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The Shaking Bathroom Door


Around one month ago (14th May 2016) I arrived in Philippines for working purposes, to be exact at Makati City.

There are two more people who came here with me, we are staying at a condominium in 20th floor. We are working in shift, whereas I work in night shift while the other two work in the morning shift.

Nothing happens there until my stay in the third week. I used to experience some ghost prank and sleep paralysis for hours in the past.

One afternoon in the third week, I wake up from my sleep. While half asleep, I splash some water to my face, the coldness of the water wakes me like magic. A few minutes after that I lock the bathroom door since I want to take a shower until "something" catch my attention.

The door shakes as if someone is trying their best to push the door from the outside. Thinking that my co-worker is playing pranks on me, I just open the door and ready to knock them. But there's nobody after I open it. Our room is not that large, in front the bathroom you can see the bed directly, walk further to the back and a small living room equipped with the front door can be found.

I am roaming the room and open up the wardrobe to see whether they are hiding, minutes after the search it's clear that nobody is in the room except me. Perhaps I'm still half asleep to see the door shake without any reason, I walk back and enter the bathroom once more. Just when I lock the door and turn back from it, the shaking begins, and this time it's so loud enough as if someone is banging the door.

My feet almost lost its power when see it with my own eyes. I am scared to the core, just imagine you are alone in this apartment room with some creepy event happen right in front of your eyes. My hand trembles, but I need to open the door. But still nobody can be seen.

I sit on the bed while trying to catch some air. Thinking of some logic explaining before counted this as a supernatural stuff, I closed the door from the outside. The window inside is locked tight and a light AC is turned on. Wonder how the door can shake in this condition, then with all my might I push it from the outside, but it won't even budge an inch.

My hand roaming through the door and my eyes open wide after I find the method how to make the door "shake" so hard. You need to grab the door handle, turn it down, then push the door and it shakes like before. I may dig my own grave after losing any logical explanation, and all that's left is, this is some "ghost" prank.

Realized that I need to take shower so bad, I walk back and locked the door once more. And like some child's prank, it shakes again, I open and no one can be seen, I locked and another shakes came again. Fed up with it, I just ignore it and take my shower. The shaking, keep happening for some minutes. And it stopped after I'm done washing.

Since that incident, it never happen again, but it HAPPEN again with another "prank" in less than 2 weeks after that shaking door event!

Can someone help me explain what is this "thing" actually? I still live there and always alone in the afternoon.

*Pardon my poor grammar.

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Ring (1 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2016-08-03)
I think it's fine because I had moved from that room (well even thought I only move 1 floor below). But yeah I only can hear the footsteps that comes to me and the shaking door, while I myself can't hear the whispers. Only my friend that has sixth sense can hear it.
Mazzmarach (2 stories) (78 posts)
7 years ago (2016-08-03)
Ahoy, there.

I really don't know what's with ghosts and bathrooms. At first, I thought this was residual, and that you were simply fulfilling one part of an equation for a memory to trigger; but the moment you mentioned front door and whispers on video, I'm inclined to think of something else.

I'm curious if we can perform Rook's cleansing ritual; I haven't come across sage in this country in my years of living in it... And that's got me worried now. 😨

Go with God,
Ring (1 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2016-08-03)
*the shaking door that I record is on the 20th floor, while the 19th floor is clear without anything strange happen
Ring (1 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2016-08-03)
Sorry for late update, I had moved from 20th floor to 19th floor because the disturbance keeps getting more and more annoying. The door shake again (the front door) I even record it on video, the dog from the other tenants keep barking, the door shaked and the worst part in that video is I can hear a foot step that walking to me. Some of my friends who had sixth sense tell me they even can hear a random whispers in the video. Anyone want to see it? And how can I send it to you?
BloodEman (2 stories) (59 posts)
7 years ago (2016-07-05)
Nice story Ring...

Hey tweed, could there be any relationship between this strange occurence and the weather? I mean the temperature?

