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Since I can remember I have always had some weird experiences that I have not been able to explain. I have told people, friends and family in the past who, like me cannot explain some of what's happened.

When I was still at school, occasionally I felt uncomfortable in our house. This happened only occasionally and at different times of the day. This stems from nowhere and only at certain times I had this big fear of going into the bathroom even when there was a house full of people downstairs. I had this uneasy feeling that someone was watching me, and I used to sit on top of the stairs until the presence went. I was that afraid when I was very young that my mum would go mad because I couldn't physically move sometimes to get showered for school next day until I felt like nothing was there.

At that time I never saw anything specific but always felt it and occasionally heard funny noises. Even to this day I still get those uneasy feelings in the house in general. Sometimes I have been in the house all by myself for a week whilst parents are on their hols even at night and nothing, and then other times, on my own or other people in house I feel something there, someone with me. It's a strange feeling.

When I play the piano in our extension I can feel someone behind me although I don't see them. I once heard sounds coming from the piano, from the living room but when I went in there was nothing there. Another time I went in and there was this strong smell which I could only link to that of my grandparents but I have no reason to fear them. I was sat at this computer a few months back, it was daylight outside, I was alone in the house but I was calm at the time. This dark shadow of a man came and stood at the side of me. He was there minutes if that, never said anything just stood there and disappeared to nowhere but it did freak me out.

I was working at this chemist for five years and upstairs I always felt this presence. Every one who worked there felt uneasy going upstairs as it always felt like you weren't alone. You would go make a brew and it was like someone was stood behind you but again nothing there. One of the staff once saw this old man upstairs but thought nothing of it when he disappeared. One time the shop was empty there is a bell on the door, which was straight in front of the counter it went off when you came in and went out. Working that day was the pharmacist (our boss), me and another lady called Leslie. It was late afternoon and I was pricing things up. Something caught my eye, stood in the doorway between the shop where I was and the dispensary where Leslie was, was this elderly man, he had a suit on, looked very smart, had this hat on and his image was so vivid. (He looked a bit out of place the way he was so immaculately dressed). He looked a bit like our boss but he had darker features.

I never thought anything of it presuming it was a customer even though I never saw or heard him come through the front door. I put the price gun down and went to ask him if he wanted any help and he was nowhere to be seen. It was literally seconds after that I went to help him and he'd disappeared into thin air. The bell hadn't gone on the door so we assumed he was still somewhere in the building. It was a small shop so not many places to hide.

I spoke to Leslie asking if shed seen where the guy went. She had seen him as well. She couldn't think where he disappeared to as he hadn't left the shop or gone in the dispensary. We were really puzzled and described the bloke to our boss. We looked upstairs and everything, nowhere. We thought nothing of it until our boss brought a photograph of his dad in and it couldn't have been more alike to the guy we had seen. His dad had died years before. I never saw him again, but Leslie once saw the same man upstairs in the chemist months after.

At university, months into my course I was living in this flat with six other people. The flat was built on an old army barracks, and I believe a lot of bad things happened but I didn't know this until later. But when I lived there things kept going missing. At first I put it down to my flat mates messing about having a laugh but then things were happening to us all. Things like keys moving into the fire cupboard, posters moving and things. Our rooms were locked but things were disappearing and ending up in the corridor or storage cupboard. Once I had safety pins on my notice board and they were all moved into one corner of the board. My friend's things went missing and ended up in a storage cupboard one night but everyone was in the living room.

Me and my other friend were in my room one day when we heard this almighty bang in her room. No one else was in the flat so we rushed into her room and her photo frame looked like it had been thrown from one side of the room to another. Her lamp was also on the floor. It got that scary at one point a few of us were sleeping in the same room. One night I went to bed and remember locking my door. I fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the night with a man stood at the side of my bed dressed in uniform. I remember him saying that I wasn't to worry, everything was fine and to go back to sleep. I wasn't scared at the time until I woke up next day. Other people in the flat had similar experiences none of which could be explained not even to this day.

Most of my experiences occurred within my bedroom. One night, some might put this down as a dream but it felt very real at the time to me. I went to bed then woke up in the middle of the night. As I looked up at the ceiling there was this old lady floating there looking down at me. She looked a lot like my grandmother who had died years before but some of her features were different. She just floated there saying nothing. I have to admit I was terrified I closed my eyes so I couldn't see her. When I opened my eyes again she was still there looking down. I opened and closed my eyes again and she remained there. I put my cover over my head and when I looked again she was coming closer down to my face. The adrenaline was really flowing, and after a few times I couldn't look no more so remained under my covers for what seemed like hours and as I tried to scream but couldn't. She eventually disappeared but I never been so scared in my life. That happened a few years ago.

