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Malicious Ghost Amongst Others


This is my first post on this website so I'll try to keep it related to a specific location. Well first off I've grown up with a family very open to receiving different kinds of experiences. As long as I can remember I've had relatives and family members relate experiences to each other. I have always been very sensitive of happenings around me (my mom used to call me her little witch baby). So this isn't anything new really, it's just become increasingly intense.

I'll start off with some background on the house and my family. I'm 21 years old, I have moved around all my life, but lived in my current townhouse the longest. I still live with my mother and sister so I can afford school and dance. My sister's room is next to mine and she is 6 years older then me (she is a student as well). Well we've always had similar experiences in this house and it has always gotten to her more then it has me.

In our townhouse the upstairs has three bedrooms and a bathroom. My mother's bedroom is above the stairs, and my sister and I are at the opposite end of the hall beside each other. The top of the stairs by my mother's door has always been very active. My sister's door looks straight onto it has she keeps it open at night. I used to have dreams of the hall light switching on, and my mom would be calling for me to come switch it back off. In my dream I would dread stepping outside of my room and when I would the light would switch off and I would be met with an overwhelming feeling of maliciousness. I would then wake up from my dream and be met with the same feeling left over so I would sit up in my bed and switch my light on. I would always hear a popping of the floor- boards on the stairs after this happened or a shuffling in the halls. We always encounter stereos being turned on, turned up full blast, even brand new ones, I've had guitar amps turned up full blast while I've been playing, and the TV turns on and off sometimes. We've had the flying orbs and even something black thing fly over my head and land behind me. I heard it land and nothing was there.

My mom thinks that there are "entities" for lack of a better word that pass through the house. But we also believe we have a few that stay stationary.

First the passing through entities, they have ranged from straight up startling, to calming and peaceful. One of my earlier memories in the house happened at night when my sister was in high school and I was about 10 or 11. We were sitting in the living room watching TV when I got a whiff of lilacs or some short or pungent flower. Really it was lovely but it was odd because a breeze accompanied it. It was winter and all the windows were closed, and the furnace didn't tend to smell so lovely. I asked if she smelt it and she said no. She was sitting on the other side of our large living room so I just shrugged it off as it had moved on and I no longer smelt it or felt a breeze. She suddenly got startled and said she smelt it. I walked over to her and there it was drifting past her. We laughed about a nice smelling ghost and continued watching TV. Almost immediately a pungent rotten smell went drifting past me. I didn't say anything at first but then my sister smelt it as well. It passed just like the other one and a couple minutes later a light went flying out of the room.

Here are some more startling passer byers. In high school I was on the computer in my living room with I got a feeling of confusion and panic. I looked over to my side and there sitting on the floor beside me was a teenage boy. He was looking up at me. I just felt sad. I didn't really want to chill with a creepy ghost boy so I looked straight ahead and asked him to please leave and I ran up stairs to go tell my mom about it. He never appeared again. There have also been incidents of seeing big dogs in the basement, of having people whisper in my ear, or seeing randoms run upstairs, and so on so forth. My mom had an ongoing thing with these "dogs" in the basement and eventually her and my aunt did something down there that I was too young to really care a bout. But they never came back

The stationary entities range from calming to malicious. First the calming one, he usually visits me in my room as I settle into bed. Sometimes I know he's near me because my face feels cool, like a cold that goes through my skin and deep down. But it will just be on specific parts like by cheeks or lips. I've felt it on my hands as well if I am reading. I don't mind him at all and I have a few glimpses of him late at night or early in the morning. He is a handsome tall native man with long black hair and looks mid 20's. I've never minded having him around.

There is also an old lady in the house, she may also be the third entity, and I'm not sure. She isn't welcoming but I've had her whisper in my ear on more than a few occasions, which scares the crap out of me. I've noticed her from the corner of my eye when I am dancing in the basement, and when I was in high school and played guitar I once had her whisper "that's nice". Her whisper is loud, and you can feel someone standing by you too.

The last entity that may be the same as the old lady is angry and malicious. Sometimes I feel like it's her, but other times it feels like a man, and usually it feels like neither. I think it hangs out on the top of the stairs at night usually. The hallway is never quiet and sometimes if I look out my door into the hallway, things are moving around. I have to keep my door open for my old cat to get in and out so I am always aware of the hallway.

There are two events that are the most startling which happened to me in my room. When my old kitty doesn't want to cuddle with me at night I know that it means sleeping is going to be a long creepy event. First solid encounter I have had with this particular thing was a couple years ago. I was having a week where my cat wouldn't sleep in my room and would run out when I tried to put her in it. My sleeps where horrible and I just kept having nightmares with this horrible feeling. I can describe it as malicious and mischievous.

One night I woke up and heard something shuffling through my room. This was a normal occurrence that week. I didn't want to move and see what it was which is odd for me. Finally I sat up and saw movement that I thought was my kitty. It wasn't though it moved into a wall and disappeared. I lay back down and then heard it again. I didn't see it but I started to get up to go sleep in my mom's room. As I got up I heard some breathing and I walked into my stool that was right beside my bed... It hit my leg and then I got overwhelmed and almost started crying. I woke my mom up and said it was unbearable in my room so she said I could sleep wherever. I took a breather and decided to just tough it out and go back, so I walked back turned my light on and felt a rush of that same feeling again. It was then I realized that my stool had never been beside my bed. Whatever I bumped into was also to solid to have been my little Ikea stool. I don't want to know what I bumped into.

