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Shaking Bed


At the start of the year a very close member of my family was taken into hospital and passed away five days later. I was very close to this person, they had no children and he was like a father I never had.

Just lately I've been experiencing several strange things that I have no answer for.

I was lying in my bed several days ago to be woken up by the shaking of the bed, I looked around to see nothing, I lay back down and started nodding off to feel it again but still nothing.

As I was just nodding off I felt something touch my hand which woke me up!

As I looked at the semi open door I thought I could see something or someone watching me.

The same shaking happened once again the following night.

This morning as I got ready for work, I took the dog out and then he went back to his bed, I heard someone cough right behind me, I was the only one at home at the time.

This is not my first experience, As I child of about six years old I saw my father standing at the top of the stairs in the house I lived, I was three years old when he died.

I have had the smell of flowers (very strong) after someone passed. I was once told at the age of about fourteen years old I had a gift by a lady whom did readings but have never knew what to do to use the gift if I have it...

On another occasion I had a feeling that I could not explain! I had a calm peaceful feeling to find someone had just passed away. I don't know the answers and would be grateful for some positive input...

Regards dave

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Awake1111 (18 posts)
6 years ago (2018-09-04)
I have had the same exact thing happen to me a lot as a kid id wakeup to my bed shaking and it happens when knodding off alot. A spirit would also mock my fathers and my own voice. I would literally hear my dads voice say my name in the exact tone and it would do the same thing to my dad as my voice. My bed shaking just started again last week and I wokeup to an apparation literally standing through my legs and couch I wasn't scared though at all.
Zaruje (15 stories) (182 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-30)
This is quite interesting. Just like what the other posters said, it seems that you have a gift. Thanks for sharing!

Z ❤ ❤ ❤
Davidlaw (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-30)
I've had several different things in the past...
Just when the bed shook it freaked me out a little, I have had a very strong feeling telling me to turn around once, years ago I lay in bed and heard someone tell me to turn over, I'd only been in bed ten minutes, a few more things too...
CuriousDee (8 stories) (631 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-30)
Hi there Davidlaw,

I agree with Augusta and Twilight, you might be sensitive to spirit and/or energy. I've experienced the bed shaking phenomenon before. I chalked it up to a side effect of the half awake-half sleep state. I'm not sure if this could be the case in your situation too, but thought I'd mention it.

Hearing coughing without a physical source is a different thing altogether. It's definitely a 'What the heck was that?' moment. Have you experienced anything else besides the bed shaking and hearing a cough around the same timeframe? I know you mentioned smelling flowers and seeing your deceased father in the past, but I'm wondering if you've experienced anything else recently.

Also, do you think there's a connection with the recent activity and your passed loved one? I wasn't sure if you thought so.

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks for sharing 😊
Twilight1011 (9 stories) (321 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-30)
You might be sensitive like AugustaM said. As freaky as it may be to have something shake your bed, that you're unable to see, could be a loved one trying to get your attention. The feeling of peace you said you felt afterwards, could be your loved one letting you know that they're ok, and not to worry about them. I'm sorry for your loss of a very close loved one, as I lost my Mamaw last summer, whom I was very close to as well. Thank you for sharing your experience here.
AugustaM (7 stories) (996 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-30)
It seems to me as though you may be sensitive on some level - as though the connections you make with those you love are able to transcend the veil separating life from death. It sounds as though when they pass those loved ones are able to send you messages in their way to let you know they have crossed over. Perhaps keep a journal of your experiences including meaningful details of what has happened in your life for the days prior to the event and a few days after. Do the methods in which you have been contacted seem to allign in any way with the personalities of those who have passed?

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