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Scared Half My Life


When I was eight I experienced death for the first time... When my baby brother passed away. Every since then I feel like I've be tortured. The first time it happened to me I was nine. We lived in Caruthersville MO, I had just taken a bath and I was reading before I went to bed. I put the book on my nightstand and I was staring at the ceiling when all of a sudden it felt like someone was sitting on my chest. Like any other girl I tried to call for my momma. But I could move my mouth. Since my mouth was shut when it happened all I could do was mumble momma momma momma momma please help me please. But no one could hear me. I was so scared that I was crying. I could feel the tears running down my face. But I still couldn't move. It seemed like hours passed away. When finally I noticed that my screams were actually coming out. I bolted off my bed and I ran to the kitchen where my momma was at I tried my best to describe to her what had just happened to me. My momma is a very religious person so the first thought that came to her mind was the devil. She went and bought me my own bible and told me if it ever happened to me again, to pray "I am a child of GOD".

From that day on I was terrified of my room. I slept in the living room, for about a week, when my parents finally made me return to my room with my bible. I was scared but I just felt like if I prayed God would protect me. I opened the bible to the Lord's Prayer, I prayed, and then went to bed. I stayed awake for hours until I fell asleep. I was so grateful and happy when I woke up and it was daytime. Every night from that day on my bible had to stay in my room.

Years had passed and I was going to the sixth grade everything was going fine. One day when I came home with some of my friends, they wanted to see my room and I let them. One of my friends that saw my bible right by my bed and started messing with it. Somehow and until this day I don't know how it happened my bible ended up out my room and lost. That night I didn't think anything of it as I said my prayers and went to bed. Before I could even close my eyes. Something grabbed me. First it was my feet and it slowly moved up my body until I couldn't move. My head was racing and all I could think was "where is my bible" "ooo Noo"! Then I began to say the prayer my momma told me."I am a child of God", over and over. The third time it just let me go. I didn't know what had just happened, all I knew is I never wanted to happen again. From that day on I slept with a bible by my head.

We moved to Kennett MO, where I meet my fiancé, I got pregnant with my daughter Maya. Everything was fine for me. My pregnancy was high risk so I had to stay in bed a lot. Well one night my family was going to church and my sister needed to use my bible, so I let her. I spent a lot of time on the couch so that's where I thought I would be when they got back. Before my fiancé went to work I was hurting kind of bad. So I went to the room and sat up in the bed. I was watching TV for a couple of minutes with the lights off when something told me to look up. I looked up and in my door way I saw a dark hood figure standing there, just standing there looking at me. It scared me so bad. I couldn't move a muscle. And in a split second it was from the door and leaning over me and my belly I was trying so hard to see its face, but I couldn't. And from under this sleeve came this bony hand reaching for my stomach so slowly. I was going crazy inside. I was trying to say my prayer and will my body to move at the same time. At the very last second I was able to turn on my side. I kept my eyes close and continued to pray. When I turned around it was gone.

I never got any straight answers about what this was that has been happening to me because it still happens. I've had my home blessed and more stuff... I just want to understand

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galleygal (3 stories) (150 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-25)
Isn't an exorcism dangerous? I mean, psychologically. Really, before people start recommending that sort of action, the possible causes from this plane of existence should be ruled out first. For example, many pregnant women, especially first timers, experience stress and lack of sleep, which can lead to bad dreams and seeing things that aren't there. You should consult your gynecologist and your mom, both should be able to help alleviate your fears.
Sebastian (3 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-23)
youngdz79- don't you mean to call jack an antagonist (not to say your theory is incorrect jack)? Besides youngdz97, this is a place of open oninion, not a place of telling people they are wrong and questioning why they should be here. Saying such, I study different forms of metaphysics (in the sense of psychic and magickal practices not in the sence of philosophy) and I blieve that if your beliefs call for an exorcism, then by all means go for it, this does sound like a demonic entity, BUT, to me this kinds sounds like a death omen... But if you believe in the bible (which I have read by the way) then the bible says not to look for omens and signs for the forthcoming. That said, the only advice I can give to you is to do what ever your heart tells you to do and acknowledge whatever your religion tells you to do.
Trudy (92 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-21)
Dear Lady Tam,

We are in a spiritual war. Read your bible out loud and also memorize verses. So when you are attacked you say the verses that you have memorized out loud and this is like using a sword. Read Epheasians 6:10-18. E-mail me
Jackashton (2 stories) (57 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-20)
Just because I look for other reasonable explanations as to why someone experiences what they believe is hauntings,and other paranormal events does not mean I don,t believe in the existance of ghosts. Jack 😐
youngdz79 (6 stories) (58 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-20)
Okay I need to say a few things here to a few people.

