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One Big Fat Scary Orb


You know how many report cases of orbs and such; I also have had a certain experience with one. Like any other little kid I too was afraid of the dark and my mum said I had to sleep alone that night. I tried to stay up as much as possible with the light turned on but eventually lost the battle and it was switched off. I was stuck in bed alone only to have a giant pony toy lying beside me like that would help. The thick blankets almost suffocated me as I struggled to keep my head under there; naturally I had to breathe. And it was hot under the blankets. I wanted to pull them off my whole body but I retorted against such thoughts as I was scared of ghosts. Unfortunately that wasn't my night either. I was awake, sweating because of the heat. My head barely escaping from the cave of my thick blankets. I caught a glimpse of something rather huge in size, shaped like a ball, it was white and shiny. I know it sounds crazy but this huge white ball shaped thing slowly floated towards me. To tell the truth it scared the crap out of me!

I prayed, shut my eyes and pulled the blankets over me even tighter and waited until I fell asleep. Luckily when I did wake up next the sun had risen and there was no sign of that orb shape thing.

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