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Horrible Feelings At Colonial Park Cemetary


I was on a business trip in Savannah, Ga last Sunday night, Nov 1. Several of us were heading to dinner by the river. We were driving when all of a sudden; I got this terrible feeling of dread. Then we came up on the Colonial Park Cemetery which until now, I knew nothing about. As we were passing by, I had a horrible sensation of anger and sadness. I 'heard' voices of many people in my mind, children in particular stood out. They were screaming and crying out. It moved me to the point of tears.

I researched this cemetery and found that it dates back to the 1700's. Many people died of yellow fever and of several great fires in the city and are buried there. Union solders also desecrated the graves during war time.

I consider myself a 'sensor'. I have communicated several times through my thoughts with the dead. I am aware of this gift and am trying to develop it more. However, this experience was so disturbing; I do not think I will be going back there to practice. If anyone has suggestions on how to develop this gift, I would love to hear from them. I feel that I have been given this gift for a purpose, and I would like to help others if possible.

Thank you for any suggestions you may have.

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earthtogillian (17 posts)
11 years ago (2013-09-28)
Try going to abandoned places and from there, try to pick up energies. The "feeling" is all so very familiar to me too. In my recent home, I feel a male presence, a couple and a little girl. I asked my mom about the house's history. It turns out I'm right. There was a couple who lived there before we did but they didn't die in the house. They were friendly and I felt no threat from them. They were the last to live there before us. The little girl was their daughter, one and only. She was at times violent and only showed up when I was rebellious or up to something bad. Lastly, the man. He smoked a lot as I've smelt a lot of cigars when he would show up or make its presence known. He wasn't related to the couple. The house was rich in history for it was made in 1904, which is why mu parents loved it so much. I will be posting my occurrences when ygs will be allowing the publishing of posts. I've been to cemeteries and have these eerie vibes I get for no reason. I'll be trying to go ghost hunting just to sharpen my skill (whatever it is) more.
RSeal (1 stories) (14 posts)
15 years ago (2009-11-30)
I've had the same experience. I've always had feelings when around cemetaries. Once, I was hiking in the woods when the feeling came over me, and as I looked closer to my surroundings, discovered an abandoned cemetary. That freaked me a little. On my first visit to Savannah, I was trying to find parking at night in the rain. I did, and had "That Feeling". I realized I was parked next to the Colonial Park Cemetary. I've had the same feelings while visiting ruins and such. Once it was almost too much in a dungeon in Belgium. I don't know how to increase it, or use it or what. I do know its a great way for me to accidently find cemetaries. I'll come back here and see if you get any advice. Might be worth a try. Have a great day.

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