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Ghosts Haunts Friend's House


One of my best friends used to live in this older style house, out in the country near a local lake. He had told us stories of paranormal activity that he has seen. Being skeptical I usually took his stories as unreal and played along. He invited me over one night and I accepted and everything seemed normal. We had a few of our other friends over as well and they all wanted to see these "ghosts" that he had been talking about. He told us that the most activity came from the shed in his backyard. This shed was very run down, slanting with little patches of white paint still remaining. There was no door to it and the inside was almost inaccessible. Here he claimed to have seen the ghost of what appeared to be a young teen, wearing a leather jacket, ball cap, and playing with a lighter.

He took us all out to the shed and as I suspected nothing was there. Disappointed we went back into the house. Then they decided to go into the woods, however I decided to stay back. I watched them walk through the woods with a flashlight, towards the end of the property. I noticed another light shining from directly across the property aiming towards them, then the light scurried towards my friends and they started running towards the house. They came back winded telling me of how they could hear and feel something approaching them from behind. They were pretty shook up.

We waited for some time and then decided to go outside. We wandered outside and to my shock there was the ghost, just as he depicted it. We shined a light onto the figure, but it vanished. We stood awestruck then booked inside. After that we decided it was time to just call it a night, however before I fell asleep I could hear the sounds of chains rattling through the house, but there was nothing there. This event made me a believer in the paranormal.

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troyarn (5 stories) (479 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-08)
I've often wondered what the connection between ghosts and rattling chains was.

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