1> Jack if you do not believe why are you here? To be a protagonist I am sure.

2> Jenniferford good Idea except if the entity is as evil as I believe it to be that will unfortunately not help: (.

3> Colettemedium must evil (demonic) entity's were never alive so that may be what she is dealing with:).

4> LadyTam my Dear first of welcome, second I believe you are dealing with a demonic entity and you may need to seek an exorcism. I have a theory based on experence as to what you saw that night was an attempt to still your baby's soul and to tell you that it took you baby brother. And may want you but you were to smart for it keep a bible by you at all times and seek a priest who is not closed minded (too many are these days). And good luck dear
Colettemedium (5 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-20)
Dear LadyTam,
It seems as if, as a child you were tormented by it because you were very vulnerable, because of your sibling passing away, and this entity thought it could maybe take control of your body while you were not protected by you're Bible ((keep with ALWAYS!). A evil entity such as this one tries to take something that it can use to take form as a human, so it might be able to get back at someone, or do something, that it had not accomplished when it was a human. And usually they are horrible things, such and murder, stealing, must I go on? You need to protect yourself as jenniferford had said. If it does not work, than God be with you... Pray as God directs you through this journey. You will get through it.
Colette Lynn
outkast13 (1 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-19)
This my sounds crazy but I think you should get an exorcism. Now I'm not saying it's necessary so you should probably ask a priest about it. You never know.
Apocalypse (9 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-19)
I agree with jack but I think now I may consider a bible even though I don't completly believe in god. I have never really seen anything supernatural so I don't truly believe in ghosts either. God bless you though.
jenniferford (2 stories) (56 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-19)
It seems to me that you may be able to sence these things. You might even a spirit that follows you. I know its hard to do and even for I to this day, but do not fear it. You take your bible and you walk around with it in your hand with it opened.Say,Father I come to you right now to ask you to remove this spirit from my home. Father show it the light. Cast it away. Father I do not want to live in fear any more.
Then walk around your home to every room and tell this thing that its not wanted here. I cast you to the light. Now walk in the light and be at peace. If you are evil I cast you back to the pits of hell. Now flee my home. In the blood of Jesus Christ I cast you out of my home. Never return.
Then say another prayer.
Father,If this spirit is evil, cast it into the pits of hell. Put this thing back to the pit where it can stay to harm no one else. Father I ask you to do this for me in the blood of Jesus Christ. Amen an Amen
Know that this will work. Show this thing no fear while doing so. Be ferm with it and show it that you have a higher power and it will flee your home. I have delt with these things all my life and after 24 years now I lived in fear. I prayed many of times, but it seemed to not work. After my last haunting, I had more than enough. I did what I told you to do and its been two months now and I have not seen it or felt it in my home. Now I will tell you. They might knock at your door or on windows, but when you see no one is there. Do not open the door. They wait for you to welcome it back in your home. I wish you luck and Ill pray for God to help you. I can try to pray it out, but it will work if you do so. God bless you.
paranormalpest (4 stories) (16 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-18)
Don't worry kid, you're not alone. I had the same visitor 29 years ago and I remember that night like it was yesterday. Don't ever let anyone tell you it's all in your head, or you had a dream, you know what you saw and it was real.

These beings don't come for any reason, there's something positive going on in your life, keep it up. It's hard for people to say, "be brave" especially when you think you have no power when they are present, but you do. Like the people are saying, keep praying, even when they come and you can't speak, a prayer is always heard in these situations.
Spockie (8 stories) (202 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-18)
Hon, my advice to you is just keep praying and sleeping with your Bible. I had a similar terrifying experience when I was in my mid 20's and I slept with a Bible (actually, it was a small New Testament) under my pillow for a long, long time. Just remember, God loves you and He will protect you.
Jackashton (2 stories) (57 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-17)
It does seem to me that perhaps you might have been half asleep and half awake, I'm sure it looked and felt very real to you but its possible it wasn, t what you thought. Many people talk of not being able to move, when they think there awake, but they are still asleep and dreaming. I would not be scared. I don't think it was a ghost, but that's my opinion Regards Jack 😊

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