The second event happened about six months ago. I was half living with my now ex boyfriend and was never home. One night after about 6 nights of staying with him, I decided to go home to see everyone and my kitty, I realized how weird my room felt. I felt bad for neglecting it and I tried to tidy it up and get my kitty to hang out with me. She refused to even sit on my bed and was getting agitated. I just thought she was angry so I went to bed. I had a dream that I was sitting at the edge of my bed playing my bass and it was night. The whole dream was from the point of view of something watching me right behind me by my bed and doorway. That horrible feeling was back and whatever was watching me was going to turn my lights off and wanted to turn my amp way up. I woke up and thought it was so creepy that I was dreaming about watching my self, and that horrible feeling wouldn't leave. I was so tired and I tried to ignore it and tried to fall back asleep. But then I felt like something was walking on the foot of my. I assumed it was my kitty and even started to sit up to pet her. She wasn't there, and I actually sat for three minutes watching my blankets be pressed into the bed. Once it started to go closer to my thighs I said that was enough and went to my moms room. After that for about a week I refused to go home.

My boyfriend and mom coaxed me into it and I spent the first day cleaning and rearranging everything in my room like I usually do when activity gets to intense. Disorder in rooms and house's tends to cause more activity. After that my kitty would go into my room and it felt fine.

Now the present, I stopped living with my boyfriend a few months after and would just go there on weekends. The activity got intense again. But it was mostly just the welcoming entity. Then it stopped for a few days and came back full force. I'm talking nightmares, what sounds like something hitting my dresser, stereo, computer. Walking around in the hallway. My door slamming shut on me. It was bad and I was thankful to go to my boyfriend's house for the weekend.

At his house I dreamt that I was in a washroom and there was something lying in the tub. I froze in fear and called my mom who came running in and told me to get out. She pushed me aside just as a girl came running out of the washroom at me and into a wall. I woke up feeling frozen and tried to shake it off and cuddle closer to the big comfy body next to me. But I felt something on my legs and I sat up to see something black moving around the bottom of the bed. I thought it was my kitty when I remembered I wasn't even at my house... I wanted to start crying but I just kicked my feet and made my soothing safe muscle ridden (ex) boyfriend wake up and cuddle me.

The activity never let up at my house. And its only become more focused on me. It's five months after that incident and it's been steady. Alternating between friendly to downright scary. My ex and I broke up so I am now always at my house either then the casual encounter where I stay over somewhere else. Doors in the house slam on me. The other night I was in the bathroom and the door actually opened a bit, I thought it was the wind but then I realized there was no gust. As I was about to leave the washroom the door slammed. This happens so frequently now. I was sitting at my computer (by my closet) a few days ago and a bag at the very back flew down and hit me in the face. It was so weird and unexplainable.

The knocking is starting to get to me. Something keeps knocking on my door and I open it to see no one around. This happened to my mom once while she was in the washroom and it's so weird. It's polite and persistent. But at night there's always banging in my room. A few days ago I woke up in the morning from a weird dream to slight sleep paralysis and there was a man lying on top of me. I closed my eyes and then I was fully awake and able to move and wanted to cry, but he was still there and he flew back out of my room. It was honestly bizarre. I want to write that one off as left over dreaming but I was awake and the paralysis wore off.

So that's me. Lately I'm getting overwhelmed. I had insomnia for a couple weeks ending a week and a half ago and in that time I just became accustomed to the night. Recently my ex and I have been talking and feelings have stirred again. I have been dating other people since we broke up but I just found out he was seeing someone for the past couple weeks. My sleep is now taken over with sad dreams about him and I almost miss my spooks taking over it. After seeing a tall dark shadow leave my room the other night while I was crying from a dream I took the cross from above my bed that my mom gave me and have been falling asleep with it around my neck and in my hands (I'm not a very religious person). I fall asleep so peacefully when I do that and my dreams are so vague now. But a week ago while I was waking up from a dream I started to tell someone (in my dream) that my sister's friend who just killed herself (a few months ago) is going to be visiting us. I started describing what she will look like (fuzzy and shorter we can't see her face right away).

I still feel like I'm being targeted. My mom and sister notice it too. I think because I am so emotional right now it attracts things to me. I just don't want to find out the knocking and door slamming is that creepy malicious feeling thing.

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DARKNESS (3 stories) (2022 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-10)
This is one of my favourite stories so much detail and depth about the whole situation. It would be great to hear back from the original poster to see how everything is progressing I hope all is well.

Thank you for sharing.

scrapmetalkitten (306 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-02)

Yeah I'm the first to comment on your story! I've dealt with paranormal stuff my entire life. One thing that really helps me is before I go to sleep I mentally surround myself with white protective light. I tell myself that this light represents a barrier that will repel anything negative away from me and will always protect me from harm. This works really well for me. You can also ask God or angels (or anything of your choosing) to help take away any entities that are bothering you. You shouldn't have to live in fear in your own house and bedroom! Your home should be your sanctuary. I'm not particularly religious but I'm very spiritual. I believe in God but I believe God comes in many many forms and is mostly there to guide, love, and protect us. I recently have been working on getting a closer relationship to angels and fairies (which are nature angels) through prayer and meditation and have noticed I experience spirits less frequently and have been sleeping very peacefully. You need something that makes you feel peaceful, calm, and protected and you should be bothered less and less by scary entities.

-Sydney ❤ 😊 ❤

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