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I'm YukiHime, and I am new to this site, this is my first story about one of my ghost experiences and it happened a few weeks ago.

So, right now I am in Newfoundland and visiting my Grandparents. I'm originally from Calgary, Alberta; in Calgary is where my ghost experience happened.

So, one night I was up in my room, and it was exactly 3:00 am and I was drawing. I had my window open because it was summer, and it was hot and stuffy as well. It was dark outside, but street lamps were on and everything. It was really quiet, and my parents were sleeping, and I like to listen to the sounds outside, it just calms me.

As I drew, I kept hearing faint, high pitched noises outside in the distance. I thought nothing of it at first, and continued to move my pencil on my paper. Gradually, the high pitched noises got louder and louder, and I realized it was a woman screaming her throat out like no tomorrow. I got a little worried, afraid she might be in trouble or something. So I quietly snuck into my parent's room, and looked out their window, and saw this woman running out of the green space screaming really loudly.

The woman had on a skirt and a nice blouse, but I could see dark stains on her clothes too, and I still don't know what it was.

She continued to run out of the green space, still screaming, and she ran down the street to my house.

All I could think was, 'Holy Crap!', and I couldn't see her anymore because other houses blocked my view. I snuck back to my room and looked out my window. I still saw her running down the street in the direction of my house, but the closer she got, the more faded she got, but her screaming was still as loud as ever. It was to the point where I couldn't see her anymore either and she disappeared right in front of my house, but the screaming was still right and loud, and it was so loud, I thought it would wake my parents up! I got nervous, but mostly scared, wondering how the woman disappeared. The screaming still continued to sound in front of my house loudly. I got too scared, and couldn't look out the window anymore, and darted to the light switch and turned it off quickly. Maybe the woman was screaming at me because my light was on and she could see me in my window. I don't know... But I got dressed in my bed clothes in darkness, cleaned up the drawing stuff from my bed, and dove under the covers, desperately hoping the screaming would cease.

About five or ten minutes later, it did stop, but I was too freaked out to sleep so I just lay under my bed sheets, and I never got any sleep at all, I lay in bed until nine o' clock in the morning before I got up.

It apparently didn't wake my parents, so I kept it myself. I told my friend who lives across the street from me, and she said the same thing happened to her one night at exactly 3:00 am like me.

Until I left for Newfoundland, I always went to bed at 1:00 am, and always left my light off, hoping to never hear the horrid screaming again. I also had my window closed too, and it never happened again.

Well that's one of my ghost experiences, I do have others I will write about, but this one I wrote about now was my scariest.

Thxs for reading.


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teddycoon (1 posts)
8 years ago (2012-10-31)
This must have happened to me around 12 years ago when I was a small child, so I don't remember it too clearly. My father and I were driving home from a long trip. We were going through a forest and suddenly the ground and the trees were completely covered in frost. This is rather unusual seeing as it was in the fall in oregon. I saw a woman in a white dress and no shoes. She had long black hair, and she was staring at the ground. She was just standing there in the middle of the road which I thought was strange. As we got closer, she still didn't look up like she was hiding her face or something. My father never saw her so he never slowed down. She vanished when we got within 10 feet of her, but there was a thud like we hit something. For some reason my father kept driving, though he heard it too. Maybe he thought he hit an animal. Something told me to look out the back window of the car. There she was on her knees staring at me! She had yellow eyes and an impossibly large mouth with what looked like 4 inch razor sharp thin teeth. She let out this horrifying scream. Pain shot down my body, and I felt ice cold. I couldn't handle it, so I fell unconsious. When I woke up a few minutes later I asked my father if he saw or heard anything, he said he heard a thump like he hit something, he saw the frost and he was chilled to the bone. I'm still not sure what happened and this is my first time mentioning it. I didn't even tell my father what happened.
scoodrago (4 posts)
9 years ago (2012-08-26)
I live in India and here it is believed that most of the paranormal activities happen at 3:00 am. So I am just saying that how your parents would have said that "it was probably a dream" would not be right. I believe this was really a paranormal experience.
girlie (15 stories) (426 posts)
11 years ago (2010-07-17)
Holy CRAP Punkcheetah!
That scared me soooooo bad! While I was reading it the hook on my frige came off.
And I'm sure I put it bad on good, don't no? Lol
MattM (20 posts)
11 years ago (2010-03-28)
Hmm, judging by what you said, I can only assume this woman was murdered. It seems like it because the woman was running and screaming, but how she was murdered and when could be hard to determine. If you got a good look at her clothing, you could try to guess what era she was from and maybe find an article about here murder.
punkcheetah (1 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-14)
Hey, THIS HAPPENED TO ME summer of '06, my clock said 2:45am. But I had a habbit of toying with the time, so it may have matched yours in all reality. This happened in Northern California at my mother's apartment while I was visiting for the summer.

