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My Dresser Has Something Bad In It


So I got my dresser a year ago from my now ex sister in law, she and my brother are wiccans and I did not think anything of it, to each their own. It's a beautiful dresser made of a dark hardwood anyways back to my story.

My mom hates coming in the back of the trailer it gives her the "heebeegeebees" so I put up a blanket for a wall, thinking maybe that will help but she still got the bad feelings.

So every now and again something strange would happen my fathers pc would turn on or my lights flicker when everyone is asleep but the creepiest things been happening lately.

Yesterday I took a picture of the inside of my dresser it had 4 or 5 orbs inside it, took another pic right after nothing.

Today I wake up little early and I look at my dip tin tower it got knocked over (my cat likes to jump up on top and sleeps, no problem I put it back up couple minutes later). Something then took a tin out of its place and it fell. My brother, mother, and father were making some tv stand and my cat was asleep in my brother's room so I ignore it and this time a empty tin flew at me almost hit me in the head.

So I say f*** it I'm putting it back together and I find a unopened tin (I don't add full tins to my tower because I will forget about it).

So I go out for a bike ride come back, take another couple sets of pictures and saw another orb in my room and once again it was gone in the next picture. Later on I am in my room watching tv on my phone yes I know why not just use your television set I don't have an antenna in my room so and I felt a burning scratch appear on my face.

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Bibliothecarius (9 stories) (1091 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-18)
Greetings, Skylar.

I'm waiting to see your responses to CuriousDee, Cups, lady-glow, and Augusta. [I can't up-vote lady-glow *or* Augusta at the moment, so I'll πŸ˜‰at them instead.]

Please note that ordinary furniture dust in a chest of drawers is created by the wooden drawers being pulled against the wooden frame. This simple act of opening the drawer will stir the particles to float about for a short while, but they will settle down fairly quickly. Any apparent discrepancies in the number of "artifacts" in sequential images may be due to *either* orbs that have left or dust that has settled.

That said, would you mind posting your photos to an image-sharing website, then putting a link to them in a response to this narrative. This way, we'll provide better-informed discussion points about specific details in your images.

AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-14)
As a pagan myself, I have to second the cautions against aligning Wicca with evil and demons. People are quick to vilify what they don't understand - particularly if the alternative means admitting to their own ignorance - you may have unwittingly gathered your understanding of Wicca from such a source. Maybe do a few googles on the subject for yourself - just be sure to see that you have landed on an unbiased primary source.

Given that the object in question is a second hand dresser - that's something I have plenty of experience with as all of my furniture is at least second hand. It could be that the orbs you are seeing are dust motes - old furniture does tend to be dusty.

If here is something going on, as eliminating the orbs still leaves several of your experiences unaccounted for, perhaps the dresser has nothing to do with it. We have had many accounts here at YGS that have taken place in trailers... And there has been just as much speculation as to why that is. Maybe it is because they lack a grounding with the earth? If you do a quick search of the site, you'll see - I'll post a few here:





lady-glow (16 stories) (3144 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-11)
I have to agree with the previous posters, your narrative is lacking some information and is a bit confusing. 😐

Have you talked to your Wiccan brother about the activity in the dresser? Did the disturbances begin after your brother broke up with his girlfriend?

It's a good thing that they aren't together anymore... She's not only a Wiccan...she's wicked. 😨

Waiting for your reply.
Cups (7 stories) (159 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-11)
Thanks, Dee - I'm a bit confused also. Curious about the "tins"? I'm not familiar with these... Like empty cookie tins, or decor?

I also agree about being Wiccan... One of my good friends is Wiccan & it has a totally different reality than I think a lot of people perceive.

I also echo Dee's suggestion that the "orbs" are probably dust or particles in the air. I basically live in the desert with lots of dust floating around, so either my house is teeming with spirits or it's just crap in the air (I believe the latter to be true).

A strange way to end the story - a burning scratch?
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-11)
Greetings Skylar,

Welcome to YGS. After reading your account, it seems that there are quite a few details missing. Details that would help the reader understand your situation and provide better feedback. I have a few questions I'm hoping you can answer. 😊

First: "My mom hates coming in the back of the trailer it gives her the "heebeegeebees"..."

Did your mother experience anything in that area that would explain her uneasy feelings? Do you know any history in regards to the trailer and/or location?

"Yesterday I took a picture of the inside of my dresser it had 4 or 5 orbs inside it..."

Why were you taking pictures of the inside of your dresser? Did something happen just prior to your decision to take pictures?

"Something then took a tin out of its place and it fell."

This has me very confused. How do you know 'something' took a tin out? Did you witness it or hear it? Or did you just spot the empty space?

" cat was asleep in my brother's room so I ignore it..."

Ignore what? The missing tin?

Also, keep in mind, being or practicing Wiccan doesn't mean evil. That's a stereotype. 😊 It would be helpful if you shared the pictures containing orbs. Many orbs caught on camera are actually insects, dust or small debris floating through the air, light refraction, etc. Again, sharing the pictures would be helpful.

Hoping to hear back from you. All the best ❀


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