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Black Figure And Being Shook In Bed


My husband and I purchased our home in February of this year. We live here with our two young children. It is a fixer-upper so for the first two months it was kind of hectic around the house. About a few weeks after moving in my oldest daughter told me that she woke up one night and saw a man in our living room that was dressed in black (she can see the living room from her bed). She said she was so scared that she pulled the covers over her head. I assured her that she must have been dreaming or it might be construction material in the living room. I thought nothing of the situation and left it at that.

A few nights ago as I was getting ready for bed I saw a black figure going around the corner of our L-shaped hallway. I called out to my husband and he was watching TV in the living room. I was freaked out but I was trying not to scare myself. That same night I woke up to see my daughters light on in her bedroom. I got up to check on her, she said she heard foot steps while she was using the bathroom. I tried to comfort her so she would go back to sleep.

My husband just came home from work and told me he didn't sleep maybe an hour last night. He said something was shaking him while he was asleep. He said it happened three times. He said he didn't wake me because he didn't want to scare me.

Seeing a black figure is one thing but being shook in bed while asleep is something altogether different. I'm wondering if we should feel threatened by these experiences.

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Pjod (3 stories) (978 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-07)
Your mom and dad would tan your hide if they found out the stuff you were posting on their computer. You know kiddo, it's not hard to trace someones IP address. I would be more careful if I were you...
scrapmetalkitten (306 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-07)
I only had my bed shake like that one time. I did not get any sleep either, because every time I would try to go back to sleep the crazy shaking would start. I saw shadow peeps too before the bed shaking and waking up to different people either standing next to my bed or at the foot of my bed staring at me and then just disappearing. I used to have to drive by a cemetery everytime I went to work and I think some spirits tagged along because some of them would be in funeral attire! I live in a different house now and nothing exciting happens like it did at my old house.

As for your spirit (s) If you tell it to get lost and say it forcefully it will probably take a hike, just tell it you don't want it there and it is your house and it does not have permission to stay there and bother you anymore.
binders (guest)
15 years ago (2009-07-26)
😨 I feel for you. We had purchased a house in Palmerston ontario. A couple weeks later started to see black figures moving outside the house and looking in windows at us. My wife and I both see them. We never told anyone then one night my daughters friend was over and said she saw a black figure looking in the window at her. She saw it out of the corner of her eyes. I was joking around one night and opened up the door and said for christ sakes stop lurking around outside if you want to come in your welcome to. With that my dog freaked out barking at nothing going up the stairs. I quickly ran over to the stairs ran up and when I got to the top I saw a shadowy figure going into a bedroom. I told no one of this then a few days later my daughter asked what time I come home from work I said normal time 9am. She said what I saw you sitting on your bed at 3:30 when I got up to go pee. I said you were just dreaming sweetie. My bathroom door has a hook and eye for a lock but you must push hard to get it shut then hold pressure while you put the hook through the eye. I came home from work the bathroom door was locked from the inside with my dog in there crying. So I asked who is in the bathroom with beau. No one answered I asked again because this door can not by accident be locked so I asked again and no answer. I was afraid my wife or kids were in there and something happened to them so I got the ladder out of my shop and quickly climbed to the second floor window to go in through the window. Well I looked in and my dog was in there alone barking at the bath tub but no one was there. I went through the window and removed the hook and eye so this can't happen again. A few more weeks have passed then I came home and my shiatzu beau was in the dryer. The dryer was not running but the door was closed with him in it. I asked my kids who put beau in the dryer they looked at me like I was crazy. Our family cross was upside down one night. I hear foot steps outside my bedroom with no one there. My lights go on and off by themselves. With no warnings. A tv was on in my bedroom only to get to my bedroom to shut it off and when I opened the door to the bedroom it was off and it wasn't even plugged in. Strange things continued to happen in that house we sold it and moved far away. Nothing happens in our new place thank goodness. The house has changed hands 9 times in a few years. I often wonder if its possible they sell because of the strange happenings.
hgiog (12 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-25)
I ran into this site and just wanted to help others with theses demonic problems. I have had many differnt spiritual experiences good and bad. Let me start by saying, there are many differnt spirits though I am limited in my knowledge of them I can give you a vague pictureof what's out there. God loves the world/his creation very much. In the beginning he made many differnt spirits as well as man to watch over it. There are spirits that watch over the winds, the waters if the sea, fertility, seasons and so on, as well as angels that are sent to help us. When Satan rebelled so did a third of theses spirits and so the world through this and Adams sin is under a curse.

Thus is where the need for Jesus comes in. Before you begin to sigh... Let me state that I have seen dark spirits, I have had them influence my thoughts, shake my bed, and various other things. Theses experiences did not stop until I began to take Gid seriously. I began to go to church and do what I believed Gid wanted me to do. It is not enough to believe that Jesus is Lord and saviour, you must obey him, that is that he actually becomes lord over you. When I dId this is was like night turning to day, spiritual battles with demons began but god was always there to help me. Now Angels dwell with me more so than demons and life is actually enjoyable. Beware of false religion though! God first. Mans rules and traditions last. At some point in this process pray over your house and send the demon out, be carefull in doing so, they will fight back and unless you are truelly protected (baptized by holy spirit) by holey spirit it may be able to harm you.
JonnySnip3r (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-24)
That is really weird because my friend was fast asleep in my house couple of weeks ago, and he said when he woke up in the early hours he seen this tall black figure dancing around the front room. He said that he couldn't see any facial features. He said it was like moving backwards from him and shimming left to right and he isn't the type of person to lie. Maybe 2 weeks later my other friend (who knew nothing about this) said he seen a black figure walk into out house from his room. Sometimes when I'm asleep I wake up to me gently rocking like something is rocking my bed. When I told my mum about this my little sister over heard and she came into tell me she also has this? Strange:|

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