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Has Something Been Following Me?


Gosh, please forgive me for writing such a long story and if it's a little rushed. I'm trying to write my whole lifetime of experiences into as little wording as possible. If you have any questions, please ask and I'll provide more details if you want.

Ever since I was a little girl I've always experienced strange events that I never could explain. I think it started when I was about four years old. We had just moved into our new house and I was excited about my new room. But strange things often happened during the night. I would always wake up from a sound sleep and look around in the dark and that is when things would get strange. My bed would often shake a little violently for a few seconds and then stop. Not thinking about what it could be, I always shook it off as a dream and I would fall back asleep.

And there was one incident that happened that was strange. I had been asleep one night and when I had awoken, I came crashing down against the bed as if I was floated a few inches above the bed. Now I don't know if that is paranormal in any way, but I always thought it was strange. I could never get that out of my mind, even now after sixteen years.

But it wasn't just that that confused me during those nights. I remember very clearly hearing the door that connected to the garage shutting. I live in a two story with my bedroom is located directly above the garage. And that door always had a distinct way that it closed because it was an old door and you had to slam it in order to close, which was felt all throughout the house. Every night around the time I would go to bed, I would always hear that door shut. Now, it would be logical to say that it was only my parents, but my parents never used the garage except as storage area and they rarely went in there. And there were many nights where I knew they were both fast asleep when it would happen. In fact, it still happens to this very day. Though not as frequently as it used to. Or perhaps I'm not paying attention to it like I used to.

As I got older I didn't think so much about what happened to me as a child and those events that happened during the night. When I was about eleven years old, I had my first of many lucid dreams. Now these dreams were strange because I would always be in the place I fell asleep in and in the exact same position I was asleep in. In my first one I was in my room. It was night I believe and there was this being there. I couldn't see him, but I could hear his voice from within my head. Embarrassing to say, but it ended up turning into a sex dream. And at eleven I thought it was equally disturbing to be having those types of dreams. But I just wrote it off as nothing but puberty. However, I kept having those dreams. They were never consistent, but more spaced out. Weeks, sometimes months would go by before I would have another one of those dreams.

Then along with that, I would also hear a voice. It sounded to be that of a man no too old, but certainly older than me. I would always be in bed when it happened, but I'm certain that I was not asleep. As I would lie down and about to close my eyes, I would hear him. He would say, "Hello?" like he was trying to see if I was awake. I never answered, except for one night. I was lying down in bed, as always, and getting ready to close my eyes. All of a sudden, I heard a voice. "Are you there?" It said. I immediately shot up into a sitting position, something I never did before, and answered, "Yes. I'm here." But I didn't get a response. Not once did I ever fear it, though. I was around thirteen or fourteen by this time

The voices never happened since the night it asked me if I was there. However, the dreams never stopped. Many occasions I was visited by this being and never once did I ever get to see his face. I remember many times I would grab onto his arm and once I begged to see his face, but it would refuse. It always told me that it didn't want me to look at his face. Those were some of the strangest dreams I ever had in my life and I never thought of them anymore than dreams. At the time, I never even knew what an Incubus was.

When I was seventeen, I got pregnant and everything stopped. I didn't hear anything or have any of those dreams. And for quite a few years nothing happened. And I didn't think about it too much. But then, several months ago it started up again. I think it was because I played with an Ouija board again. I hadn't touched one since I was twelve and I hadn't thought much of it when I started again. I was never one to believe in them too much and the one I had was just a piece of paper with letters and numbers drawn on them. I didn't think it would work, but as soon as I started I got someone. I asked who his name was and he told me it was "R.C." I then asked a few more questions, but it refused to spell out anything for me. Figuring it was fake, I simply just tore it up and threw the paper away, telling it I would talk to it again later. I never figured it was anything other than me and my subconscious.

A few months later, I begin having dreams again. They began in my ex's room. The first time, I had fallen asleep and I thought I had woken up. My ex was asleep next to me and I felt as if I couldn't move. I was on my stomach, the same position I was in when I had fallen asleep. It was then I felt a weight on my back. Thinking it was my ex, I looked over at him, but he was on the other side of the bed. The being must have begun to have sex with me because I was moving in an up and down fashion like one would if they were doing "it". When it was finished, it left. I woke up extremely confused and I didn't talk about it with anyone.

