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Incubus Or Lucid Dream?


Just to start this out, I'm a very skeptical girl. Over time, I've come to look at the world with more logical eyes. When it comes to ghosts, demons, or any of that paranormal stuff, I just shrug it off and think, "Well until it happens to me, I'm not going to believe it." I mean, it's so easy to just lie about that stuff, especially on the internet and since I've never before seen it with my own eyes, it must be fake... Right?

Well today I'm left confused with my experience, if one would come to call it that. I'm not sure what to make of it. Was it a dream or was it something else? I'm not sure and I'm hoping that by sharing my experience with others who can relate, I can gain some understanding of it.

Let me begin with saying that within the past few days, I have grown increasingly interested in Incubi for what seemed to be no apparent reason. I found myself scouring the internet for all the folklore pertaining to these myths and mildly fascinated by them. Of course, I kept saying, "I'll only believe it if it happens to me, which it won't."

But did it happen today?

The day started out like a normal type of day. I woke up, but I was extremely tired. Not feeling like doing much, I went over to my ex's house to play video games and just lay around. Well, after a few hours of playing video games, we decided that we were going to lie down and take a nap. He slept on the outside of the bed; I slept on the inside next to the wall. I remember clearly that I was facing the wall as I closed my eyes to get ready to fall asleep.

However, I remember opening my eyes. I was still on my side, but now I was sort of on my stomach. I looked over towards my ex to find that he was asleep. Not wanting to disturb him, I closed my eyes and thought about going back to sleep. But then things started to get strange.

I felt something there, like it was behind me. It was during this time that my body started to feel stiff and I could barely move. My head started to feel foggy like I just took some pain meds. It was an eerie, calm sense of peace that made me feel on edge. I couldn't speak, either. All I could do was stare at the wall, trying my hardest to look out of the corner of my eye. But it was to no avail.

The being, or whatever it was, got on top of me. It was gentle in the way it acted and talked to me in a calm voice, although I could not understand what it was saying. My head felt too foggy to try to concentrate on anything. It, or maybe I should call it he since it had a male's voice, felt sort of heavy on top of me. But I was still able to breathe normally.

It talked to me and touched my hair for a few minutes before I felt something insert itself into me. All I can remember is my body being moved up and down in that rhythmic motion, my head hitting the wall. I remember feeling a sense of him not wanting to stop, but also a sense of confusion. It lasted for such a long time and I remember drifting in and out of consciousness the whole time. Then as soon as it happened, it ended. I think he spoke again. I'm not sure. By that time, my head felt so foggy all I wanted to do was fall asleep.

But then my eyes opened once again. I was lying on my other side, my back facing the wall now. I was so confused by that point. All I could think about was that experience and I am still thinking about it. I am so confused as to what happened. Was I asleep? If so, why was the dream so lucid? I'm not once to dream those types of dreams, so I'm very on edge.

It was only after then that I was reminded of when I was twelve. I distinctly remember these types of dreams happening to me repeatedly over some period of time, but then they stopped. During all of them I was always on my stomach, with the being talking to me in a gentle way. Only once do I remember being on my back during the experience, only to see nothing there. Could it be the same being? Who knows?

I feel like a fool to write such things. I try to be as logical as possible, but it seems like I am left thinking that this is indeed something unworldly. You see, I'm not one to have "wet dreams", so I doubt it could have been that. And I doubt it was because I was looking up so much about Incubi because the dream just felt so lucid and real. I don't know. Maybe it was nothing after all.

All I know is that I am so very confused. I wonder if it'll happen again...

