, Gun Alley Gold Mining. It was very successfully, until he died! His wife claims she can feel him, his presence in the business, but I did not believe her at all. So, I decided to investigate.

Down the old dirt track to the old rickety house you might say, like out of a horror movie. The house outside had gold panning trough, water, a stand with axes and saws and all and a few lemon trees. I pushed open the door with the loud creeping sound echoing in the house. His wife come up and greeted me and said "I'm heading down to shops to pick up few groceries, and I'll bet I see you running in... Well, five minutes!" I laughed and went in and sat down to watch the TV. A couple of minutes went past and I heard my stomach grumbling so I decided to get something to eat from the kitchen. I walked around the wall and it was dark, not pitch black, just dark. The only light was from the windows.

I went to the fridge to get a loaf of bread out and I felt someone rubbing there hands on my back, I got up hitting my head on the fridge to turn around and see no one. "Hello..." I called out, "Anyone here". No one answered so I continued to search for my ideal lunch I was meaning to have. When I finished with the kitchen, I went back to the lounge room to find that everything was re-arranged! The seats weren't where they were before and the TV was turned to a different channel. I was starting to get creeped out so I sat down and watched the TV. I heard footsteps, loud footsteps coming here. I shot up and to find that I fell down head first because the chair I was sitting on was floating in mid-air.

At this stage I was ready to run out when all the doors were locked automatically, I went for the windows but they were locked but I took no chance, I smashed one window and climbed out with massive scratch marks all down my side, and a journey I would never forget...


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Fergie (40 stories) (1159 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-17)
Shame, nobody bothered to post here! Do you perhaps think it was because nobody believed you? 🤔 😕

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