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I am CenterCore, and I encourage you to please explore my previous stories before continuing just to give yourself a better understanding of what I've experienced.

A little brief bit of history here, first of all; I just went through a rather tough time in my life and am only just now beginning to cope with it. I'll only say it's affected me greatly.

The other night I experienced something that has effectively given me a whole new look on the supernatural. It is highly connected to my prior experiences and is beginning to give me insight to the fact that I may in fact be visited by my own out-of-body spirit, which is tougher to explain than it is for me to understand. It hit me like a speeding train; this sudden feeling like I was being pushed. Not necessarily "pushed", but something was holding me in place and influencing my movement. I saw the all-too-familiar silhouettes of "Jerry" and "Miguel" in the background, and all the while I heard this pulsating wringing, which just kept increasing in volume. My breathing became shallow, I was sweating profusely, and my vision got all obscured. I don't know how else to describe it other than to say it felt like I was being possessed. Somehow, this dark spirit of mine seems to have been trying to take over my body. Which is understandable; I was in a volatile state, and became more susceptible to "Jerry's" interference. I could see "Jerry" and "Miguel" closing in on me, and I kept muttering, "Stop... Just stop..." but I couldn't speak above a low whisper. My every movement was restrained and tough to make. Even talking became a chore.

I don't remember much after that. I just sort of blacked out eventually and when I came to, the room was dark, and I was breathing very heavily, like trying to catch up as I couldn't breathe at all before.

Very unsettling experience and it's had me a little on edge. I've never quite had that happen before, not like that. Not to where I feel literally "threatened". But that's exactly how I felt that time.

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taylortarrant (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-05-09)
hey centercore its been three years now I wonder what's your progression and how things have gone or even if your ok have you got rid of this spirit, which I believe to be a demon. The reason I believe that is because originally you said you saw a demon or creature crawling to you when you were younger, are you 100 percent that Jerry isn't a demon manifesting into a man to trick you and you said you and Jerry are similiar maybe its slowly draining you I don't know what to think of the situation but my grandfather passed and he was schizophrenic and used to see things and leave money on the fence so "they" wouldn't get him and he'd see goblins I don't really believe all the science bull shiat they just want to label everything so I am scared for you hope your ok. God bless
angelfeathers (106 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-29)
CenterCore, you are correct about several things: (1) things will, indeed, worsen if you fail do act soon; (2) your curiosity and fascination are tethering "Jerry" to you and increasing its power; (3) you cannot rid yourself of it on your own -- you need assistance.

Here's something to consider: In Canto III of "Inferno," Dante writes about pitiable "wretches" who rush past him toward the entry way to Hell. They are eager for something that they cannot comprehend, yet certain that the thing that they're rushing toward will fulfill them, provide them with meaning and purpose. We (the readers) know that they are rushing toward their doom; but "the wretches" continue to try, undeterred.

My point is this: "Jerry" isn't going to provide you with the answers that you seek. It's going to continue to tease and torment you, dangling the promise of "knowledge" and certainty in front of you, always remaining just beyond your grasp.

I hope that "Jerry" isn't the ferryman who takes you to the gates of Hell, my friend. Please try to quell your fascination before it leads you toward doom.

CenterCore (guest)
14 years ago (2009-04-29)
Hi all, Core here... Guys, I can't express enough how grateful I am for all the helpful and informative responses. I suppose I cannot claim to be positively influenced by "Jerry", as I may have miscommunicated that message previously; but I will admit to having a morbid fascination with him and wanting to understand not only what he is, who he is, and why he exists; but also how I can rid myself of him, and trust me, I've been looking into such methods. I've been studying meditation and seeking online help, as well as trying to find any places locally where such spiritual guidance may be given. I, myself, am not religious; however, contradictory as it may be, I do believe in spirits. I believe in an afterlife, I believe in reincarnation to an extent, resurrection. I only believe what science tells me. But science has never explained to me what could possibly cause a spectral being seemingly identical to me in appearance to begin haunting me. I fear that things will only get worse if I don't take some form of action quickly; this past encounter has really left me humbled. I'm hoping things will begin to clear up soon, if I simply discontinue to feed Jerry the power he wants. I've definitely mentioned before that I make every possible attempt to make Jerry go away. I tell him, in words, to GET THE #$ [at] #& out. But nothing seems to work, and in fact, it seems to only increase his anger. Is it possible the key to his downfall is simply through ignoring him? If so, I'm all for it. It is difficult, especially when he literally becomes physical and even manipulates objects and moves them. I can't think of a way I HAVEN'T attempted to oust him from my life. To say I've pursued him, and have been entertained by him; mainly the entertainment factor, which is probably a rather poor choice of words, comes from the simple fact that it is something that can't be explained. How many of us are visited by ghosts? Not many; but those of us who are, albeit naively, may find a sort of curiosity and fascination with them, because they are abnormal; supernatural. The things we fail to understand are the things we pursue the most. This doesn't mean we necessarily have a liking for these happenings, we simply long to understand them. The answers do not make themselves apparent to us right off-hand, so we seek to find them ourselves. In this way, I suppose I may only be helping Jerry gain his power, which I am certainly doing. Every encounter seems worse than the last, and more foreboding. I shudder to think what may happen next, or when. Luckily, these things only happen to me the worst when I'm alone. Either way, my goal is to find out more about this "Jerry" if I can. I just don't know how else to do it; only he knows why he does what he does.
IkeArrumba (2 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-29)
Hello Centercore. I just joined this site and your stories are the first ones I found and read. I've read them all and just have a few comments/questions.

