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Encounters, Feelings And Clairaudience


I've been living in an apartment for roughly about 2 years now with my family. I have had experiences (or at least what I THINK are experiences) related to supernatural stuff. My most persistent "feelings" is this one.

In my apartment, there are two doors, side by side, and then there is a long empty corridor-type space that leads to the main door of the apartment, used for entry and exit. Now the space starting from where the doors are, until the dining table is big and empty enough for 3-4 people to stand side-by-side, in a horizontal line. More than ever, I have that constant feeling that three people ARE standing there, watching me.

I don't know how I know this but I just sometimes get that feeling that 2 sometimes 3, once I thought or felt that 4 people were standing there side-by-side, watching me. I remember thinking for some strange reason that it might be a tall man, a very short woman, and another man of medium height. I swear I'm not making this up, these thoughts just came to me.

My biggest... "encounter" has been twice up until now. Once when I was watching T.V at 1-1:15am in the morning, I was standing right next to the tv and the volume was high enough so I could hear it. All of a sudden, in the middle of the program, I heard some say "wha?". It sounded like a female, around my age, maybe a year or two younger than me, and also it sounded like she said "what" only I never heard her finish the word, I never heard the 't' of 'what'.

Another time, I was lying down in bed, with light switched off, I remember thinking about some tv program I had just seen, when I heard someone say "ha' loudly right into my ear, as if they were about 5cm's away from my ear. I got freaked out so bad, that I went and sat with my mom and basically stayed with a family member until I fell asleep.

Also, my sister fell terribly sick last week, and her condition has been the same (nothing serious, just super high fever that goes down for an hour or two, then goes up and remains there) Every time someone in my family goes out of the house, or fall sick, for some strange reason, start thinking that they might end up dead. Like right as I was talking to my parents, I felt fear hold me with such intensity, that I got even more scared. My throat closed up and as I spoke to my mom I got so scared I almost started crying. This just happened RIGHT NOW as I was writing this story, so I just had to mention it.

My other most persisting feeling or encounter has been every time I'm in the house, it doesn't matter whether I'm lying down or am doing some activity, at the most random moment, I feel a very cool, almost chilly breeze on some part of my body. Every time this has happened, I have always checked that particular room for any open doors or any open windows or anything else that might have caused it and there is nothing to indicate that this was, or is, some normal occurrence.

Having read somewhere that every time there is an entity or a spirit or a ghost (what's the difference between these two?), the temperature is suppose to go down in an instant and your suppose to feel cold. This piece of information really creeps me out.

I had read somewhere that on Oct. 31, the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest, so I tried contacting a spirit, but nothing happened. I think this was because, although I wanted something to happen, and was anticipating it, in my head I was a little skeptical. Do you think this had any effect on me or on the situation while I was trying to contact a spirit?

I know I'm no mediator or anything but I'm just curious as to what is going on. I remember taking a quizz somewhere which was about finding out your "Sixth sense". When I saw my result, it said that I was claire-something, basically meaning I'm attached and in tune with sounds (which is true because I hear the most random things at night, and they sound 'very' far off, and I do listen to a lot of music!) normally I don't believe quizzes like these, but this one got me thinking.

I really, truly appreciate you taking your time out to read my now-almost-novel-like story and would really appreciate any comment on what the Heck is going on with me!

Addition by the author

I have noticed that almost every time I'm up awake with or without my sister I see flashes of white in the dark. When someone switches off one of the main lights in my house/apartment, its almost pitch black. The only way to see your way around is if the kitchen or the bathroom light is on, otherwise its pitch black. But I have often seen flashes of white in the dark, sometimes several times in a row (longest being 2-3 times in a night).

Every time I see one, I try to figure out what it was, and almost every time I come up with the same answer- it almost always seems like a lady or a child (girl in a white long night-dress). Can anyone please tell me if what I'm thinking is right or just plain crazy. Also, this I've noticed almost always happens in the dark, and after 12:00am.

Sometimes the thoughts that come in my head, I'm not sure if they are mine. In the sense, that it sounds like my own voice in my head, but a little evilish, and its always making me think about the worst case scenarios (eg: every time a family member is late for coming home, I always start thinking maybe they got into an accident, maybe, heaven forbid, dead?) Also, in the summer vacation, I got really sick, and developed a case of claustrophobia. After this my confidence level kept going down, and usually I'm a VERY positive person. But ever since, say, June, to me, it seems like my own confident voice is fading away, it sounds extremely distant, in my own head, and now the other negative in my head, sounds very diabolic and is very strong and very... loud.