The next encounter was once again in my ex's room. I fell asleep on my stomach and when I went into a lucid dream I was in the same position. As I lay there I felt something jump onto me. This time it was much heavier and much more solid, as if a person had jumped on me. Thinking it was my ex; I kicked and shouted, "Get off me, Josh!" And it got off. When he had woken up, I asked him if he had jumped on me while I was lying down and he told me no. I dropped it, thinking I must have been imagining things.

The third time it happened I was laying down on my side when I drifted into sleep. Again, I had a lucid dream. Again, I was on the same side I fell asleep on. As I lay down in bed, I stared at the wall. I thought I was awake at this moment. I heard the television, I heard the sounds outside. Nothing alerted me to the fact that I was asleep. In fact, in all of these experiences, nothing ever told me that I was asleep. Anyway, as I lay there I felt something come up and press up against my back. It was such a hard pressure and I was curious as to how someone could press up against me so hard. But as soon as it happened it was gone. I asked my ex about it and he told me he wasn't even in the room the time I was asleep.

The final time happened only a few nights ago. I had fallen asleep at my house when I got another dream. Again I was lying in the same spot I fell asleep in. I was looking straight ahead of me like I always seem to do. It was then that I felt something from behind me playing with my hair. It was like it took a strand and started twirling it and playing with it. However, unlike the rest, I talked to it. "Who are you?" I asked. "It is me." It responded in a strange voice. I woke up soon after.

Curious, I made my own makeshift Ouija board again and began to play around once more. I asked. "Is anyone there?" and it responded, "Yes." I then asked what its name was and it responded. "R.C." and my heart started to race. I had not thought about the last time I played with an Ouija board, in fact I had forgotten all about it. Intrigued, I asked if it was following me and it told me it was. In a fit, I tore up the paper and threw it away. I never closed the conversation. That was a day ago.

Why am I writing this? I'm not sure. Maybe someone can provide me with some insight about what this is and maybe tell me I'm not crazy? I have never talked about this except with one person and they didn't believe a word I told them. What is this? Do you think it's the same entity? Why me? I'm confused about this. Thank you.

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Thealoneone (1 stories) (77 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-05)
OK, to start, when you said that you were floating and you 'fell' into bed, that is a rare happening of when you are asleep and you either: wake yourself up or are woken up by something on someone.

No you are not crazy, but the main rule of an Ouija board is to always say goodbye and let the ghost answer goodbye. Never ending a conversation with a ghost is like leaving a door open. You can let things in or out. Perhaps try to connect to him and say what you want, like "i want to know more about you" or "i wish for you to leave me on"
Then wait for the ghosts reply, if it is a incubus then they are much harder, but the same thing... Judging by the facts I know, incubus ans succubus (the female counterpart) are demons driven for sex with the opposite gender, this is for them to mainly survive. These demons are like normal human beings, we need food to live, they need sex to live. Just let them do their work and you will not be as scared as you are now...

Obviously you are connected to ghosts and experiences. That is not something to be scared of. That is a gift, and you should use it wisely...

The Alone One.
Temilicious (7 stories) (99 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-05)
just out of curiosity, what precautions have you taken over the years to protect yourself from this entity?
It was a good idea to share your experiences on this site, I am quite new myself but I can guarentee you that you will get some helpful information here. Although it sounds like dreams I am all too familiar about dreams that turn out ti be anything but. Can I ask are you a Christian? I ask this cause the easiest thing I can think of for you to do right now is next time when confronted with this
Enity you must tell it to leave you alone in Christ Jesus' name. Be firm but most importantly believe.
If that doesn't work, then it is time to seek help from a higher spiritualist. Good luck and God bless you.
Tiz88 (6 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-04)
Wow, to be honest that's slightly disturbing. 😲 Its very suprising aswell. Its confusig to understand, but ouija boards are silly and stupid. You shouldnt have done that. Hun you are not crazy what so ever. Dont worry about that. Its only a phantom. As my grandad said "be more afraid of the living than the dead". I apologize if my comment meant nothing. Just understand, I believe you:) 😁

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