All of the weird things seem to be internal/personal to you, meaning that you see things, but others don't see the same things, even when they are with you at the time. This makes me wonder if what you are seeing is what is really occurring in reality. If you could take a photo or video of Jerry's shadow, doors opening closing, display on your phone, etc. You could use this objective evidence to at least prove to yourself that what you are seeing is really there. (This kind of evidence would do nothing to prove Jerry's existance to strangers though). If what you are seeing/hearing is really happening, then I'm stumped and can't help you.

If, on the other hand, what you are experiencing is NOT really occurring in reality, then it is something that your brain is creating. I know nothing of evil spirits, so I won't comment about what they can or cannot do. If your brain is creating these images/sounds/events, then I would suggest trying to determine why. Schizophrenia, a brain tumor, or epilepsy could cause a person to see/hear/feel things that are not really there, as could certain legal and illegal drugs.

Now, please don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying you are crazy or have a horrible disease. I don't know you and only know what you've written. I'm suggesting that there could be some medical (i.e. Non-paranormal) reason for what you are experiencing, and these should be ruled out before concluding that it is something even less likely, namely demons and evil spirits.

Your last story about the "black noise" is very concerning from a medical standpoint, and I would see a doctor right away to see if a cause for what you felt can be determined. It sounded like a rather intense event. (Please note, I am not a doctor. I write software for a living)

Take care my friend, and keep us posted on what you find out.
angelfeathers (106 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-29)
CenterCore, I took your advice and read all your stories. What intrigues (and concerns!) me most is that your entries illustrate your own progression --

From rejection/opposition of this thing-you-call-"Jerry" -- quoting here from your story, "Call 9" posted 1/15/07, "I'm tired of him, he annoys me (doesn't scare me anymore though), and I just wish he'd leave me alone" --

To acceptance/gratification of his presence -- quoting here from "He Is Me," posted 4/6/09, "'Jerry' has never been trying to gain anything from me; advice, help, anything. He messes with me. He, in his way, 'entertains' me."

Now notice that, three weeks after you admit that he "entertains" you, "Jerry" has ramped up his activity toward actual possession. (Quoting you here, "I don't know how else to describe it other than to say it felt like I was being possessed.") WHOA. Do you see a pattern here?

Between January 2007 and now, "Jerry" has done a really good job of confusing you. It has even convinced you that it IS you --not possible, by the way, unless you're truly suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder, in which case this forum isn't going to help you at all. Human beings are complex entities, integrating both good AND bad qualities, loving/giving AND egocentric/self-interested. (This is where free-will comes in. You get to CHOOSE how to comport yourself.) "Jerry" isn't the manifestation of YOUR "bad" nature or YOUR "bad" spirit. "Jerry" is a separate entity, who is trying to gain access to your life and your body. Watch and see: At some point, "Jerry" is going to try to convince you that you NEED "him."

The picture in my mind is this: You're progressing down a dark, dangerous road, and you're not inclined to turn around because you're curious and somewhat amused. But please understand -- you CANNOT control or bargain with "Jerry." It's older, wiser, more manipulative and more patient than you're inclined to believe. And it has shown you what it wants. In a way, it has warned you...

Provided that your entire collection of stories isn't purely fictional, I would say that you have a choice laid out before you, Kevin. Choose wisely, my friend.

preacher1 (37 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-29)
I' ve read all your stories and my 2 cents is this: This entity to me is not a ghost but a demon called a familiar. Now it doesn't seem to always take on your typical dark shadowy form like in other stories but I have heard of demons coming out in human appearance before. I think this because you mention several times of horrifying dead images or bloody walls and a quote taken from one of your stories "strange sounds (some of which were like growling), shadows, situational nightmares, silhouettes in my window, and the strangest was when I was trying to sleep; my eyes were closed, and suddenly there came what looked like this big, hollow, angry face glaring at me." These things usually happen at a young age and grow worse over time because it is just dismissed as an over active imagination yada yada (I can even give you the name of a book to read that describes a similar situation). Even though you say you don't want it around you do seem to show interest in it by chasing it talking to it and so on. This is exactly what it wants, it wants to stay apart of you and like you said in your last story even possess you (which you may already be partially possessed). Evils goal is to ultimately destroy you but it can do this over a very long period of time, it is not always like in the movies where objects fly around bed shakes and all that junk. I don't think that there is any particular formula on why some one is chosen over another and not to get to preachy but I believe because we all sin evil can then come into our lives. I don't know your view on religion and I won't force mine on you but one option is defiantly go see a priest one that specializes in deliverance or exorcisms. Signs of demonic haunting / possession are Take note if animals appear to be frightened, have an aversion to religious objects, Knocking, banging or pounding may be heard throughout the house or in just one room, Religious articles disappear or are destroyed. They may also be desecrated, there may be foul odors that have no verifiable source. They may come and go, Growling may be heard but the source cannot be located, There may be sightings of people or dark shadows that may or may not have form, Odd-looking creatures may be seen, People may hear voices when no one is present. I can go on and on but you get the jist of it. Bottom line the first step is you have to want to get help but unfortunately finding it my not be all that easy, evil will try and stop you but don't loose hope and what ever you do don't give up. Good Bless and good luck
raingrl01 (5 stories) (151 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-28)
Wow! After all the waiting I had to do for this story, it was worth it. So you are thinking that maybe the evil side of you was trying to take over? I guess that could make sense. You think that is who "Miguel" is? I will talk to you later about this! 😊
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
14 years ago (2009-04-28)
Hi Centercore, I read your previous story, and might I say it was a very well written account. Have you taken up anything holisticto relieve all stress.

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