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Shadow Of A Ghost


I was living in Roseville, Michigan (Metro Detroit Area) at the time of my encounter. I must've been 10 or 11 years old at the time. And I had always felt somewhat uneasy in my house at night, especially in the dark by myself. On Various occasions I would get the feeling that something was watching me. But until I had my encounter with the shadow ghost I had always figured that it was in my head possibly triggered by my own fears.

However every now and then strange things would happen. And there would be times when I would become so afraid that I would run screaming through the night hoping to find someone. If there was no one home I would sit and wait outside until someone got there. Somehow being around other people has always made me feel safe from ghosts.

On one occasion my closet door opened all by itself no-one was in my room and it was well after midnight. Furthermore I had shut the door myself (to the point where the latch had caught the door and it clicked). The only way to open the door was to turn the handle. Still the human mind can always come up with some excuse (no matter how improbable), and I'd write it off, and I'd eventually forget about it (at least enough to go to sleep).

So now that you have a slight view into my past experiences here comes the scary part. I'd have to say it was around mid summer 99' or 2000. I had my room set up so that from the head of my bed I could see into the hallway between my grandfather and little sisters rooms. Sometime during the night I awoke. Something felt different. Maybe I was tired. I looked at my clock, however due to the following events I have no memory of what time this took place.

I glanced into the hallway and I could see the white plaster wall and the doors to my grandfather and sisters room (both shut). What interested me was the small shadow. As I studied it I made out what appeared to be (by size) a small child maybe 5 or 6, male. At first I was confused not knowing what this could possibly be. As I stared I also noticed what might have been small bumps or possibly horns on its head. However it was nothing more than a shadowy outline.

I began to feel chills rush up my spine and my whole body became tingly (I'm getting the feeling right now as I relive it in my head). Then it moves! My heart is racing. I can not believe what I'm seeing but it's not a dream. Then I hear it. HELLOOO! HELLOOO! HELLOOO! HELLOOO! HELLOOO! HELLOOO! Booming through my head, louder then anything I have ever heard. The voice of a young boy with a heavy British accent. HELLOOO! HELLOOO!

The next thing I can remember is my grandfather had come out into the hallway and asked me if everything was ok (I had been screaming). I said didn't you hear that? "All I heard was you, what happened?" he replied. I answered "Ii think I was just attacked by a ghost." It's hard to recall any of the conversation after that, but I slept with my door shut from then on. I would have to say that was the most paranormal experience I've ever had.

I had one other experience that comes close. At the time of this experience I was 12 close to being 13. I was in my basement (same house) lying down on my futon mattress. It was around 11p.m. I was watching something on the TV. When I heard someone coming down the stairs. I glanced over to see my younger sister come running around the corner and stop in the hallway. The only problem was that she appeared to be much younger then she actually was (5 opposed to her actual age of 10). She saw me and it was like I surprised the hell out of her. I mean she had a look of pure shock on her face. Then she disappeared, instantly just gone.

So I run upstairs and find her asleep in her room. I woke her up and asked her if she had been having a dream (maybe she was dreaming it and it was really happening), but she said no (not all dreams are remembered). Anyways I made her come downstairs to see if it could happen again but everything was normal from that point on.

Anyways those are the two true to life experiences I've had so far, although many unexplainable moments have happened in my life. I sometimes consider the possibility I may be slightly psychic. I believe psychics are much more likely to have paranormal encounters. And if I am psychic I have no idea how to channel it. But believe me; ghosts are without a shadow of a doubt real.

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rugbygirl92 (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-04)
ive personally never have seen one but with all these stories I don't want to
Thealoneone (1 stories) (77 posts)
13 years ago (2009-08-30)
Ok, I do not know what I am saying, but I feel like saying it: If you see a ghost just calm yourself down inside your head, and while you are calm just say a small hello, in both your head and aloud. Yes you are physic, you see ghosts and hear them speak.

All that eludes me is why the ghosts are there, looking for you perhaps? Or the house may have something to do with it.

I am usually overcomed by my mind when I read ghost story's that are real, I feel the need to write.
youngdz79 (6 stories) (58 posts)
13 years ago (2009-08-05)
your description on the ghost sounds almost like the red man of Detroit fame know asthe Nain Rouge (Red Dwarf) it has been seen since the early days of Detroit. Do a search for the Nain Rouge for more info, but it has been causing problems since Cadillac took a swing at it, and before that it is believed that Napoleon Bonaparte made a deal with the creature in France then had is captured and sent to new France which at the time Michigan territory was a part of

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