Two years ago my mum and dad had gone away on holiday leaving me and my sister. We were having a great time having house to ourselves then a couple nights before my parents came home I went to bed. I hadn't been in my room five minutes and I felt like someone was lifting me up off my bed. Not high but I felt like their hand was pushing me in the middle of my back upwards. I was so scared I ran out of my room into my parents where my sister was. She said the colour had completely drained from my face. I was so scared which really freaked her out. She went into my room to close the door as I had freaked her out but when she went in she said my curtains were wide open. They definitely weren't when I left. I saw nothing else that night but couldn't sleep in my room due to complete fear. I know I couldn't have imagined it as I hadn't even drifted off to sleep this time.

The third and final experience (to this date) I had in my room was of a young woman. I had gone to bed; all the lights had gone off. Not long after I saw a young woman walk from the wall across the room to the bottom of my bed. She was dressed in white, and for the first time I was completely calm. I wasn't afraid at all which I couldn't understand the next day. When she stopped at bottom of my bed she was waving at me as if to say goodbye. I don't know who she was but after she went through the wall at the other side of the room. She never said anything either and I was completely at ease with it. Since then I have not see anyone in my room to this date.

A couple of weeks after seeing the woman in my room my dad had an experience. He is a complete non-believer in anything like this, a complete cynic. But he was outside in the car and saw a young woman walk across his room upstairs looking out the window in his direction. He described her in a similar way to me and he rushed into the house but no one was in. He said he can't explain it at all although he's tried.

These kind of things do freak me out a lot but I can't help being curious about it all too. I am a firm believer that there is something else, especially having experienced some things myself but its scary sometimes and I wonder if I will see anything else. My mum and sister have never experienced any of the things I have but like me they get strange feelings in our household as well. I was going to find out the history of the house but would this serve any purpose and I don't think the house is that old.

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HighNoonFilms (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-05-14)
Hi krisi,

My name is Michael -- I'm a writer working on a prospective new TV series called "Don't Turn Out The Light" (site: This is a paranormal series, recreating real tales of peoples' encounters with the paranormal.

We're in the process of compiling stories for the series, with the aim of representing the most fascinating ghost stories around the world.

I was wondering if you'd be interested in allowing, at least in part, your accounts to be recreated?

At this early stage, this would involve initiating contact only. Depending on your preference, it would mean me contacting you to further discuss what the show is about and how it would relate to your contribution.

Please understand, the series will be in good taste, take the subject seriously, and will protect your personal details as you'd require.

Thanks again for your time - please email me at the contact details in my profile if you're interested - michael [at]

Thank you.
LumenFilia (1 stories) (14 posts)
11 years ago (2011-02-24)
That sounds just like some of my own childhood and current experiences. Wow.

I don't think she will bother you anymore.
misshmw (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-01-25)
that is scary I wish you luck with finding out your history of the house 😨
ghostligirl15994 (1 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-27)
WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW! I'm sorry, but when I read your story I saw some of the exact same experiences I had in my old house. I never felt threatened, however, I did have some creepy feelings and fears. I especially remember hating being alone very long because I wouldget a terrible sensation of being watched by a strange presence. Very cool, very creepy, very reassuring that I'm not seeing some of what you did. I don't know if I'm strong enough to handle a stronger, more menacing spirit.
Tonith (1136 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-27)
There maybe something to the tune of a spirit being good or not so good as to why we are either scared or not. The VIBE is everything. When there is no fear involved we just seem to go about our business like we know it's nothing that can harm. On the other hand if fear is sensed it's a whole different ballgame. That doesn't mean we can't be scared at first only to realize that whatever it is means no harm. To me, this is residual haunting and it doesn't take long to realize we are just observers. When there is interaction that's a different story. Sounds like whatever is there is not harmful.
krisi (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-27)
Hey thanks for the replies. I still get a little spooked sometimes when I get those strange feelings I'm not alone but I think its a friendly spirit.

CutishIvy -you might have a point about the lady waving. To this date I have not had any experiences other than sometimes feeling like I am not alone.

Ghostsarereal2 it was strange how my dads seen the lady too. Hes a complete cynic but even he couldn't explain it.
ghostsarereal2 (2 stories) (11 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-27)
Thats pretty creepy how she waved goodbye to you and then your dad starts seeing things. Weird. But anyway Good Luck!
CutishIvy (47 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-27)
since the young lady wave goodbye to you and you haven't seen any weird things up to date, I think its over and you'll have a healthy life ahead.
Or let me say, it's over for you, since your dad has seen this lady weeks after she waved goodbye to you.
Ghostluver (4 stories) (123 posts)
13 years ago (2009-05-26)
wow. Interesting stories. I hope you don't get freaked out the much anymore! Hope you and your family are well!

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