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Seeing Things Has Passed To My 2 Year Old Son


So let me just say that I have dealt with hauntings since I was a little girl, I have always had a sense there was something odd I guess you could say. My mother said it started from birth at my grandmothers house, I would follow things with my eyes, talk to people she couldn't hear or see, I would have conversations as if answering questions also asking and sound as if I got a response she said the way it would happen was not normal like she had seen other kids do and one day she got freaked out hearing me talk to them because my voice would change drastically not something cute or funny she would say but horrifying.

For a long time she blamed it on my birthday since I was born on Halloween I got a kick outta that and when she would ask me about them I would say I can't tell her they asked me not to. When we moved out of my grandmas house things got worse and fast we moved into what was supposed to be a guest house it was a semi long dirt driveway one house in front and one in back. We were in back that's when the night terrors started and things grabbing me and I started seeing shadow people. My mothers own behaviour changed, as well she always looked scared I guess is the best word.

I would over hear her telling my father about water coming out of the light sockets and walls sweating he never believed her, even had an electrician come and he acted as if my mom were weird I remember him saying "I'm sorry mam but that's just impossible" and her getting angry. Things just kept getting worse I was hearing voices, and what would sound like plastic crumbling in my ear, My mother and father began fighting everyday, all day my mother told him that my aunt had warned her that demons would try to break up the family they fed off the negative and enjoyed what they were causing, that's why she put a bible under my pillow once. My night terrors stopped as quick as they came but not what was happening around me.

He did not believe her, He started acting very different more evil and we were only more scared as things went on, finally one day my mother said we were moving to the house in front she had 2 more children now and we needed the space nothing changed as far as activity just messed with me more I would awake to them snatching a pillow from under my head or seeing them have my sisters blanket float next to her and her face being complete fear.

One night we were in the living room playing video games and I felt my braided ponytail go up as if someone grabbed it and was holding it. I told my sister to leave me alone and she looked at me crazy and said I'm way over here. I looked around to find my little brother and my mother and now sister staring at my pony tail which was in the air by itself. I freaked out and ran and it just dropped. They would make things fall out of a closed cabinet unlock doors we would leave for walks come home and everything would be on, the toilet would flush or the shower would come on there would be bangs on doors the works... Eventually we moved out but it didn't matter even though it wouldn't mess with anyone else it always did me.

I would hear things crash in my room turn on the light and nothing there I would hear heavy foot steps nothing there and always had the feeling of someone or something watching me...

When I fell in love and moved here to FL. Within the 5 years things had clamed down for me until I moved in the house I'm in now. Right away I felt odd felt like I was being watched, then it was back to seeing shadow people hearing my name being called, strange noises, voices, at this point I'm used to it I don't like it but there is no getting away I have learned to ignore what I can and I went on about my life and had my son he's now 2 and beginning to show signs that he can see something we can't for one thing. He is terrified of his room at first he was good he would go to sleep just fine in there all of a sudden he would scream and cry looking so terrified.

I started to realize that this is where I was seeing most of the shadow people when we first moved in 3yrs ago, one night his father was out and we were getting ready to go to bed we were walking to the room when he turned around and said "well hello" looking at the wall and I had turned off the lights behind us so there was no shadow, Then he would be watching TV. And jump up look at the ceiling and say momma what's that I would say the ceiling baby and he would be following something and watch it go to the hall and then he would say "oh momma where'd it go"? He's done this to me more then once.

Other times he will be playing and run to me looking scared saying momma its scary, momma get it I would tell him to show me and run to me looking scared saying momma its scary, momma get it I would tell him to show me and he'll point to the wall or the ceiling I thought maybe he seen a bug even though he shows no fear any other time so I tell him to tell it Don't scare me or I'm not going to play with you or Be nice mr ghost no scare me it freaks me out and kind of makes me mad that it messes with my baby but as long as its not hurting him... I have had so many more things happen in the two houses where I lived in MI as well as the one in IN to much to write this is why I'm scared for my son. Some weren't that bad at all and some I will never ever forget...

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EyesWideOpen (63 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-17)
In the late 19th century there was an author who said something like, "strong faith in a weak plank won't get you across the river."

I guess his message was, choose carefully or suffer the consequences. I would say, there are always consequences, whether you choose or not..., be careful.

