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I had lived in Japan for 6 years. It was when my family and I decided to move back to Australia and live in our sweet little home that we used to live in 6 years ago. Just so you know, while we were living in Japan we were renting the house to other's and our house was built in the 1800's.

It took us two weeks to get organised and start living there. (Mean while we stayed at my grandmas) but when we finally did, something didn't seem right. It was a very weird atmosphere, not a friendly one either.

It really started to happen about a week after we moved in. My parents and me were sitting in the kitchen having a cup of tea when the whole house started to rattle and shake. Not enough so things fell over but enough to notice that the whole kitchen was shaking. It wasn't an earthquake either. I live in a place were we get absolutely no earthquakes whatsoever. It only seemed like the rattling was coming from the kitchen and the living room though (our kitchen and living room are connected).

The room started rattling and shaking even more now, almost to the point it was violent. Suddenly the washing that was hanging inside (by pegs) next to the window started swaying. You could say it was because of the draft but it was swaying side to side repetitively. This all happened in about a blink of an eye, a terrifying cold blow of foggy, steamy shaped wind blasted through the living room, through the kitchen and out through the hallway and out through the other side of the house.

When the foggy cold wind hit us everything shook and finally cups and glasses around the kitchen and living room all fell down. The house was left with the nastiest chill. Even my dad who never has believed in ghosts said he knew it was one. Nothing has ever happened after that.

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jenniferford (2 stories) (56 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-20)
I feel that there has been a murder in that house you lived in. He is stuck there and that's his place and he wanted you out. He is wanting you to know he is there and he owns it and there's nothen you can do. Thats what came to me. When I was little I would stay at my brothers grandparents house when my mom would go out of town for work. Every night I would wake up to the house shaking. I woke up freaken out because it was like the house was going to fall out. Well after a few times of this happening and no one esle seen it I just got to were I would sleep threw it. I seen a man a lot that no one esle seen and I asked my grams about this man who stays in my room. She told me no one at first until I told her what he loked like. Come to find out he lived there and he was murderd.
lazria (9 stories) (82 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-20)
It could have been a lot of different things. As dazram said, it could have been a microburst. A minor tremor (not a full quake), a large train near-by, or an explosion. Or, it could have parnorml. Have you talked to any near-by neighbors, see if they experienced something of the sort? Talked to previous owners? The fact it only occured once makes me wonder if there isn't some natural/realistic reason behind it - I would think if it was paranormal, it should have repeated itself or other issues may have started.
dazram (16 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-18)
It could have been a microburst. A microburst is a rush of cold air that comes from the upper aptmostsphere, the wind can come down so fast that it can shake the whole house. It is a localised event. That means the house across the road may not be effected. Thay have been known to push jumbo jets out of the sky, thay are that strong. If your house is that old it wouldn't take much to shake the bejesus out of it.
jennywhea (7 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-18)
Maybe they were just stopping by.😕
I don't know. 😠
Once only my bed started shaking. 😨

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