My mom says its all about the attitude, but there's something that I can't explain about this. Sometimes I can't tell apart the positive and the negative voice. It's like I'm confused in my own head, and now I'm confused. Is this a case of attitude problem or is this in any way related to something supernatural? Also, since there are no psychics or mediums where I live, I can't even got one! Please help!


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allesgute154 (3 stories) (254 posts)
9 years ago (2013-04-02)
Dear maryzeppelinewinchester,
I have the following suggestions:
1. Find out who stayed previously in your apartment and their history. Most of the negative energy/paranormal entities stay in the house if something negative has happened. If this house is new, find out if anything untoward happened on the land on which it has been built.
2. It is often recommended to do a 'vaastu shanti' puja before shifting into a house to clear all negative energy. You can also hire a vaastu expert or somebody learned in the occult to investigate.
3. If you're a Hindu, light a lamp in your puja ghar every morning and evening, light incense too. Helps ward off negative energy and feelings
4. Reciting any mantra of your favourite deity (eg Hanuman chalisa, Durga Kavach, Mahamrutyunjay mantra) will keep you calm and safe.
Best of luck and God bless.
ram (25 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-25)
hey I read that you hear voices even I have the same problem all these years I just ignored them by saying 'oh may be my parents were whispering or the neighbours were having their talk far away' but after I read about your story, I think I will have to take this matter pretty seriously. Does any one knows why this happens?
ram (25 posts)
11 years ago (2011-08-25)
hey this is ram a new member logged in I read your article and my experiences match yours for this I have done a small research and found many things to get rid off these horrible experiences first never keep thinking about the incident then always try to be among the group and if you are weak hearted don't dare enough to land into risky situations all alone and please believe in any possible positive energy best one your religious god
villageboy101 (1 stories) (9 posts)
13 years ago (2009-06-11)
hi m.z.w,

Reading all the posts here makes me think that the white flashes (slash like, right?) are a bodily reaction to fear as mentioned by rhodes68 rather than paranormal. I have seen a lot in my childhood... In pitch black darkness as well as daylight. Whenever I was alone even in my own house, I felt strange and afraid and prolonged staring at the same spot made me see split second flashes... 2 or 3 at the same time. I still see white spots in daylight.:) I have had the feeling that someone or many was\ were watching me whenever I stepped outside the house (during my teens)...I thought that's probably a bodily reaction as well... You know rapid bodily (hormonal, muscular, etc) changes during teenage... Nervous system has to adapt to such things. (so maybe went haywire in the process)

But...believe it or not, I have experienced the same change in personality that you mentioned which was preceeded by paranoia and a sense that someone was trying defeat me. I vaguely remember one or two occurances that seemed like dreams? (or vice versa?) where I was wide awake at night but couldn't move my body... Felt like screaming but no sound came out of my mouth... And slept off just like that...

I was very spirited. But during my teen years I increasingly was propelled towards negative thought and action. Felt fear and felt weak for nothing though I was very head strong. Body would ache sometimes for no reason. Even flunked +2 (not the least like me) But throughout, I never considered it as out of normal but exerting my will became harder by the day, I became less energetic... More lazy. After all this... My mom got worried over me and the parents consulted a 'nadi jyotishya' (something like a fortune teller) and they were told that I have had some black magic done on me in my past life. Coincidentally I always felt defensive during my childhood and felt noise in my head that pulled in many directions unless I tried to focus hard on something. I'm from a very religious family and though I prefer a streak of scientific agnosticism, I can't help but think that my family's belief in god kept me safe from worse harm.

What I'm saying is that none of this is anything to worry about (it actually seems a common occurance in India) if you make your will strong and have a purpose that you can focus on. And above all, never ever to lose courage...otherwise, it may just push you off the edge. Also belief in god seems to be good on the mind even if you are an atheist.