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xxxtatgurlxxx (7 posts)
10 years ago (2012-07-31)
I understand what you went threw. I went threw something similar I became fascinated with finding out information about these things. To this day in a way I still am. I try to ignore it but its hard. If you need someone to talk to let me know
ZiShu (281 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-07)
Usually it is the case that if you seek a being out, especially a incubus/succubus, that would eventually attack them to you.
I would know for I experience the same things except with succubi.
Logic goes so far to work for things that can be seen, felt, touched, and taste. Try to apply that to dreaming as well. Sometimes lucid dreaming can also be confused with Astral travel. Regardless they all are involved in a world in between the real and the dreams.
Incubus attacks are usually noted to be in between. So far it is too soon to be able to see if it's an incubus. Regardless do not continue or let things evolve any further, for it only gets worst. Reject anything that doesn't feel right for you.
Listen to Hoochler, he's an expert at these things. Forget those pro demon people. If you have logic, you'd want to avoid anything that is on the negative side of things. God Bless
eyelovehotdogs (7 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-07)
I agree with Tonith and I think it's really some sort of a wet dream. What you're dreaming are part of your subconscious. You said that you're a logical person but you're fascinated with myths, incubus and other stuffs like that... Ironic huh! Like Tonith said, you're still holding on on your past relationship and you're using these stuffs as an outlet. You keep thinking and reading of those ghostly sex that why you're dreaming it. You're young, just indulge yourself in other worthwhile activities. 😉
Tonith (1136 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-05)
Kudos to the people in here that don't confuse dreams with reality. The tip off to all this is your ex and why are you still hanging on to that relationship? Puberty can produce some very realistic dreaming due to hormones. What you are experiencing now seems to me to be the culmination of frustration. I don't know many people who take naps with their ex so your relationship with him is no doubt causing this. Emotional confusion or longing can trigger weird things in the psyche. During the Victorian Era women were a mess of frustration and repression and this kind of phenomenon was very common. I think it still happens today for the same reasons it happened a hundred years ago. Repression, insecurity and lack of knowing who and what you are as an individual. If you are still hanging with your ex you have not moved on. If you rid yourself of the connection you give your life an opportunity to progress. You don't have demons except the ones in your own mind. Get rid of the ex and move forward. You deserve better.
Casp3r (1 stories) (14 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-05)
there are two possible explanations.
One - this could be a form of sleep paralysis, symptoms being the inability to move and the possible hallucination.
Two - this is the spirit you met when you had these types of 'dreams' before. If so
Succubussed's analysis and data would be completely correct. You are in complete control of this situation, if it feels wrong to you or there is something about it that scares you or just that you don't want this to continue occuring, you have the power in yourself to dispell it.
BellaMorte (4 stories) (19 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-05)
You may want to consider that you were in sleeping next to an ex-boyfriend. Even if sex was not part of the relationship, there would still be sexual tension to a degree, and certainly subconscious thought. And you had become interested recently in sexual spirits.

And you mentioned that this also happened when you were twelve, and it is possible that puberty brought these sexual dreams on as your mind grew into your body.

I'm not discounting what happened or trying to make light of the situation. It is something you should investigate, but try to rule out anything natural... Even if it seems unlikey.

Also if it continues to happen, pay attention to how it makes you feel. Are you confused, groggy, aroused, frightened?

Some times sex-dreams can be extremely lucid... In fact they can be almost a powerful daydream and feel quite real.

But best wishes. Should you begin to feel threatened by what is happening, you may need to consider supernatural orgins, but for now, I would say not to worry about it, as chances are they are most likely odd sex dreams.
youngdz79 (6 stories) (58 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-04)
everybody is missing a key point she said it happened when she was around 12 sounds like it came back to her
jazzeyjay (3 stories) (215 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-04)
First of all you say you are very skeptical. You also said in your own words that: "I mean, it's so easy to just lie about that stuff, especially on the internet and since I've never before seen it with my own eyes, it must be fake... Right?

Many people have never seen, nor will they ever see a Million Dollars, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. You started having this facsination with Incubus a few days before this Being entered your life and now remembering back you said you had some encounters with something like this when you were younger. Right?

This may be your same Demon. These memories may have been buried in your subconscious and he may have just laid dormant waiting for the right time to enter your life again. Spirits, Ghosts, Demons, etc., are very real. They are not something that people throughout the years made up to scare and frighten other people with. They are very real!
I hate you are going through this because from what I have read, they will continue having encounters with you. Have you spoken to a professional about these incidents, they may be able to shed some light on what's going on with you. Maybe even undergo some sleep studies to make sure you don't have sleep Apnea or some other sleep disorder. I used to have sleep Apnea and would stop breathing several times a night and when my brain was deprived of it's oxygen, I would have horrible dreams. You want to illiminate all other possibilities first. I pray that you find an answer and it is not an Incubus. Stay prayerful and ask the Lord to surround you with his goodness and the white light of the Holy Spirit!

I wish you the best in your search for the truth.
Try protecting yourself by wearing a cross around your neck and see if you can get a priest or preacher to come in and bless your home/apartment and annoint you and your boyfriend.

God bless you
Succubussed (guest)
13 years ago (2009-09-04)
Intangible Evidence, only time will tell if you have attracted the attention of a Sex Spirit. If it keeps happening (as it may) then you will have to decide how you feel about it and what to do according to your feelings.

If it doesn't happen again (as is also likely), then you will only have to decide for yourself (unimportantly) what it was and what it meant to you.

As far as what Hoochler has said--"you will rapidly lose the ability to call things off later if you change your mind."