God Bless 😊
greenpondmike (1 stories) (82 posts)
13 years ago (2009-12-17)
The previous comment was a reply to a previous poster's comment--"Religious names are as powerful Only as the faith behind them. For We give names power." I was strongly dissagreeing with that comment. I rescaned your story and the place you are living at now seems mild compared to your previous dwellings. I don't know what shadow people are, but it seems that someone else commented on another story concerning them--that they are demonic. I hope that you don't have any more problems like you had in the past. Many people here have other opinions besides the ones that I suggested and I respect them. I just try to give advice to the best of my ability according to what I strongly believe. If you ever have any more problems I hope you find my comments useful. I just try to help people the best I can. Reading some of my previous posts, I do sound like a "know it all". I'll go ahead and confess that I do not know it all--I'm just a person of strong convictions.~Best wishes...Mike
greenpondmike (1 stories) (82 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-17)
There is a person who made everything and is right now keeping it all together. There is a person for which all things were made by HIM and for HIM. There is a person who cast out 1000 demons at one time and the demons were afraid that HE was going to judge them before their time. There is a name that means JEHOVAH SAVES. There is a name that the bible says at which every knee shall bow. The BIBLE says that there is a person that will save you if you call upon HIS NAME and that it is the only name by which we must be saved. There is a person that holds the keys to hell and death. There is a person who is not only the SON OF GOD--HE is GOD. That person and that name is THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. HE is THE CRUCIFIED, RESURRECTED SON OF GOD. HE is also the KING OF kings and LORD OF lords. My point? If JESUS can't help you, no one can. HIS name doesn't need our help to give it power--IT has a power of its own and gives power. Faith is only as good as the person that you put it in.
LaceyWacey (1 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-14)
hi, um well I've heard that children who see
"spirits" often grow out of it by the time 10 years old. Do you see the things he see's or have you lost your ability to see them. If you have I wouldn't worry to much about it that means he probly will to.
God bless. 😊
WandersintheDark (10 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-02)
Ma'am, I hope they haven't done anythign beyond be "scary". In general "shadow people" are a very weak type of spirit. Sometimes they are made of negative energy and will act in ways that are strange to us. Especially by observing us during the night ect. For the most part they are harmless, its the Feel of them and the Presence that causes fear. For they are unknown to us, and Look like dark made solid. And most of humanity fears the dark.

Religious names are as powerful Only as the Faith behind them. For We give names power.

There is nothing to suggest you're home has evil spirits. No poltergeist activity, no dread or "bad nights". Some spirits don't respect personal space, because they don't Think like we do. Some of the lower orders are instinctive and drawn to what they are, or what they're Ment to do.

IE: many so called "demonic hauntings" are in broken homes. Places that anger, violence or simply unrest is prevailent. This is because of the energy given off. Happyness attracts happyness, and anger and hatred draws to it beings that Are the same. Not necessarily Evil... But born Of it. In a way nature vs nurture.

My advice is to sit down with your child and discuss it. He would know if any were Truly Bad. Their energy would betray it. If activity gets bothersome, burning some sage or sweetgrass helps with the lower entities (around the home totally).

If this doesn't assist, spreading of black salt (sea salt mixed Either with ashes or black pepper) on the doors and windows would keep out such beings.

I know their presence can Be frigtening, but as long as they are not Acting in a negative manner to you and yours, I would say there is nothing to fear.
bldfalcon (12 stories) (262 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-27)
ecery child is born with a hyper- sensative gift. I had it, my mother had it, her mother had it, even my siblings. It could be genetics or just a curse. It's common though!
faerielike (15 stories) (268 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-26)
Ah! It looks like the rest of your story got cut off! I want to know what happens next!
Regardless, I hope you get that baby out of that room! I chose the smaller room for our bed room when we moved because of the feelings I got from it. I can handle spooks, but I don't want my son sleeping with them!
Good luck and I hope we get to hear what is going on! ❤
greenpondmike (1 stories) (82 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-26)
Look Trudy's name up on this site, click on her name and read her comments---highly recomended. I'd do all that I could to stop this situation. I don't know whether you are a Christian or not but the name of JESUS is powerful and there is authority---all authority is in that name because HE is LORD and all authority has been given over to HIM. The BIBLE says in the book of James says that the demons believe and tremble. You don't have to fear evil spirits. The BIBLE teaches us to fear the LORD and it is not talking about a "get scared and run" kind of fear, but a reverant respect.I'm not saying to interact with evil spirits (not recomended), just don't let them get to you and feed off your fear and have a jolly good time at you and your family's expense. Rebuke them in the name of JESUS.

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