I don't know whether this is a paranormal experience or not as I don't have much knowledge about supernatural. 😉

Try the cleansing method tweed mentioned below... It could help you, Ring 😊

Bloodyman (please don't spell it as 'bloodeman'...)
Tweed (33 stories) (2463 posts)
7 years ago (2016-07-05)
Ring, as far as the maintenance guy goes that could've been a prank call from another resident. Or maybe one of your friends playing a joke.
Do they plumbers on standby or something? Sending someone five minutes after the call is unheard of.😕

The front door shaking. Mmmkay... Umm and what have you to lose by trying a cleanse?
jennie (1 stories) (9 posts)
7 years ago (2016-07-05)
I'd move 😨. I think your right to ignore it as much as you can, these things seem to feed off fear
Ring (1 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2016-07-04)
Updated, yesterday another strange things happen.

Around 5 PM I wake up because of a noise that comes out as if someone is jumping on the bed above me. Bothered by it I hear a loud thunderstorm from the outside and it's raining heavily.

But the things that catch my attention is another similar voice, a voice of a door banging. The door that shake so hard this time is the front door instead of the bathroom door (the bathroom door was wide opened). I think there's an earthquake that make the door banging so hard, walking towards the door I look through the peep hole and nobody was in front while the door still shake so hard as if someone is trying to make their way in.

This time I even text my friend asking him is there any earthquake going on. I stare at the door while it still shaking like craze (I begin to get used to this stuff). I stare at it for less than 5 minutes, and since the door still not showing any sign of stopping this crazy things, I leave it and back to sleep.

Did the big thunderstorm had something to do with this poltergeist?
Ring (1 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2016-07-03)
ashar123, It's fine haha. Well I don't think it might be a residual because it really looks like a prank and only happen that day. You're welcome:)

Jennie, the condo built for 10 years and I don't ask about the history, even If I ask the receptionist they will just cover the bad part. The tenants in 20th floor only us at that time.

Tweed, thanks for your advice but I intend to ignore it because I think if the cleansing not going well, I afraid the spirit will turn wild and worse things will happen.

And regarding the shower it had relation with the second prank I had. At that time the 20th floor tenant still only us, and when I just done bathing someone press the room's bell. He is a maintenance to assist the broken shower and asked by the tenants in 20th HS (my room) to come.

With confuse look I said nobody called for maintenance and with upset look he left. Few minutes later the landline in the room rang and its from the receptionist.
R: Hello sir, why you reject the maintenance assist?
Me: Um... Sorry but I don't call for help miss.
R: But we just had a call from you.
Me: *trying to calm down. Whose voice is it miss? Male or female?
R: Male sir.
Me: What did he say?
R: Please help me, the shower in room 20 HS is broken.
Me: When did he call?
R: Around 5 minutes ago when the maintenance come to you.
Me: Okay thanks.

That sums it up, but after that I only heard a faint noise but I try to ignore it.

UlvenNixie, Yes, because I don't want to take things as part of supernatural before confirming it with logic. But few days ago I just found out another method to shake the door, when I am in the bathroom, I push and it shake! Thanks for your concern:)
ulvenNixie (13 stories) (39 posts)
7 years ago (2016-07-01)
I would be really scared if that happened to me. I'm glad you checked around. At least the ghost didn't open the door? Maybe try that cleansing method Tweed offered and tell us how it goes?
Best of luck to you!
Tweed (33 stories) (2463 posts)
7 years ago (2016-07-01)
Hi Ring,

Sorry this happened, I would be scared alone too. Was the second prank after two weeks the same door shaking, or did something else happen?

There's this cleansing method a lot of us here use, it's on a member Rook's profile here:
That'll calm things down. Sounds like you have a prankster. 😕 Could there be any reason not to use the shower? Like a fault or something? I ask because I'm wondering if there's a good reason someone didn't want you to shower.
jennie (1 stories) (9 posts)
7 years ago (2016-07-01)
That must be so scary for you. Do you know anything about the history of the building? Are there any teenagers around? The reason I ask about teenagers is, it sounds like it could be a poltergeist and I've read they are attracted to teenagers
ashar123 (6 stories) (168 posts)
7 years ago (2016-07-01)
Pardon Granted 😆

Sorry for the joke, maybe its an ordinary residual that didn't like your presence.

Thanks for sharing 😊

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