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Black Mass


It's been quite some time now, since I have posted another one of my experiences here, so I figured it's finally time that I write this one, which I have been wanting to share for awhile now, before I forget too many details about it.

I can't remember exactly if it was this past Spring, or the end of Winter, but it was around that time period of this year, when this experience had happened.

It was night time, and I was getting ready to go to sleep, with my husband already sleeping next to me, and my daughter was still up in the living room.

As I was about to lay down (I'm in bed, in the sitting position, before you lay back to go to sleep), I noticed the feeling I started to feel, when I know that there is something around me (meaning spirit of some kind), and being in the dark at the time, didn't make me feel too comfortable knowing that there was something watching me, that I could not see in my room.

I could feel that whatever was there, was at the foot of my bed, which is in front of my bedroom door. The door was closed, but with my daughter still up, and in the living room, there was light coming in from the bottom crack of the door. I was thinking to myself, that I don't want to look too hard and see something that I don't want to see, but still decided to look at the foot of my bed, and noticed this black mass looking thing, in the corner of where my tv stand and bedroom door are. I just told myself that I was probably seeing wrong, and that it wasn't really anything there. So I just hurried up and laid back, to try and go to sleep, and ignore what I just saw at the foot of my bed.

As I was laying in bed, trying to go to sleep, I remember hearing what I thought was my daughter coming in the room, to climb in bed with us, and waited for her to start to get in bed, but when I didn't feel her do so, I looked up to see what she was doing, and saw that she wasn't in the room. I laid back down thinking how weird that was, because I could have swore I heard her open our door, and come in.

Eventually I fell asleep, and I still remember the nightmare I had that night. I have 5 ducks as our pets, that we love and spoil a lot. I take great care in looking after them, to where I even make sure to lock them up in their homes at night, to keep them safe from predators out here, living in the middle of the woods. Anyways, my point being, I care very much about them and their safety. That night I had a bad dream of them being hurt somehow, and me freaking out and screaming and crying over finding some of them dead, and the others hurt. Not knowing what had happened to them.

My husband ends up waking me up from this nightmare, because he said I was making noises in my sleep, that sounded like I was having a bad dream. I'd like to add that I don't normally make noises in my sleep, so this isn't something that happens often. I told him I was so glad he woke me up, because I was having a horrible dream. I was still very tired, and could barely hold my eyes open, as I was sitting up in bed, continuously dosing in and out, fighting myself to go back to sleep, in fear that I would start back up in that dream again.

After however long I was doing that (which roughly was under 5 minutes), my husband asked what was I dreaming, and after telling him, he began to tell me that I had woken him up to making the noises in my sleep, when he noticed as his eyes started to adjust to the dark room, that there was what he described to look like a black mass, hovering over me as I was sleeping, and freaked him out to see, staring at it, to figure out if he is seeing correctly or not. He said that's when he woke me up, and saw the black mass move from above me, across to the other side of the room. He said as I was sitting up, he saw it start to come back towards me, and get close, and then back up a little, and come back towards me, when he finally had asked me about what I had dreamed, it just disappeared.

I told him how freaky that was to hear, because I couldn't keep my eyes open, and it seemed like it was trying to mess with me again, when I kept dosing in and out. Making me wonder what it would have done, if I had gone back to sleep then?

I told him that it was most likely what was making me have my bad dream then, since it was hovering over me while I was having it. Like it somehow was affecting my dream. I told him that it was creepy how he had also described what he had saw, as a black mass, because I then told him that I had saw the same thing, at the end of the bed, near the door, right before I went to sleep. Which he was unaware of at that time, so for him to describe seeing the same thing that I had saw, made me think I really did see something near our door.

Now whenever I have bad dreams like that, I can't help but wonder if that black mass is above me again or not. My husband hasn't seen that above me since, but that doesn't mean it hasn't came back though. It's not like he is always watching me during my sleep.

Normally my husband is the one that is affected while sleeping by whatever, because he has had many sleep paralysis episodes, and has seen and felt something messing with him, waking him up. So he was surprised to see it messing with me this time.

I keep wondering what it was, and why it seemed to be making me have bad dreams? Like it somehow feeds off of that or something. I don't know, maybe it wasn't affecting my dream, but for whatever reason, was hovering above me. It's just weird how it didn't go away when I woke up, but only across the room, and then started to get close to me again, when I started to fall back asleep.

Maybe someone here might know what that was about? It's not like this happens a lot to me though, so I don't know what to think about it.

