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The Intro To Living In My House


I'm a 15 year old girl that I suppose is pretty odd. My sister was the one who introduced me to the paranormal. At first I was frightened of the things that could be lurking in my home. But then I was fascinated with the unknown. When ever a show that has to do with the dead was on I usually watched it. I am pretty paranoid after I watch the shows though, I'm more...aware? Yeah, I'm more aware of everything.

From what I feel (if my senses don't fail me) there are three main presenses that are in my house. One is my dead cat. She died when I was 9 and I wanted her buried were she would be close to me, under my window. Every now and then I see a glimpse of a black thing running through the house. At night small pressure next to my head and then the feeling of something pressing on my cheek let's me know that she's there. I cared for her before she died, she was my "besty". I won her over and she stuck to me like glue. She died of cancer.

Recently our dog Chantel died, she was 16 and a pure-bread Samoyed. She was old and gentle. We think that she was going mental because when you called her name she'd look at you blankly and then look around like she didn't know where she was. Chantel wheezed and had a hard time getting up off the floor. Now that she's gone, I've only heard it once, but in the middle of the night I hear the similar wheeze that she made. It could have been only in my mind. Who knows?

The last one, I don't know who or what it is. When my sister was going out with her ex-boyfriend, he was somewhat strange and liked to study Wiccan religion. He got my sister into studying it more I believe. There is a pond near our house and it is said that there are apparitions that appear there. Well, my sister and her ex took upon themselves to... Destroy one. Well let's just say that it didn't go very well and I think that it attached it self to my sister. My sister went to collage, it grew stronger I think. I that's when I first felt it.

It was about 1 in the morning; I randomly woke up needing water. I walked into the hallway and quickly went into the bathroom. I started to get the jitters. I got my drink. I opened the door and a feeling a fear crossed me, the hall was pitch black, it was darker then before. I took a breath and bolted into my room and hid under my covers and slowly feel asleep. My sister came back when school was in Christmas break, when we started to talk about it.

It was at night it was kind of restless for the both of us. I suddenly had the urge to say, "I don't like the hallway," She turned to me with a shock look on her face and then asked if I felt it to. I nodded she told me the reason why she always had the light on before she goes to bed. Every day I run through the hall to get to my room, the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen and my brother's room.

I also have a different idea. I believe my sister has created her own poltergeist. She has been very very very stressed out lately with all the school loans and bills. I'm not positive if it true because it doesn't do anything. I don't know

I just need to tell people this story. Oh and please don't mind my grammar and spelling, it's not the best.

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