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My House Has A Ghost


We've lived in our house now for 6 years. I didn't really think anything ghostly was happening in my room until a few months ago.

One morning my dad came into my room and switched on the light which woke me up. I got up and switched it off but it switched itself on again only this time it flickered, so I switched it on to switch it off and it stopped flickering but it was still on. So then I switched it off and it stopped. Well that's what I thought. I went downstairs into the bathroom and turned the shower on everything was fine for about 5 minutes and then the light switched on and did the same thing! Then after getting ready... I went to school and nothing happened since then until about a month ago.

I was with my girlfriend and my cupboard door was open (mainly because I couldn't be arsed to close it. My bottom drawer was overflowing with t-shirts so I couldn't close it... Without sorting that out.) I was looking into my girlfriend's eyes when I suddenly saw something move from the corner of my eye. I looked at it and my cupboard door closed all by itself! My girlfriend also witnessed this. I told my parents with her as a witness... My dad was having none of it and said there must be a logical explanation but then my mum was telling me about her ghost story from work, I will mention it in another post.

The latest event is probably a few weeks ago but I didn't witness it...

I was at work and my mum was home. She thought I was home too because she heard footsteps and things moving around in my room. She called up to me to ask me what I wanted to eat but obviously there wasn't any reply. She went up there and she still heard movement but coming from my computer chair until she opened my door and there was no one there.

When ever I talk about it... In my room I always got a cold chill... My hairs stand up... And I get a weird feeling and a bit sweaty, a bit like a fever but... Feels more ticklish.

The ghost hasn't tried to make contact with me I don't think. Can anyone give me things, which might signify the ghost trying to communicate?

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flamewithin (57 posts)
12 years ago (2009-04-26)
well it may allready be trying to show you now. Ask if someone is in the room with you the next time you have that fealing. Ask it to knock or something but don't use a oujio that is a major no no. Have you had anyone pass away reasently? It may be them.

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