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My name is Tracy Sullivan I've had several experiences with ghostly "beings" starting back at age 5. I'm now 39 and the most recent, most violent sent me running from southern California. To Northern California.

I was living in Reseda CA, renting a room in a house of a friend's ex-husband. I was having trouble sleeping ever since I moved in and related it to stress at the time. I was lucky enough to meet two people (a young man and a young woman) whom I quickly became friends with. We all shared an interest in ghosts, ESP, and anything paranormal.

One night we decided to go to a park, one that I had never been to and won't go to again. We drove as far as we could into the park but the gate was closed to cars so we parked in the cul-de-sac type road and started to walk to what my friends had said was a small stream towards the middle of the park. We started to walk down a small hill, on a moonless night, it was very dark. I was in front about 15 feet of my two friends, when I felt a tapping on my right shoulder. Turning around to see what Doug wanted (it hadn't felt like a woman's hand) I saw to my left a figure on a hill that looked like an American Indian scout or look out type person. The fact that my friends were nowhere near me (about 15 ft away) to tap me on the shoulder sent chills through me, but I kept walking. I was in good spirits (forgive the pun) and told myself that the ghost stories we shared were just playing games on my mind. The next part I hardly remember I was seeing what seemed to be a shadow moving in front of me. I started to look around for a light source that would be creating it and found none. I kept walking and the shadow grew larger and larger and was now looking more like a mass of blackness than a shadow and actually coming towards me. Needless to say my mind just wouldn't accept it as anything other than a shadow. (I hadn't heard of shadow ghosts)

The next thing that happened I wouldn't wish on my worst of enemies. I was "caught" by this blackness. I had taken a step forward and my foot never reached the ground, something had me by the throat, just my windpipe, and I couldn't breathe. My friends saw this and came running down the hill, stopped half way down with fright Doug yelled to Jill to go to the car and get it started for our get-a-way. He ran to me grabbed me and half dragging me half lifting me got me to the car, where Jill was standing dumb struck by what she saw. Before we had started down the hill we had teased her that her car needed a good washing, but now we really wished she had because covering her car was what appeared to be satanic symbols written in the dust and dirt. (They were ruin symbols the had been reversed mirror images of what we see normally). Doug yelled at her to hurry, I still hadn't been able to breathe and he was getting very scared.

Finally we got into the car and drove as fast as possible to put as much space between us and the park. We pulled over and I got out taking my first real big breath of fresh air, and that's where I finally got a clearer memory again. Doug and Jill said that the whole time that we were driving I was talking, channeling, something about an old Indian woman. It scared them more than the experience at the park. It didn't stop until we got out of the car and Doug had put my hands into clean soil. We got back into the car and went to the nearest open restaurant to talk about what had happened and calm down.

We still have no idea what really happened or what caused the events of the evening. When we went back to the car from the restaurant, feeling calmer hoping that our imaginations had gotten away from us, we saw the symbols on the car and knew that it had happened. Not to mention that the next day I had bruises on my windpipe, exactly where I had felt them the night before! Finger marks as if I had been choked by the wind pipe alone not around my neck as a normal human attempt.

The next day Doug said he had a friend that exorcises evil entities, etc, and would have him check out my house for any lingering affects. Well his friend did come over and right under my bedroom window was a horrid smelling mud patch where nothing would grow. Much to the bewilderment of my landlord. He asked if Jill and I would leave them to "cleanse" the house. We went to the store and upon arriving back waited for the boys in front of the house in the car. Both of us were watching the house as if something were going to happen, realizing this we laughed at ourselves and then looked back at the house for any sign of the boys when we saw a bright flash of pinkish light over the house not once but twice! A few moments later the boys came from behind the house and told us they were successful. I asked how they knew that it was gone, to which they replied "Did you see the flash of light over the house?" "Yes" we answered, "That was the ghost trying to come back after being cast away. I've put a protective spell on you and the house. She won't be coming back again." And she never did.

If anyone else has any knowledge of this park in northern Reseda CA please post your story, I'd like to know we weren't the only ones to have an experience there. And if you live near there please don't go, at least alone, at night.

