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Grandpa Says Goodbye


Today I cannot remember much about my grandfather, but I will never forget the way he said goodbye. My grandfather had struggled with cancer for some odd number of years until he passed away in November of 2000. I know now that we weren't extremely close, but with me being only five at the time a death was something tragic to me.

It was the day after thanksgiving and we all knew it was going to be the day he left us, for the day before he had prayed and asked god not to take him on thanksgiving, knowing that would ruin everyone's holiday. I was at school that day due to the fact my parents didn't find it appropriate for me to be there when he died. When I returned home, and received the news I was crushed, I was never able to say goodbye that is until that night. I understand this site isn't interested in hearing about dreams, but I feel this is a different case. That night after I had fallen asleep, I had a dream I was laying in bed and when I woke I saw my grandpa sitting in my rocking chair. He looked at me saying, "Goodbye Tiffany" then quickly vanished.

I have no doubt that this was my grandfather's special way of saying goodbye to me. I later had another encounter with him which I will write about later. Why in a dream though I'm not exactly sure, but this being my grandfather and not a figure of my imagination I am.

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book_luver123 (227 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-16)
Sorry to hear about him.
Relations that we are close to often come and say goodbye to you.
jazzeyjay (3 stories) (215 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-15)
xtxmariexgx: Thank you for sharing your touching story. Many times that is the only way our loved ones have to communicate with us or to catch up with us and give us their messages. We live in a very busy world and our schedules keep us so occupied until we wear ourselves down. Our minds are full of so much clutter from family issues, work related issues, bills, money problems, etc... They try sending us messages, but we are often so busy and preoccupied that we fail to see them, so when we settle down at night and our mind is at peace and our bodies are at rest, that's when they can enter and make contact with us. I hope you'll be able to see him again.

God bless you

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