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I'm only eleven and have already encountered a ghost. I go to my grandmother's house a lot and see "things". There used to be this rocking chair in the living room that every time at 2am, something would be rocking this chair. My grand mother is very religious and she can tell (by the coldness) when a ghost is near.

My favorite cousin, Annabell, and I, snuck out at almost 1:30 am to the living room we waited to see, but we never saw anything. Annabell got so tired, she went to bed. I stood there awake, forcing myself to stay awake (I'm fascinated by ghosts. Every day I come home, I go read the ghost stories on the computer, I would do any thing to see a real ghost). At 2:00am, I nearly got sat on. I thought it was my sister (she wakes up every night to go pee) but it was a lot heavier. I couldn't breath. When the weight decreased, I jumped up to see who it was. All I saw was a figure, it looked like a young woman.

The next morning I told Annabell about my encounter. She thought I was lying because she said I was a great actress. That was until my other cousin told me about a women who died in that house and owned that rocking chair. That cousin encountered the same ghost but it was when she went to brush her teeth and the ghost came through her bathroom door. As soon as she screamed, my grand mother came rushing I'll never forget that day, 5/30/03.

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whitebuffalo (guest)
14 years ago (2007-11-22)
urxqurlxmaraka, I'm sorry I took so long to get around to this story! How wonderful that your Grandmother is so in tune with her spirituality that she can sense these beings too. She could be your helping hand when these beings spook you next time. So many times we adults seem to forget that a bit of support would be helpful to make things less scary for those who follow in our footsteps.
Josephine, I do not know urxqurlxmaraka's Grandmother, but there ARE several religions that DO believe in otherworldly beings. They do not all have the name of ghost. Angels, spirits, Guardians, your conscience, those just name a few. And people who believe in them are not crazy, they have a gift. Neither are you crazy.
Josephine (guest)
14 years ago (2007-11-22)
You told, that your grandmother is religious, then how can he believe THEM?I'm happy about it, but all people(religious people) who I know are telling me all the time, that I'm crazy, that THEY does not exist. But I know, that I haven't lost my mind... I have seen too much...

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