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Great Great Grandpa Charlie


So I'm dealing with the spirits of my great-great-grandfather Charlie and his girlfriend Igea, who have been at my apartment for nearly 3 months.

This is the first encounter that I had with grandpa' Charlie.

Back in November of 2008, I had turned on the heat in the bathroom to heat up to take a shower. In my bathroom, there are two lights; the overhead and a light over the medicine cabinet, which you have to screw in and out because the pull string has been broken for at least a year. About 30 minutes later, the bathroom had warmed up enough it was about 8:45p.m., I turned on the overheard light, leaving the broken on off and got into the shower. I'd been in the shower around five minutes and I had just begun washing my hair, when the broken overhead light turned on (you have to screw it in at least 4 times). I was home alone at the time I had gotten in the shower. When the light came on, I saw a shape of a person (I couldn't really see because of the shower curtain) come into the bathroom, walk over to where the toilet paper roll is and walk right back out of the bathroom.

My mom bartends and gets off between 8:00 - 9:30p.m. I thought that she might have come home and came into the bathroom to get a piece of toilet paper, but I noticed that "it" didn't say anything. So, I got my towel wrapped around me and walked into my mom's bedroom which is right beside the bathroom but she wasn't in there. I went to the window to see if her car was parked out side, but it was not. I was still home alone. So I kind of brushed it off, got back in the shower rinsed my hair and got back out.

You have to walk through the kitchen to get to my room at the end of the hallway if you're coming from the living room or the bathroom. I stopped at the stove to get my soda which I had left sitting there and as soon as I passed the stove to go down the hall to my room to dry off, I saw a man walk down the hallway to my room. This scared the hell out of me. I stood there in the kitchen in my towel for a minute or two and realized that I didn't hear anybody, because I thought that someone had gotten in. I got my soda and went into my room, shut the door, put my PJs on and sat down at my computer desk and thought to myself, "What the hell was that?"

After a good five minutes of thinking, and I don't know why, but I got out my box of old family genealogy records and pictures out from under my bed and started looking through the pictures.

I come up on a picture of my great-great-grandfather Charlie, the picture was taken in 1936; in the picture he was 39 years old. I got ready to sit in down in the pile of pictures I had just looked at, when I suddenly felt my heart drop. I looked at the picture and thought "oh my God!" because I'd just realized that the man who I had just seen walk down that hallway was grandpa' Charlie. So at this point, I'm kind of shaky and the encounter does still not really want to register in my mind.

While I was sitting on my bed looking at the old black and white picture, I heard a man in the hallway outside my door whistling. The whistling lasted around 40 seconds and then I smelt the strongest tobacco smoke, just as if there was someone smoking a cigar right beside you. The smell of the smoke faded just as it would with a cigar or cigarette. About 30 minutes after the smell of smoke faded, my mom came home from work.

I didn't mention anything to her that night, and we both went to bed around midnight. While I was lying there trying to fall asleep, the only thing I could think about was who I had just seen.

One question that I couldn't resolve was, when I saw him, why did he look just like he did in that picture when he was 39, but he was 64 when he died in 1962?

This was just the first time I've seen him, I have had many more daily encounters with him ever since that night and have become very used to him being around and we (me and mom) treat him as if he's part of the family. Now when I see him, he has been older looking, younger, middle-aged, ect.

I'll share some more of my encounters later.

Thanks for letting me share my story, it's not everyday you just get to sit and "talk" about your resident ghost.

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miisa (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-03)
Wow this was very scary really. Being in a bathroom, home alone and realizing afterwards that the spirit of your great grandpa came when you were in bathroom is like...
MattHardy75 (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-06)
I say this is very interesting and I wuld have to agree with DUnkown also. I ts just as if he was trying to appear to you... 😉
Luckys_Girl (2 stories) (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-05)

Rhodes68: I believe that it is an "intelligent haunt." I have had several interaction with grandpa' Charlie. He had opened my door on several occasions and shut it back, just as if someone was entering the room. One time he did that, I heard him say "Hey."

But I am certain the it's grandpa' Charlie.
Sometimes I can even say "Charlie" and a light will flicker or something like that. ❤
dreamergal72 (6 stories) (793 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-04)
Wow interest I would doing same things wonder who just in my bathroom and freak out. I do have same thing of smell smoke you can read my story was daddy smoking on that there.
rhodes68 (14 stories) (1596 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-04)
I'd say I totally agree with DUnknown if I believed this to be a residual haunt but is it that or is it intelligent Luckys_Girl?

Have you ever had a direct contact, any interaction with Grandpa Charlie?

If this IS an intelligent haunt though, the reason behind the way he appears to you is his attempt to familiarize you with his life at all stages. Maybe the photo album you opened that day was not an accidental act-a coincidence but more of an intended incident...
DUnknown (4 stories) (65 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-04)
Welcome to YGS community, Ms. Luckys Girl. In my own opinion, that's why your grandpa Charlie is showing in different stages of Age because this were the memories of the house you're living in. It's a good thing that nothing bad happens and your resident ghosts doesn't harm you. Maybe they are ghost or perhaps just collected memories playing back in present. Well, who knows what's lying there in the Unknown? 🤔
Just keep an open mind and have a strong faith. 😊
Best Regards,

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