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The Ghosts On Ligoneil Road


Living as a young boy in Belfast (Ligoneil road), I awoke one morning to see a young girl dressed in Victorian clothes playing with toys in my bedroom. I wasn't afraid by the sight just slightly confused by the experience. A few months later my mother also heard children's voices playing late at night in my room, when I was clearly asleep. My brother and I both shared a room and never reported anything that I had experienced.

Months later I was awoken to the sight of a hooded man/women standing before me with every colour shining from him/her again. I wasn't frightened just confused at the experience. I am led to believe my father had the same experience when he was a boy, coming from the same area and from quite a large family.

Can anyone shed some light on the matter of what these experiences might be or mean? Or anyone with info about the area please help? I am led to believe that that part of Belfast has some strange going ons, for years I have been trying to make sense of the experiences and heard different stories from different sources.

Has this happened to anyone else, perhaps a friend or family member? If so please leave a comment or suggestion to what this experience could be or mean at such a young age. I was 11 years old when these experiences took place. Many thanks, Conor.

Extra: possible orbs taken in a cave system in bulgaria:

The Ghosts On Ligoneil Road 1
The Ghosts On Ligoneil Road 2
The Ghosts On Ligoneil Road 3

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luvparanormal (12 stories) (268 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-28)
Hi Conor,
I was looking at your pics and orbs are a little hard to say if they are sprits or just dust or a bug or other things.
You would have to determine several different factors.
-was it raining that day?
-where there a lot of people that might have brough up dust from the ground or dirt into the air.
- was it windy?
See what I mean I know you mentioned that the pics were taken in a cave, but even there you can find bits of dirt.

Now as far as your story. It can be scarry when it first happens. Hooded "things" can be a lot of things I would say depnding on how you felt when you saw it you can determin if it was evil or not. You know like a bad feeling of despair but if you did not get a bad feeling then it might not be something bad.
Check on the history of the house and the land that at times can tell you a lot of what you are seeing.
Good luck and keep us posted.
conorcorbett (guest)
16 years ago (2008-10-27)
ive posted some pics of what I believe to be orbs taken in a cave system in bulgaria so check them out tell me what you think.
WIckedWitch2000 (1 stories) (71 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-27)
Hi Conor!
In school today it also was a terrible FRIGHTENING thing ever! I was in class I saw a man/women running across the window I thought it was one of the school kids.
I sent a paper letter to my friend across the room and she writed back "No there is no one that has died in the school and no I didn't see it." so when it was lunchtime/play time I kept seeing things running over my corner of my eye. But I still have to search:P 😜
conorcorbett (guest)
16 years ago (2008-10-26)
thanks to everyone who took the time to comment, I was flicking through pics of me when I noticed orbes everywhereill post them so please take time to look at them and let me know what you think.
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-26)
Conor hi and welcome!

I think most of us on the site have had the same or similar experiences as you. Most of us also believe that children are sometimes more sensitive to the spirit world because they're more intuitive and thus, perceptive than adults are which may explain why a child would be on numerous occasions "visited" by energies and then lose the "gift" as he/she grows up. I don't know if this is the case with you but it sounds like it is.

I also believe that "shadow" visitors are spirits like the rest who use less amount of energy so they cannot fully manifest. Sometimes they are drifters meaning they were just passing by and got a little curious but there are people who claim to have been "haunted" by them their whole lives. I was wondering, have you ever seen the hooded figure again?

Your country like others has rich history so it comes as no surprise that the energy of its past inhabitants is still present today. Don't worry too much about the intention of those visits unless of course there's a longer story behind this short narration. Sometimes spirits pay us an accidental visit and despite the fear we may feel (not in your case) we should feel privileged for being granted with that special moment; sometimes they need to communicate something, a wish, concern, guilt about something-they may have "unfinished" business and are trapped and sometimes, they just wish to have their presence acknowledged.
WIckedWitch2000 (1 stories) (71 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-26)
Dear Conor,
I have had the SAME experience in belfest
It happened in the same house or if I wasn't in that house it wouldn't of happened we moved in after it was abandoned and I was in my room listening to music on my headphones (but they were not pimping loud they were softly playing). Next minute/hour/second I heard children Laughing, so I got up went outside and I saw a figure of a man/women running across the kitchen. I saw some creepy stuff but I lived alone in that house so I couldn't tell anyone it was at 1:38AM I was tired, I went back into my room went on the computer and searched up the name of the address it said a long time ago about in the 90's a little girl was killed by her father by an axe, the father went to jail and stayed in there for 5 months soon he died and now hes still in that house, Waiting for that one person to live alone and to haunt/kill.WATCH OUT IT HAPPENED TO ME.

Hope you have all the information you need ❤ WIckedWitch2000
It happened to me too!
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-25)
Hi, Hmm I did have hooded figure at age 19 at my own trailer home in my bedroom and some ask me what it surpose be but I have no idea think it might be my father after they ask me do my dad wear robe I say no cause he died 1990 this hooded figure show up in 1991 or 1992 I was 18 or 19 that time I still don't know what it means either. You might want to check out the background of your land there why a little girl and children laughing made that noise and play with toys. Could be the ex owner of the house or the lands.
courtneyOMGG (12 stories) (179 posts)
16 years ago (2008-10-25)
The young girl, and your mum hearing children laughing, could just be a residual (spelling?) haunting. The young girl was playing with toys, seemingly unaware that you were there, so that house or the land may of been where she once lived.
As for the hooded figure, I'm not sure, sorry
Take care!

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