Anyway, don't put too much thought into this... It seems they won't and can't bother you if youre strong willed (I can tell a few family stories involving ghosts and human willpower). Sorry for the lengthy post but I thought that it would be useful... Good luck with everything.
wanderer (6 stories) (71 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-29)
Others who have written here have already given good ideas on how to deal with anything paranormal in your home, so I'm going to mention some possible "normal" explanations.
You spoke about the positive and negative thoughts. I find that if I'm tired or stressed it can be very hard to stay positive and bad thoughts seem to come into my mind a lot easier.
The fear you described you felt for your sister sounds like an anxiety attack. Lots of people have them occasionally (I get them quite often) and you have a reason for it (paranormal activity and a sick loved one) if it just happened the once don't worry about it. If it starts to happen a lot go to a doctor to make sure its not something physical.
One thing that helps with worries is to talk about them (cliche but true) so tell your parents if you worry about your sister or anything else and they can probably help to reassure you.
If there is a ghost or spirit in your home it doesn't seem like it means you or your family any harm.
I hope your sister is feeling better and things calm down at your place.
maryzeppelinewinchester (1 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-23)
Er...since I dint know how to add this on to my story, I'm putting this on here.

Ok,so here's the thing, while I haven't seen big noticable flashes that freak me out, I have seen small white... Orb like things for a split second out of the corner of my eye, and I have seen them mostly in my living room (which is from where I can see the empty space where I "feel" the 3 entities) also, have you ever seen a christmas decorative piece in the shape of a sphere, its made up of all the colors? I don't know how to eplain that, but hopefully you can get the picture.anyway,i have seen these floating around me 2-3 times. Can you guyz help me out on this thing? A couple of times when I saw this, for some reason I said out loud "I saw that" but nothing happened. I just wish that if its something
Supernatural related,it'll do something big and noticable. Scream in my ear for all I care, I just wish... Something would happen.
maryzeppelinewinchester (1 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-23)
tonith,thank you for your comment! And I'm doing my best to try and figure all of this out.
Tonith (1136 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-23)
Rhodes gave you some good advice and information. I hope you find the source of your haunting or what you perceive to be a haunting. You sound like a very sweet person and you don't want your life ruled by fear. It's hard explaining these things to people who have no experience with the supernatural. That's why this site is a good place to come when you don't have a support system. No one will ever ridicule you here. All are here to help. Keep us posted and I'm glad to see you and your sister are feeling better.
maryzeppelinewinchester (1 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-22)
oh wow! Thank you all so much for your comments! I dint think anyone would actually read my story! 😳,seeing the fact I,myself, am in two minds, about whether I'm just imagining things or are they actually happening. Hales,you've seen white flashes to? Wow! In my house, its always like I'll be standing in the kitchen (or more than half the times) when I'm standing near a door, I always feel like a small child is watching me. Wierd thing is, everytime I "feel" that something is watching me, it never... Well "feels" like its a male. I always feel its a female. Either a child or a Woman. Also, these flashes are as if you see a person standing there in the dark (its not not always pitch-black,streetlight is there, but its dark enough for a bright flash to go off and be noticable) for a split second before you register in your head the fact that there is no one there. Its like a "blink-and-you-miss-it" appearence. And sometimes, the flashes are directly in front of me, of diagonally visibleif that made sense?!?!) if it were visible to me just out of the corner of my eye, I would have dismissed it as me being tired, nothing else.James,to answer your Q.,Im 15yrs old, living with my mom,dad,and sister. Just your average, normal family. This year (2008) however, hasnt exactly been the greatest for my family as I fell sick (according to ALL the docs,mentally) for a good 4-6 months (I became Really claustrophobic, again I think its mentioned in the stroy), and now that I'm better, my sister fell really sick (as I mentioned in my story) but (thank god!),she's Much better now.
Oh! And rhodes, thank you for clearing my confusion about the whole 'differnce between ghosts and spirits'. Helped a lot!:D
Any other questions are more than welcomed, and thanks once again for reading my story and commenting!
One more thing:~ another wierd instance that has happened with me 2-3,maybe even 4 times, is that very often I'll often see a family member (usually its my mom, since she's never sitting or lying in bed, always moving around the house) pass whichever room I'm sitting in, out of the corner of my eye. It doesn't bother me until I go in the OPPOSITE direction, in a completely different portion of the house, to find my mom sitting there! I have read the same kind of thing in Many other stories posted here on YGS, and am a little alarmed.
And surya, im in Delhi! :D
JamesRobiscoe (419 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-21)
Maryzepp--Many others here can give you more detailed and distinguishing possibilities concerning your experiences. It would be helpful, I think, to know your age and circumstances beyond living in an apartment for two years with your parents. From your language and descriptions, you are clearly intelligent and analytical, and sensitive. Anxiety propagates. The suggested relaxation techniques are sensible; they can help and will certainly do no harm. It might also be useful to remember that in life and experience, judgment is not a simple dichotomy of "Is it real?" or "Am I crazy?" It's usually another answer entirely, and one in which most of us can take consolation. So much for my cheap advice. The best to you in coming to understand.
hales3 (3 stories) (16 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-21)
Let me tell you, I hear things that sound like they are right in my ear as well, if you read my latest story it could help you some.

