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Always Looking Twice


I'm new to this so please bare with me. I've been reading these stories for a good year now and decided to create my own account. I've always been intrigued by all the stories posted. I've never really had the chance to share this with most people and some people look at me as if I have two heads.

The other night I was in the kitchen getting a drink and the stair case light was on, no one was home but my mum but she was in bed which is on the other side of the house (nowhere near the staircase) and I swear that I saw someone standing on the staircase, so certain that I turned and looked as if I actually expected someone to be there even though I knew no one was home. Also, my dad sometimes in the middle of the night finds it hard to breathe because he feels as though someone is pushing down on his chest, I have a number of times heard him in this struggle.

I remember one time I had woken up and heard my brother racing around upstairs in a rush trying to get ready and I don't always like to see my brother so I avoided going upstairs to say hello, after a while my mother had come home and I said to her 'I suppose I better go say hi to Luke then' and she said 'What?', and I replied with 'Gonna go upstairs to say hi to Luke', to my surprise no one had been home all day so whatever I had heard was no my brother.

Late at night, maybe late last year I was in the kitchen, the kitchen is near my bathroom and ever since this experience I close the to door to the bathroom, always. It was around 200am when I heard what sounded like someone drumming their finger nails on the wall from inside the bathroom. I went to go have a look and just as I got up to look the noise had stopped. I went back to sit where I was sitting and it began again. I was scared of course, so I ran to my room leaving all the lights on. I actually apologised to mum for leaving all the lights on because I was scared but she said I hadn't even though I know I did.

My sister was in the kitchen with her boyfriend, there are two ways of leaving the kitchen, her boyfriend left one way and my sister the other, yet they still cross paths and meet half way. My sister turned the lights off and it was really dark, when she met up with her boyfriend in the hall she was aware of some boxes that were in her path so she held her hand out to her boyfriend to grab as she could see his figure standing right in front of her, yet he didn't put his hand out to her in time and she knocked her feet on the boxes, her boyfriend asked 'What was that?', but he had asked her all the way from her room which was nowhere near where she was, so obviously what she had seen was not her boyfriend at all, of course shocked she ran to her room. I'm not so sure if her boyfriend believed her, that part of the story I am unaware of.

Also, I always feel as if I'm being watched, like someone is behind me. Its strange and sometimes makes me feel a bit uneasy. I don't know what to think of it.


Thanks for reading.

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Alesana_Kats (2 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-15)
Well, there's definitely something in your house. I'm experiencing the same thing in a way. I think that you should probably do a background check in your house. That's what I did, and found out something very shocking...
birdoys (3 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-31)
aaaivilo1, I know what you mean about the feeling that something's watching, my house is rather old also and often some of my (17 year old) brother's friends come back from parties, and refuse to go upstairs because it is too scary, my theory is that a ghost currently occupies the house, but I could easily be wrong since I have only ever felt a presence and heard scratching sounds, the front door opening and closing with no-one near it (the door has a code lock, so it is unlikely to have been lock-picked), and a shadow that used to pass by my old room sometimes before I would go to sleep.
aaaivilo1 (1 stories) (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-08)
I think there is something in my house, and my house is quite old and I don't mean to stereotype 'haunted houses' but my house when we first moved in was very run down and spooky. As much as it is interesting sometimes I wish I didn't experience these kinds of things.
Thanks for your input! Its much appreciated.:)
didssy_ (4 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-08)
This is quite spooky, I think, because your house is obviously hunted by something, I'm sorry that I'm not sufficiently into all the ghosts and demons stuff, so I can't help you figure out what is really there and how to make it go away. I'm just like you, hearing things, feeling things, sometimes seeing things:D But because I know how you feel, I think the feeling that "someone's watching me!" is definitely part of your imagination. It's absolutely natural, after so many crazy and supernatural events that has happened in your house, to become a little bit paranoid.
Be strong, and I'm sure that things are going to calm down in a way, when you ignore them. I know this is not the best thing to do:D But I know that that's what I'm doing, and for now it serves me well.

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