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Twilight1011 (9 stories) (321 posts)
3 years ago (2021-07-15)
Hey again 😊 I apologize for not getting on this site as often as I was. I feel bad to see questions from y'all, that were at this point, asked so long ago now. There has just been so much going on in my life lately, where I can't seem to keep up with everything I want too. But I have missed being on here, reading about all of y'alls experiences, and writing to each other about it. To finally comment back to AugustaM, that's awesome to know that you've had ducks before. They really are amazing animals to have as pets. I also didn't realize just how smart they really are, until having them. I think they have a few dog like traits aswell, like how mine love to follow me around, or go on walks down our driveway etc, and how if they hear me on the porch messing with some kind of a plastic bag, that makes that crinkling noise, they all get so excited and run over to me, expecting to be given their treats (dried mealworms). They'll even quack at me, to say when they want food lol. They aren't bad about being noisy, so I'm able to know what they're wanting, or trying to say, whenever they do quack. Luckily since this experience, I haven't had anything else really happen. Which just makes me wonder more on what it even meant, or was trying to do then 🤔. Everything is still going good with my duckies though, so I don't feel that they're in any harm's way right now. Oh, I did end up rearranging our bedroom after sharing this experience. We didn't have really that many ways to arrange thing's in our small room, but luckily was able to figure out a way that I believe helped the energy in our room. The first night we had moved everything around, I could notice a lighter feel in our room. I told my husband that I felt that it was definitely a good change we made, and hoped it would help. The first few nights weren't so great for my husband though. He said he kept feeling something watching, and messing with him at night, when he would try to go to sleep (during this time, I personally felt fine, and had no problems getting to sleep). He said he kept seeing a dark shadow figure moving around our door area. It then dawned on me, after I was trying to think of why he's still experiencing this, after we moved our room around. The big mirror I think I mentioned in this story, that we had facing our bed before, I had moved to the same wall the head of our bed was on, but at the end/corner of the wall, which I had my daughters headboard, of her bed, infront of that mirror now. It was mostly covered, but still wasn't fully covered. It was facing towards the door of our room. Just to make this detail clear, the mirror did not face the doorway head on, it faced it from the side, but if you're in the doorway, you would look to your right at the mirror (not sure if that detail is important). So my theory was thinking that with the mirror even being partially exposed to the doorway like it was, that it could still be causing some kind of portal or whatever. My husband had said (this was said before he even realized that's where I had put the mirror at) that the shadow figure would seem to be coming and going from the mirror and doorway direction. I planned to cover the mirror up after we moved our room around, but didn't get to it yet, so I went ahead and covered it up after thinking that's what the problem was, and since then, he was able to sleep better. Now don't get me wrong, moving our room around did help some, but it's not like it stopped all the activity all together though. We still witness shadow figures moving around our room and house etc, along with other activities. We didn't expect to have everything stop after doing that anyways, but it at least helped the energy change in our room. After noticing the paranormal world since I was very little, at this point, I doubt I'd know how to feel if it ever just stopped happening around me now. I'm just use to having activity happen wherever I live. As long as nothing actually attacks, or harms me or my family, I'm fine to just live with it. We've gotten pretty good at not paying it much attention for the most part, so we don't increase any activity.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
4 years ago (2020-12-11)
You have DUCKS! ❤ I used to raise and release mallards! They are such precious creatures and so much smarter than I ever realized before getting so involved with them. I remember the hoops we used to jump through to keep them happy, healthy and safe (up to and including ordering night crawlers in bulk for them... Try opening up a box about the size of a mailbox to find the ENTIRE surface beneath one wriggling ball of's something straight out of a horror movie lol but they were worth it)! They were a lot of work but I absolutely adored them.

I am glad the cleansing seems to have helped. I might consider putting something protective over the dog/duck house - do a little googling and maybe go with something that strikes you as meaningful - anything from a crystal to a gargoyle to a crucifix etc; what ever resonates to you as being effective (and impossible for the babies to hurt themselves with). I'm just afraid that the entity has keyed into how much those ducks mean to you and animals, I feel, are a bit easier for a spirit to mess with. If it did damage to them, that would cause a lot of negative energy from you that might open up just the door it could be hoping for to get back in again.

