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Maddy And The Alley


I've submitted stories about children in my family communicating with spirits before, mainly my late uncle Dave, and this is an installment relative to that. I apologize beforehand for any and all typos/weird typing. I'm on a touch screen phone and these things are a bit too much for me.:/

It was late one night, dry but cold, and already dark. My friend and I were loading our kids up from a long day of bepipping round town and I was holding my son while she got her daughter situated, his chest against mine and his face turned away from us. Behind us was an alley, shallow and narrow, which is common in this city. Nobody was making a peep, when out of nowhere my son starts giggling and clapping. Now, Maddy is 14 months old and very bright, social, and a very good communicator, though he uses hand gestures and motions that we've gotten down pat rather than speech right now.

Anyways, I turn around and he's babbling away, and I see him give some "hello" waves and a "come here pick me up" motion. His eyes are transfixed on this alleyway, and on the street there's nobody but me, Chelsea, her daughter in the car and Maddy. Chelsea gives me a strange look, and asks Maddy what he's doing. Usually my son replies to questions in babbles or broken sentences but his eyes didn't even twitch. He just kept babbling and gesturing to nothing, 100% engaged in an imaginary conversation. He squirms to be let down but I don't let him, I hug him tighter.

All of a sudden, this really eerie feeling comes over me and I feel unnerved, intruded on. I feel something unwelcome and I urge Chelsea to start the car, and put my son inside quickly. He grows quiet and we get going but the feeling didn't end soon enough. Chelsea tells me while we're pulling into my driveway that she felt strange and creeped out also, and that just sent chills up my spine.

Its atypical for my son to completely tune the world out for one thing, and the fact that on that quiet night, just us on the road, me and someone else felt the same things without conversing about it just irks me.

Often times I feel watched, and that my son is unusual. He does have interactions like that night but only so briefly and that oddly sick feeling doesn't creep up on me anymore, though Maddy does have occassional night terrors, where he screams at the ceiling, and my dog gets aggressive and protective at nothing. I'll add that we live in a newer apartment and uncle Dave's presence never gave these kinds of reactions so... What the hecks up now?

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Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
11 years ago (2012-01-16)
Andrea - glad to see you're back and with more stories to come LOL.

I guess I was going on the theory that kids and animals are pretty good judges of character and if they don't like someone, then there's normally a pretty good reason for it. I've never read that kids can befriend a bad spirit. Doesn't mean it's not true, just that I've never read it LOL.

I find myself learning more and more about this paranormal world of ours everyday, and don't think I'll figure out half of it before I become part of it 😆
AndreaRC (12 stories) (31 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-16)
Miracles;yeah I'm back,ha.I have a few other stories to post also. I would have just thought we were ordinarily creeped but I don't spook so easily, and Maddy has these kinds of deals frequently.I'm not sure what he was seeing but he's the kind of kid that would try and high a barking dog, you know what I mean? He's always friendly.
I was doing some reading and I've found a pretty consistent theory that kids who see things adults can't,
Can befriend even bad spirits even though an adult who felt the energy would tend to steer clear of it. I'm anticipating more antics from Maddy, and Ill definitely put anything that happens up
crecentblue03 (151 posts)
11 years ago (2012-01-15)
Had something simaler happen to me, at the time I and two friends went out one night with my daughter who was going on two at the time so she was in a stroller we went for a walk to get pizza. We lived a half a block from a grave yard, I was always told by my husband not to walk on the same side of the street as the grave yard at night in case a spirit wants to jump me but I forgot. So my friends and I and my daughter were walking past the grave yard talking when my friends stopped talking then said to me who is your daughter talking to? And there she was talking saying hi and laughing while looking in the grave yard! I said its was most likely a playful spirit. I agree with Miracles your child can see spirits and just may share your gift I wouldn't be surprised if this is the case with Maddy. Thanks for sharing very Interesting!
Miracles51031 (39 stories) (4999 posts) mod
11 years ago (2012-01-14)
Andrea - I've said before that I believe Maddy might share your gift. This story definitely makes me think I was right LOL.

Now here are my thoughts:

1. Maddy did see someone in the alley that you and your friend didn't see; however, who Maddy saw didn't feel threatening to him. Even at his age, and you are aware of this, Maddy can sense things that are "bad."

2. I'm kind of throwing this out for an opinion basically. My first impression is, maybe there was more than one spirit there and Maddy was concentrating on the "good" one. You and your friend were picking up on a negative one.

3. Is it possible the feeling you and your friend got might have been psychological because you knew Maddy was "talking" to someone you couldn't see. Considering the area you were in, dark alley late at night, that would definitely be conducive to "eerie" feelings for both of you. The ole "what if" game: "what if Maddy was talking to someone who wasn't so nice? Who was Maddy talking to that I couldn't see in a dark alley?" After all, dark alleys aren't portrayed as a place where a "nice" ghost would be hanging out.

It's still early this morning, so I apologize for the rambling thoughts. I am glad to see another story from you, though.

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