I totally disagree. I have been in one-on-one contact with a woman who engaged in sex with an invisible Spirit for over a year, having sex with him on a daily basis and developing the relationship to the point of being able to hear him and have long conversations with him, and when she decided to break it off, all she had to do was to be certain about it and stick to a policy of ignoring the pleasure and in less than a month he left and she was able to attain a level of disconnect that allowed her to believe that it had all been in her head.

There is no "too late".

You will get a lot of "information" on this site from well-meaning, ill-informed individuals (such as Hoochler), who will give you loads of advice based on myth and hearsay and equally unreliable sources, and I urge you to employ the discernment of your own spirit to determine what is going on and how to deal with it.

Does it feel "evil"? Do you believe in Evil? If so, do you believe that a Human being can detect the evil nature of an Evil Being?

I do believe in evil (look around at the world today). I have been around evil people and in terribly evil situations that made me feel terribly threatened, and I don't feel any evil whatsoever from the invisible Being that has sex with me.
(click my username to read my story)

If it feels evil, then reject it. If it doesn't, then maybe you might want to trust your own feelings and not let the preconceptions of others affect the way that you deal with it.
bookworm93 (3 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-04)
Pardon my asking, but how do you know that your ex hadn't drugged you and was trying you have sexual intercourse with you?
book_luver123 (227 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-04)
Pardon me but may I ask your age you seem to be between 15-25, sorry I have caused you any offense.
Sergeant (3 stories) (98 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-04)
Hi IntangibleEvidence.

First, please don't feel foolish sharing your experiences in this type of community. There are a lot of people who experience the same things you describe - whether it's just dreams or something else so you're not alone.

Unfortunately you're the only one who can decide whether it's real or not. Your feelings and concerns are the only thing that really count either way.

You didn't express any regrets or objections so I guess you're ok with it either way.

So only you can decide, either way please let us know if anything further happens.
Hoochler (1 stories) (263 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-04)
I advise you to read other stories (along with the comments) here on YGS about this type of experience. What you describe happening to you fits well within the known abilities of an incubus. I am not saying for sure that you are experiencing an incubus, but it is possible from what you describe here.

You can either just click on the "Succubus / Incubus / Sexual Ghosts" link at the top of your story to only see other stories of this type, or you could try to look at some of the links below.

Since you appear to be new to YGS, here are some of the more lively discussions about sex demons that have gone on here in the past. Remember that sometime the discussions on a particular thread add up and are too many to all be displayed at once, to see some of the older comments on a particular story look for a link at the bottom of a story's comments that says

"Read previous comments for the ghost story Story Name Here"

And click on the story name to see make the older comments appear.



Most of what there is to comment about these types of encounters has already been said in these threads.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Keep in mind that if you are the subject of obsession for a sex demon, it will not matter in the least if you believe that this type of thing is possible or not in order for a relationship with the demon to proceed.

If you are experiencing an incubus and you want this to end, your best chances are to end it as quickly as possible by rejecting it right away and consistently. Rejecting it has two aspects, one is simply ignoring the pleasure it can give you, the other is to ask God and His angels to help separate the demon from your presence, but it is my understanding that both of these methods are only effective in the beginnings of such a "relationship".

If you do not want it to end, know that a relationship with a sex demon gets more powerful over time and you will rapidly lose the ability to call things off later if you change your mind. Also, these types of demons have the ability to effect your emotions and the emotions of those around you. It is my understanding that these types of relationships will lead to an obsessive style of life that eventually ends up with a lifestyle revolving around how much time can be spent with the demon to the exclusion of most everything else in life that can possibly be excluded without loosing a certain base style of life mostly determined by the influenced human.

It is also my personal belief that there are quite negative consequences that will be experienced only after death for any human who willing carries on a relationship with one (or more) sex demons.

I urge you to reject this thing. I urge you to tell this thing out loud to leave you alone and to lay in positions it does not like and reject its pleasures. If it paralyzes you again, think your rejections in your mind as "loud" as you can. If you are dealing with an incubus, it can most likely hear your thoughts as well as your spoken words. Also, ask God to help by separating this thing form you. Say, think and ask these things as many times as it takes.
Surya (39 stories) (867 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-04)
I would like to ask one question, why are you so interested in incubus's?

Did you feel like you actually had sex, I won't go into to much detail asking you questions about the sexual bit of your experaince I am sure you know what I am referring to!

However, I am more inclined to believe that youo did actaully have a dream, as you have been studying incubus's / sexual ghosts for what appears to be a long time.


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