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The 1st Encounter With The Follower


I don't know if you all read my 1st story The Follower. Here is the beginning of when I first encountered it.

It was back in January of 1980. I was 7 years old. That Sunday my mother had taken me to church for the first time in my life. I didn't know much about God or the Devil at that time. We had never gone to church before that. I know I went with her a couple of times before she had an aneurysm in her brain and passed away just weeks later. Immediately I was sent to live with my grandmother because my Father was 28 at the time and said he could not take care for me. I was feeling really lost and depressed due to my mom passing and my dad leaving me. At that time my Grandmother was Catholic and took me to her church. As we walked in the church I felt like something was following me and I got really scared and told my grandma that I wanted to go home. She said everything will be fine we are in the house of the Lord.

We sat next to some candles that were burning; I still had a very bad feeling and looked back at the entry of the church. I remember making eye contact with an older gentleman; something didn't look right in his eyes, I had told my grandma that the man scared me, she didn't say anything. Too my horror that man came and sat behind me. I felt like he was just staring at me but was too afraid to turn around. The priest started to speak and read from the Bible and one of the candles next to me burst. One of the ushers came and cleaned it up. Moments later I felt someone thrashing around under my seat. Remember I was only 7 so my feet didn't come close to touching the ground.

As I bent over to look to see what was under my seat. All I saw was the man's eyes looking at me from beneath my seat. The whites of his eye were a yellowish, red. I was terrified I stood up on the pew and was ready to run but my grandma held me down and the Ushers came and carried out the man. When it was time to leave I looked back and the man was standing in the doorway walking back and forth. I told my grandma I never want to go back to that church again. If we were going to go to church I wanted to go to the one my mom took me too. So she agreed.

Later that night I was in my grandmother's room with her and two of my cousins. We were just talking about all the good times we had with my mom. On the wall of her bedroom she had a brand new statue of the Virgin Mary's head that a friend had given her as a gift for the loss of her daughter (my mom). My Cousin just happened to look at it as we were talking and said look it's crying. Too my horror tears were coming down its face. I didn't see it has a blessing as my grandma did. Too me it felt more sinister. I got the same feeling like I did back at the church. That whatever followed us to the church came home with us.

I know at one point when I was a bit older it was trying to posses me. One night we went to an evening service at church and during the service I would feel a pressure on my chest that made it hard for me to breath. I felt like I just had to get out of there. As I ran out of the church a woman stopped me and took me into another room. She called in a youth pastor and some other people and I remember them praying over me. I felt so bad like my heart was being torn out with this tremendous pressure on my chest. I remember feeling so angry and hot I could feel heat coming out of my body. They must have prayed for me all night. By the time it was over I could see the sun coming up. I remember I felt calm, loving peace.

During the years that passed it seems like it would come back but never to enter me again but to try to scare and confuse me and now I feel it's after my son.

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gvf7225 (3 stories) (12 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-02)
I tried to ask my grandmother what was wrong with the man but she just told me, not to worry that the church will take care of him. I never really got a clear answer. I think since I was so young everybody hoped I would forget about it. But it's something that was burned into my mind because since that day I am still dealing with it in my home.
wiincee (2 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-31)
wow that's creepy... 😲
Why did you go and ask your grandmother or the priest or someone about the man at the church.
Take care ❤

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