Give those ducks some love from me!
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (321 posts)
4 years ago (2020-11-04)
Hey, Sorry to take so long on getting back to y'alls comments. I tried to comment the other day, and after writing so much, I ended up having everything I had just wrote, get deleted somehow, so I just gave up and decided to wait another time to try commenting again. Hopefully this time it won't get erased. I was surprised to see how soon this was put on here, and especially on Halloween, that's pretty awesome. To Jubeele, that is very scary to have happen to you, where you weren't sure if it was just a dream or not, yet to have your ankle hurting where it had grabbed you, to the point it was swollen, and then to have your glass door get cracked when you told it to leave, really makes it hard to think it was just a dream, having evidence like that saying otherwise. I hope you're ok now, and haven't had any more trouble from whatever that was? As for y'alls comments, I've heard of the bad feng shui of your bed facing the door, but with how small our room is, we really don't have many options in how to arrange our room, without losing walkway space. So for now, we have to deal with it being faced that way. But it's not like we're constantly experiencing something bad that we need to do something to help change anything. My husband is the one normally experiencing something more negative at night, but I'd say that's still only around a handful of times a month, so he isn't at his breaking point with it. We did cleanse the house last July, which was crazy how I had said I wanted to do that a certain day, but before it was dark, and the day I had said I would do it, I all of a sudden got what I believe to be sun poisoning (I think that's what it is called), where I felt dizzy and nauseous, after being out in the sun, for what really wasn't that long, considering I've been out before longer. I've never gotten sun poisoning before, and by the time it was dark, I all of a sudden felt better. That's when it dawned on me, how I had said when I had planned to cleanse the house, and how I didn't want to do it after dark, yet that just happens to be when I felt horrible, and then felt better. It maybe just a coincidence, but I thought it seemed suspicious. We even had stuff being thrown off our bookshelf, when we were talking about cleansing the house. After cleansing it, things felt better, but we knew it wouldn't exactly rid our home of every spirit, but I did walk through in the cleansing saying all negative spirits must leave. Things aren't so heavy around the house now, as it started to get before the cleansing (meaning we could feel a lot of negativity around the house). So the cleansing might have been what's helped me not experience that black mass lately. My ducks are all still good, and as for their safety, I made sure when they got old enough to be out from under a heating lamp (when they got all their feathers), to have them safe homes to live in, so they sleep in a dog house that I have rigged up to make safe for them to sleep in, where nothing can get in and disturb them. I have a screen door on their house, that locks, so snakes and other animal's can't get them.
Sleeping-with-steve (guest)
4 years ago (2020-11-01)
Hello Twighlight1011,
This post was definitely worth waiting for.
I was scared reading it. I wouldn't have coped if I was in the room. I'm a bit of a scaredy-cat.😟
I'm glad both you and your hubby saw the black mass. Sometimes having someone involved who has witnessed what happened, helps figure out what's going on. (ie: Two heads are better than one) 🤔
I have also seen a black mass in my room late at night around bedtime. I have always put it down to seeing things from being over tired. I guess I say that because the truth would be frightening. It's obviously something paranormal. Good or bad, only you will be able to figure that out. No one came to harm thank goodness.
I love what Lady-Glow said, about not coming back to hurt you, your loved ones and the ducks. Sweet that she included the ducks. Are the ducks broody? Are they sitting on eggs? This is the season when they get clucky. (Spring here)
I also found Jubeele's comment interesting. I have no idea about, 'Feng Shui', but I have been told that placement of your bed can cause good or bad sleep nights depending on where your bed is place. Something else I need to read up on.

I found this link for you.
There's a bit of reading, and various comments that might be useful in coming up with what's going on.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

Best wishes,
Tweed (35 stories) (2501 posts)
4 years ago (2020-11-01)
Hi Twilight,

This doesn't sound good, whatever it is. Consider starting a journal about these specific occurrences. Backdating anything your hubby can remember. Hopefully with a timeline in front of you a clearer picture will emerge. Other than that keep cleansed. I don't think I'd place too much importance on the nightmare, that seems like a distraction in my opinion.

Use this experience as a lesson, if something feels off take it seriously. At least through this you've proven to yourself your senses aren't letting you down. Just to be on the safe side give the duck pen the once over, make sure nothing can bust in, particularly from digging underneath. I say that in case your nightmare was actually a premonition, just cover all bases is what I mean.
Jubeele (26 stories) (898 posts)
4 years ago (2020-11-01)
Hi Twilight, good to hear from you. I wonder if the black mass was something feeding off fear and negativity. First from your husband, then from yourself. I don't know if it caused your nightmare, or the dream was due to general anxiety during these uncertain times for your family, and those under your protection. But that entity certainly made full use of the opportunity and could perhaps be prolonging the bad dream for its benefit.

I recently had a bad dream that someone grabbed my left foot and woke up to see a small black mass by the side of the bed. I said I wanted it gone and the glass door downstairs gave two cracks. It then disappeared. Rex woke up at the sound of the glass crackling, because it was so loud. My foot was still hurting for several minutes afterwards and it was slightly swollen, and a small bruise was on the right foot. Weird.

In case you're interested, Feng Shui practice advises that if the bed is aligned with the door, it means to be out of the "commanding position", or the ideal spot to receive positive energy. There is also the belief that qi or life force energy comes in through the door, and thus onto the bed. If the bed is in line with the door, that could result in too much qi coming in, which is not very restful for the body. But if it's not possible to move the bed, there is the option to place a piece of furniture like a bookcase, screen or curtain to partially obscure the bed from the door. Or maybe a hanging crystal between the ceiling and the door?

Hope these ideas help or at least provide some interesting reading. Take care of yourselves.
lady-glow (16 stories) (3160 posts)
4 years ago (2020-11-01)
Why did this story have to be published in Halloween night?

Hello Twilight.

I think you are right about this mass feeding off the distress of your sleep. Sorry for not remembering if you have mentioned any other activity happening in your room but, do you keep any religious/protective objects in it? Have you cleansed/blessed your room?

"I could feel that whatever was there, was at the foot of my bed, which is in front of my bedroom door."

According to Feng Shui, a bed facing the bedroom door isn't the best placement, perhaps rearranging the furniture could help?

I have no idea what this mass could be but it doesn't sound cuddly nor friendly... I hope it never comes back neither hurts you or your loved ones, including your ducks.

Thanks for sharing.

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