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ravenslitany (1 stories) (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-05)
Osa- I wish I could remember the name of the park all I do remember is that it was right off of Reseda blvd (going north on Reseda blvd it was on our right side) and we turned into a entrance of the park to the right of our parking was where we entered and where the houses were very far above us on a cliff. Directly to our right after parking is the direction we were walking a stream was right in front of us ans was our intended goal... Of course it was 15 years or so... So I have no idea if it's still there.
Just to review the situation that night... The images on the car... We tryed to duplicate them when we left the resturant and we couldn't the dust on the writing we produced left tiny piles of dush the writing we did not make did not have the piles of dust either at the end of the letters or around the sides where the dust gets "pushed" in order to make room for the "clean" space one has written in.
The "mud hole" had started upon first moving into the house. My landlord had tried everything to get the grass to grow there without any luck. As soon as the boys cleaned everything we had new growth of green grass with in days! I was very impressed! I thought it never would!
Malavon (guest)
15 years ago (2009-02-26)
Dear Kuehnau

A simple realization doesn't change the facts. If you state what you are saying then everything supernatural thought or sighting that has ever been told in this planet,exist.
Osa (1 stories) (70 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-24)
I'm very familiar with the San Fernando Valley. I even lived in Reseda years ago. Which park was it? Chatsworth, O'Melveny? Maybe just giving the cross streets would help. Thanks.
kuehnau (5 stories) (60 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-24)
Malavon, you are trying to say that ghosts do not exists but demons do? I feel that comment is a little ludacris. Do you realize what web site you are on and who you are talking to?
polkadot (4 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-24)
Don't be scared I kind of hade an experience. I was visiting in CA and I was driving by a park in Reseda and I saw an old indian woman. She looked at me and ran towards me. Her eyes were plain black cicles and she was indian. I whispered "Go away, Go Away" sevelr times and she turned into a black mass and was gone. Don, t feel like an outlier. 😆
Malavon (guest)
15 years ago (2009-02-24)
Don't believe in ghosts. It is said that there are many sightings of ghosts and for that I don't doubt. There are things with powers that can transform themselves into a ghost just to make you to believe that ghosts exist. Know this ravenslitany, the demons are a very very bothersome type of existence!
kuehnau (5 stories) (60 posts)
15 years ago (2009-02-24)
Well I am glad you were able to get help when you needed it. Unfortunately it is all too true that wandering spirits can target random people or even follow them home for that matter.

You know, eyes are a odd piece of mechanics in the human body though, they take in and process so much information that sometimes it is hard to distinguish differences between things. For example - Did you know that eyes will adjust to the light given in a environment? And that, given enough time can even develop an almost night vision way of seeing. If you go to sleep in a pitch dark room, when you wake up a few hours later, you can most likely see (even a little bit) your surroundings. By the way you told your tale, I do not doubt that you were attacked by something, but as always, the blob of darkness could have been a lot of different things.

The same could have been said for the runes written in dust on your car. Already shaken from the experience in the park, you and your friends rush back to a dirty, dusty car, in a poor or failing light. You could have easily confused swirls of dust for any number of designs, even evil hexes. This is primarily known as image matrixing, when your mind associates some sort of patten for a image. A combination of poor lighting, dust on the car and already being scared, could have easily cause image matrixing. And once you see something, you may be determined to continue to see it, even after you settle down.

As far as stinky mud. Well that's mud for you. There could have been tons of reasons why that patch of mud was there and why it had a offensive odor. Back in the day, at one placed I lived at, we could never grow anything on our property, one of my friends suggested it was cursed. Later on we found out the building used to be a doctors office and the property used to have blacktop laid down for a parking lot. When they converted the property to a living establishment, they simply covered the blacktop with dirt and put new grass over it. The blacktop was killing anything we wanted to grow.

As always, we are only left with our experiences and will have to form our own opinions on the matter. It seems like yours is a honest and true one. Unfortunately not all spirits are nice ones and astral critters or even demons can be even more unfriendly. Be glad you had friends who supported you and helped you! ❤

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