I was watching a television with a girl I was babysitting, the window open and my light on. Everyone else in the apartments in my section was asleep I assume.

Anyway, there was an awkward woman screaming at the top of her lungs... It wasn't a normal scary movie scream... It seemed to have an echo of some kind. It seemed so out of this world, immediately sent a chill down my spine. The screaming seemed to be coming from the next apartment isles over, by the laundry mat. The little girl fell to the floor panicked.

My mother lived in the city, but these were low-income apartments and I tried being a realist for a split second and assume maybe it was just a woman being mugged or chased or anything else, which in that case I would need to close the window before the robbers/drug dealers came after the little girl and I for being witnesses. I'd wait for the police to come to contribute. Horrible I know, but it was a tough neighborhood to live in and I needed to protect the girl.
In the back of my head, I knew this wasn't a human screach... But I didn't want to believe in ghosts. (Still tell myself I don't).


I got up to shut the window and the woman turned the corner and was coming towards my isle. I froze in place.

She had thick, long, black hair. So much that I could not see her face. It seemed to cover her face. She wasn't exactly touching the ground as she ran... Her arm movements swung awkwardly. Her yells echoed so loudly I could hear it ringing in my ears. I was frozen in place. I felt that any sudden movement would cause her to turn her face toward me... She was only about 12 feet away from my window. I didn't want to see the face of that thing... The head was too big to look human. She had a white shirt with a white skirt/shorts with dark stains... Not exactly red maybe. Soon as she passed my window I closed the blinds... But not completely because my hand was shaking and I wanted to get away from the window because I feared it would turn around and come up to my window. It'd been running across the isle.
About three seconds later the screaming disappeared. Just like that. I looked back out the window and there was absolutely no trace of her. Instead there was this awkward silence in the wind.

I shut the blinds completely, and the girl got back up. She was crying and shaking.

I thought I'd comforted her and put her to sleep. But the next day she told me that when she saw my face after I'd gotten away from the window and sat on the bed that I was slightly rocking back and forth. Said that I looked scared out of my mind, with a blank look on my face.

The next day I asked a friend neighbor that lived next to the laundry mat, they said they'd heard the same thing but their mother had not allowed them near the window because she said it the screaming came from someone from the dead and she did not want spirits to be attracted to her home.
Again, I offered that maybe it was a girl being mugged. Though I'd seen otherwise. No one had been chasing her.

An old man that lived on the other side also said to have heard a scream, but had also not looked out the window.

Finally, we remembered that the apartments had cameras installed months earlier. So we waited for the manager to ask for answers from the video tapes.

She went through the tapes, I even told her the exact time she should focus on.


There was nothing on the tapes on any side of the apartments, not even the ones from the laundry mat.

I knew what I had seen. There should have been atleast something there.
I couldn't sleep well for weeks. I kept waking up checking my window. Since then I sleep with the window closed, blinds shut, hallway light on, and television on to tune out any other noise.
KatieChan (3 stories) (63 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-10)
The woman you saw must had been murdered a long time ago. Lucky she didn't follow you to your grand parents house. God Bless! ❤ Katie
cmordies (11 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-07)
oh freaky! Have you moved now or have you just visited Newfoundland? Because if you have moved I would be gutted because if you wouldn't be able to go back to where you was then you wouldn't be able to investigate I hoppe you havent
libertybelle (14 stories) (207 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-06)
Could you make a guess as to what time period her clothing was from? Was her skirt long? Mini? Just below the knee? Did she seem to be from modern times?

As a historian with the mind of a detective, details such as the ones I've asked about can be helpful in getting an idea of when the incident took place.

I'd also ask some of the older folks in your neighborhood if they had ever seen or heard the phenomenon you experienced, or know of any stories or rumors concerning a murder in your area.
Ghostluver (4 stories) (123 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-06)
OMG! That's is SO scary! 😨 that was indeed a very well written story, so well done for that, but you said that there were stains on her shirt, that is blood for sure 😉 I hope you post some more stories soon! ❤
promghost07 (6 stories) (11 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-06)
Whoa! That is scary! Look it up on the internet to see if there's anything about a death near your house or something. P.S. I love your story! 😁 😉
girlie (15 stories) (426 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-05)
THAT IS SO SCARY! I would have woken my parents up to tell so carzy lady is running down the street screaming. You need to look into the histroy of that place.
GIRLIE have a nice haunt ❤
kariu (1 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-05)
common sense hahalol... But youf seen dark stains. Normally that concludes its more like blood. And a woman screaming around, woman are fragile at night. I should woke up one of my parent (my are divorced lol) and then went downstairs looking trough the front door. What if it was real!? Second -
If it was a ghost you should ask people around for investigate. If there was a woman killed by an accident or murder whaeva.
I will hear it from you

Take care
BadxGood24 (2 stories) (14 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-05)
OMG! That is so freaky! I would have been terrifed and tried to wake up someone. I hope you don't have to go through that again 😲

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