I also think the worst case scenarios as well, it's terrible, no one ever wants to think these things, and I believe negative spirits can give you these thoughts and feelings. I had a set of dreams a few nights in a row, and in the dreams, family members and loved ones died or were seriously injured. They weren't just sad dreams, they terrified me and I would wake up crying. The dreams eventually just stopped, and whatever negative spirit it was left for a while... It still visits every now and then, but I can't figure out what it wants.

I've seen white "flashes" before too, I see them at night as well, but I sleep with my light and TV on because I am too afraid to sleep in the quiet dark (don't want to hear or see something more than I already do). I usually see it out of the corner of my eye, sometimes it looks smokey, or like a mist. I've also seen a black circular mist before too, but it was a deep black, and this was in a dark room.

Try not to be afraid, it works, they will go away. They feed off of our fear, if that is what they are after. It's hard to not be afraid, but try. Do you know who lived in the apartment before you? Try finding out, and if you can find them, try to. Ask them questions, if anyone passed away or if they experienced anything there. It might just be that spirits follow you because they know you can sense them.

Hope this helped!
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-20)
Hi and welcome to YGS.

Where abouts in India do you live. I had my first experiance in India when I was 11. Have not been back since. To scared 😆

I have to agree with what Rhodes as said. If you are having trouble relaxing at night why don't you burn some Nag Champs incense. Walk around all the areas of your house you feel there is a presence in. I usually get rolled incense it is less smokey so I am sure you will be able to get some champs other than in a stick. Also I don't know if you will have any maybe your mom keeps some get some Ganga Jaal and sprinkle in all the rooms, cleansing the rooms. See how you go.
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
14 years ago (2008-12-20)
Hello and welcome to the site. That is an interesting account that indeed provokes a lot of questions.

To begin with a few things you asked, the ability to intuitively hear that which is not audio is called "clairaudience" as you very well put it.

Now according to your account, you seem to "feel" if not "see" the presence of 3 individuals. This ability is called Clairsentience:to intuitive feel people and things.

As far as ghosts and spirits are concerned, there's a great difference between them.

A Ghost is the energy of a deceased individual who is "stuck" between the two dimensions. Ghosts have not crossed over or gone to the aftelife because they either refuse to accept or are unaware of their demise, they have an old "debt" to pay off or they might be "trapped" by their own feelings, those of anger, revenge,etc. As well as due to the feelings of others such as grief, dependence, etc.

A Spirit is the energy of a deceased individual who has crossed through the light and has gone to the afterlife but remains a "free traveller"-that is, they choose to cross from one realm to the other to comfort a beloved, to visit someone they love or a place they feel attached to, etc.

Now concerning the white flashes and spots you see in complete darkness, although this might be of a paranormal nature-that is, you might be seeing the energies you suggest you feel at home (which makes you a clairvoyant), it might also be the result of a natural or even emotional cause you may need to address.

Sometimes sudden changes in blood pressure (I'm referring to blood pressure since you make it clear that you're in constant fear) can produce changes in the blood vessels around the optic nerve and this, in return, very often produces tiny currents that the optic nerve "perceives" as white spots.

You need to elaborate more on whether what you see are spots or flashes and whether that happens only when it's pitch dark or at other times as well. I would pay a visit to a doctor if I were you just to exclude any physical causes before inquiring further into the supernatural.

As far as your experience is concerned now, no one can tell you for certain that you have energies at home. You are the one who's had these experiences so it will be more appropriate that YOU be the judge of that.

Try to ease your fears and do a little research into the history of the house and the land around it. Try to record your experiences and talk with others who might have had their own. Keep an open mind but at the same time remain skeptical since sometimes what we sense is nothing but an extention of our fears and expectations.

Keep us posted on your findings.

Thank you.

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