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Sleep Paralysis Or A Ghost?


I'm an Agnostic atheist (former atheist) but I had an intimate relationship with God after being an atheist for a few years but now due to lack of physical evidences, I became an Agnostic atheist but still yearning for the love that I've experienced when I was a Christian yet couldn't find God.

I've been going through a few sleep paralysis episodes for a couple of years, I'm 22 now, one thing I've noticed is, most of the times, the later episode will be terrible then the former one. Initially I had a few mild episodes wherein, finding myself awake but couldn't move even an inch and later on things like voices, or God talking to me but I could feel that he's not an actually God, etc have started.

Lately, I've been feeling a presence of a young lady, on the backside when I sleep on one side; I often feel a strong hugging sensation as if she's hugging me very tightly. In my last encounter, it was around 3:00PM (I work nights so I sleep during the day), my mom hadn't cooked anything, when I woke up she said that would bring some stuff to eat from my sister's place who lives not to far from our house.

I was taking a nap meanwhile and I had a quick dream in which my niece was demon possessed and was acting freaky, I was so scared and was asking God to reveal himself if he's really there and then. I woke up suddenly and noticed that it had been 15 minutes or so and was mad that my mom had not turned up yet knowing that I was hungry. So, I thought of calling her. I tried to take my phone, which was lying beside me but noticed that I couldn't move. I tried to move my hands over my face and felt like I moved them but couldn't see them with my eyes, this creeped me out. I tried very hard to move and finally got up and was trying to get out of the bed but the lady was trying to pull me back with a very strong force. Weirdly I noticed that my scarf which I regular wear while travelling to protect my hair had been attached to my dress but in reality it was on my shelf at that time (was it merely a dream?), but this is most scariest episode ever as I could feel a very tremendous pressure on my body and a force pulling me back and that was SO REAL and every time I either get by force or I'll try to go to sleep but this time I couldn't do either of them.

My forces are not working and it was so uncomfortable that I couldn't even think of going to sleep.

So there seemed to be no way out, and then I remembered God and asked Him to rescue me from this. "I'll believe that you do exist" and I was astonished to notice that the presence, paralysis and everything disappeared within at matter of minutes and every time whenever I come out of SP, I'd still feel a kind of pain or something on my physical body but this time I felt so good that I was 100% that it won't come again but after a few day it did come again but I shouted saying "this is the temple of the Holy Ghost and You've no right on it" and it went away within minutes. That was so wonderful but sadly I was a believer for a few days and after that lost my faith thinking that it was all my imagination and there's no such thing as ghost. Yet I still miss my first love that's God.

Was it a SP or OBE or just a dream or did God really save me from a devil?

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cuute09 (2 posts)
14 years ago (2009-09-17)
It's a ghost, there's no such thing as sleep paralysis. It happens to me before a lot of times. The first time was when I woke up to someone holding onto my foot really hard. I was in a middle of a dream about me having to go use the bathroom before taking off to go to the store with my parents when something pull me by my foot. I woke up right away and still couldn't move my foot, I struggle really hard (I was completely up at the time) and then that thing slowly let go of my foot. There's more, but maybe I'll post it up later on...
deliriumdreamsicle (18 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-18)
Sleep Paralysis (references say) can cause hallucinations too. Almost everyone who has experienced it reports pressure and things like that. I should know, I go through it a lot! Well, we can take it as paranormal, or even scientific (they said our brains produce hormones that paralyzes our muscles when we sleep so we can rest and not act out dreams, but sometimes our brains wake up ahead before these hormones lose the effect on our muscles) -- Well, anyway, either paranormal or scientific. We can even consider BOTH, not one or the other! Who knows, that's how the paranormal manifests -- by affecting the molecules and energy flows and the whole nine yards!
mOniica (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-28)
Oh my goodness gracious me!
Belive it or not
Thats happened to me.
Except she wasent pulling me or ne thing,
So I was just lying in bed like yuu where... I had a dream... A bit like yyuurs... But mines some dead chick I saw. So anyway! I woke up. I share a room with my sister, so I usually wake up round the same time as her, she left her bed, but I still heard someone in it, I looked up to see someone lying down rocking side to side, I heard myself say ' Hey, my sister does that', and then it stopped and it looked RIGHT AT ME like full on eye contact and said ' yes' in the freakist demonic voice...
So afterwards, I closed my eyes... And this rush of coldness just went thruu my body. I looked up... And it wass gone. I think that maybe yuu have seen something. Cause you can tell a dream, from what's fake.
I think that the girl yuu felt holding yuu. Was... The girl in yuur dream maybe? Or someone related to that. Cause for me... They go from either real life to dream... Or the other way.
Katie878 (2 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-28)
Hey KristyJesus I have had the same experience as you but my presence was (I felt) an evil spirit! But ever since I said god I believe in you! The spirit hasn't come back!

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