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How Many Ghost Do We Have? 2


When I left you last, I was telling about the tea pot I was looking for, for my granddaughter, Ashlyn. I thought I handed it back to her, the night she stayed over, and wanted to have a tea party with Jim and myself. So I went into her room to look in the toy box. I found it and handed it back to someone, whom I thought was Ashlyn. As I found out a few minutes later that she hadn't even let the family room where she was with her grandpa. (Ashlyn calls him Papa). Papa said she hadn't left his sight.

Well the next day after Ashlyn had gone home, I went into her room, and there on her bed was the tea pot plus two more little cups. I asked Jim if he had found them, and he said he didn't even look for them. I actually didn't see him looking for tea pots and cups, but I had to ask him. It didn't surprise me as much as you'd think it would. Because after we moved here, and Ashlyn started spending a lot of Saturday nights with us I ask Jim if he'd seen the box of story books, I had packed away, which had belonged to my children, which are all grown now. He said he new they were in the shed, but was probably under a dozen other boxes. So just buy a couple for her, he said. I didn't have to buy any, a few days after Jim's and my conversation; we found two stacks of "VERY" dusty story books. There was at least nine stacked up. Jim asked me where they came from, and I thought he had gone out and dug them out. So here we had several of my children's books that I hadn't seen for a long, long time. All I had to do was clean them up, and she had a lot of books for grandma to read to her.

I have heard a little girl giggle beside me before, Jim was present when I heard her, and as I looked over to him to say something, he said," did you hear a little girl laugh"? I just sat there and looked at him, I was speechless. At last, we were together when something happened. We were also together, the day the cabinet doors all opened in the kitchen. I was just in the kitchen, and went into the family room, Jim got up and went into the kitchen, and said Barb, could you please come in here. When I walked out of the room the doors were shut. When I walked back in to see what Jim wanted, all the doors were open. That has happen twice since then.

Now I don't know what ghost threw the knife across the kitchen! It stuck in the cabinet door! Jim was there then also, thank god. Because that is the first time one of the ghost has really scared me. The others never felt threatening. I was very firm and told whoever threw the knife, that they were not welcome in my home. We don't throw anything in this house, you must GO. Rather it left, or never did anything like that again, we will never know. As far as any more ghosts we might have, that again is another story.

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shrlyhughes86 (1 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-15)
Im really glad to read this story. Things like this happen in my house all the time. We look and look for things and they turn up in the exact same places that we know we just looked in. We see a little boy a lot and I have 3 little boys so I think that he hides stuff from my husband and me and puts things out for my boys
L0VEPiNK07 (1 stories) (47 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-15)
omg! Yeah, then they start throwing stuff, I'd have to tell them to leave too. Has Ashlyn ever seen the little girl? Or have an invisible friend? Maybe it's her.

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