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My Aunt's House


I had previously posted a story on here but this one I recently remembered. This happened when I was about 9-13... I am 16 now. Me and my cousin Amber had always been very close. She lived in a 2 story house (she's 21 now and moved out when she was 18). I stayed over at her house a lot when she still lived with her parents. The upstairs of that house is freaky, especially Amber's room. I could hear breathing sometimes when I was alone up there and always feeling watched.

One time when I woke up in the middle of the night when I was staying there, I swear I saw someone standing by me (amber was sleeping next to me). Amber had the same experiences and so did everyone else in that house. I was always scared to go up there alone and I still am, but one time I had to go up there to grab some clothes Amber gave me, and as I was walking down the stairs her door slammed! I stared to cry and fell down the rest of the stairs trying to get down stairs as fast as possible (I was the only one upstairs when this happened).

Another time I was alone in the house babysitting Amber's younger brother Hayden, when the ice on the fridge door just started to come out. Then, at about 11pm, I heard the upstairs door slam. Hayden was scared because of all the noise so I called my dad to come pick me and my cousin Hayden up. My aunt and uncle and cousin Hayden still live there but Hayden refuses to go upstairs or sleep in his upstairs bedroom (he's about 9 now), but he never slept up there alone.

As for me, I make sure I'm never alone in that house... Especially upstairs. Did I mention Amber played with an Ouija board upstairs in her room? She told me that after she played with it, she had a dream of a girl that used to live there drowned in the bathtub. And every time she tried to put it away in her closet, the next day it would be on her bedroom floor out of the box and everything.

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Laur94 (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2007-08-19)
ive read your story, and I'm freaked out!
My aunts house is haunted too... And if your family that live in that house are REALLY scared or just curious, then my aunt had her house blessed and had a medium come in and see what was going on.
It turned out its haunted by two spirits and she's so much happier now that she knows what's going on.
And the mediums have helped these spirts "go to the light", as they put it.
So I really really recommend this, it makes her feel so much safer.
Brianna (guest)
15 years ago (2007-04-19)
Sure a lot people die and stay in their house after they die. Aren't you glad you didn't live there. My Aunt's house was haunted too, but I loved it. It was a big Victorian house built in the early to mid
1800's. My mom would help with doing laundry in the basement. It was creepy, dark, dirt floor and one bulb for a light. She would bring us kids down with her. I always felt ghosts there. When I was older my mom finally confessed she was afraid to go down and do laundry there and took us with her for company. She also let us all play down there by ourselves. Hey my mom was young and you know nobody believes in ghosts, but I did and still do. That still was my favorite house though.

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