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Strange Humming And Odd Feelings


I have read quite a few interesting stories of paranormal on this site and would like to share a few odd experiences myself and perhaps someone may have had the same experience also? Back in October 1982, my best friend and I were just out front the steps of my parent's home, which had huge hedges out front the house, which blocked the view of the street and sidewalk.

Anyways, I'd say it was nearing the 9pm hour as my best friend and me heard someone walking behind the hedges, well, it sounded more like heavy steps a male in shoes would make or perhaps someone in clogs, well, some footwear with a heel. Of course we stopped talking only to start laughing (cause that's how teenage girls are) over how noisy this person walked when all of a sudden; a mall grey cat appeared from the end of the bush.

To our surprise, we first laughed it off thinking, maybe the person was about to appear but there were no more footsteps as the cat sat near the edge of the driveway and peered as us. Well, of course we tried to scare it off thinking cats usually are timid. Can you believe that feline didn't budge and continued staring us over. You bet we got really scared at that point thinking either this is a witch or some source of evil. We raced into my house as my best friend had to call her brother to pick her up even if she lived a half block away, yah, that's how scared we were.

I also recall other strange events in my life, one night I was settling into sleep and felt someone walk into my bedroom. Assuming it was my dad who came to close my window since it started raining outside. Well, next thing was the eerie feeling of being watched. Of course I racked it up to an overactive imagination but after feeling or what I assumed was a cold piece of steel behind my neck, I froze in absolute fear.

I honestly thought a burglar broke in and was going to shoot me in bed. What scared me more; I could hear my dad snoring from his bedroom. I thought okay, stay calm. Started to pray, then I thought, well, pull the trigger already and get it over with. Finally after a few more rounds of heavy prayers, gathered some guts and lifted my head. Of course there was no one there, my heart was pounding and to this day, still wonder if it was a dream or real?

I would also have strange dreams of the ceiling bursting open and water gushing onto my bed, hearing someone calling me in the distance. The feeling of being watched, another time, while lying in bed and actually feeling an electrifying sensation on my back. Yes, you better believe I was beyond scared after that.

Also, chatter in my ears, the feeling of sensing a spirit which to me sounds similar to the TV being on but the volumes on mute. Sort of a faint humming noise. I'm not sure if this is real, my imagination or just a little sensitive to the spiritual world and many times I do not even want to find out because let's face it, rather spooky.

One thing I do believe is we are not alone in the universe and would have to be arrogant and ignorant to think otherwise. Anyhow, thanks for the opportunity to post.

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bumblebee55 (1 stories) (40 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-28)
Wow, the same humming thing happened to me about 2 days ago! I was in the kitchen because the date on my cell phone was all messed up and stuff, and I was looking at the calender in there. And I was humming one of my favorite songs (New Divide by the band Linkin Park) when I thought I heard someone next to me also humming, but I was the only one in the kitchen. So I stopped humming for a few seconds, but I still heard someone next to me humming. (And it wasn't New Divide, the song I was humming.) So I was freaking terrified, and I ran back to my room pretty fast. It was freaky.
Anyway, cool story.
Tek (4 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-05)
Hi Addy,

Thanks for sharing your story. I am very much an animal lover and feel that animals are very susceptible of getting our attention in more ways than the obvious. Just like people some are incredibly special and have an inner light. I have come across some wonderful pets, animals in my life. Perhaps the cat was not evil but a guide. Suppose there really was someone behind the hedges. The attention it got from you shortly made you and your friend react which could have driven the lurking stranger behind the hedges away. Just another suggestion.

As far as the chatter in your ears. Have you heard the chattering again? Or was it only a certain time. I myself hear distant whispers and what sounds like muffled, secretive conversation. I have always heard this when I am by myself since I was a child. Sometimes it is nerves attempting to prepare ourselves for the unexpected. So we feel, see, hear things. But if it is something that happens often (since childhood for me) perhaps its is not your mind and more of the spirit world letting its existential presence known to you.
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-04)
Just because the cat did not budge when you and your friend tried to scare it does not mean it is evil. How did you both come to the conclusion that the cat was male and may have been a witch or evil.

As for the footsteps - Heavy steps of a man in clogs and then foot wear with a heel. Which one exactly? Then you stop talking and start laughing, I personally would not be laughing, I would have been running.

As for your dreams, it maybe a symbol of you emotional state of mind.

I think everyone gets a buzzing in their ears from time to time, the tingling in the back, it quite normal as well.
kuehnau (5 stories) (60 posts)
13 years ago (2009-03-04)
Addy64 - Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing your story with us. I hope you find any answers you might be looking for!

You yourself said that the hedges were so high, you couldn't see over them. There is most likely a good chance that there was someone behind the hedges and you simply didn't see them. Just because you didn't hear them walk away, doesn't mean it was a spirit.

Honestly noticing the cat and then overacting may have kept your attention away from the noisy shoes in the alley. Or, the cat itself may have been the one making the racket.

As far as the animal is concerned. Animals have free will and they also have different personalities. Just because the cat didn't run off, did no mean there was anything paranormal about the situation.

I used to feed squirrels my old pumpkins from Halloween and once they found this out, they decided to hang around my house all year long. After feeding them for so long, not only did they get used to the people, to the point I could walk up to them and touch them, but they had gotten so big from how well I had been feeding them, they started to get an attitude. I remember seeing one chase a cat off.

What do you mean "feel" someone coming into your room. I'd like you elaborate on that part a little bit more. Did you hear a door open, hear footsteps? Perhaps heavy breathing? In all honesty it sounds more like the case of a bad nightmare or night terrors or something. Keep in mind, you can even have nightmares while you are awake!

Dreams are also quite fickle. And I wouldn't give them much thought. I often have nightmares where I fall to my doom. When I wake up in my bed, I could almost swear I felt the pain.

Sounds are very complex, and are hard to decide if they are paranormal or not. Sometimes when I sit in a silent room, my ears will almost buzz, I don't think anything of it. Trying to find a source of the sound is always the best bet first. Remember, rule out all possibilities before jumping to the conclusion it was a paranormal event!

To be blunt, I feel as if it is really nothing more then a over active imagination and maybe even a desire to be confronted with a paranormal encounter.

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