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The Friendly Cemetary Ghost


Just a bit of a back story to understand the context. I lost my dad when I was 12 and my "gift" emerged soon after. I am now a 30yr old woman and have learnt to understand my gift better, since is so far the strongest form of communication for spirits to contact me- specially family. I also can "feel" a spirits emotions- one could say I am an empath or a sensitive. In all my years I have never encountered a full manifestation- mostly orbs, distinct shadow people, scents, vibes, etc. I am of Jewish faith, orthodox if details are wanted.

In our religion it is customary to visit the gravestones of loved ones before our Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah), if not then, then before our Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) as a way of atoning for sins committed and to honour the loved ones that weren't fortunate to be written in the "Book of Life".

One year, I was about 17-18 years old and doing the rounds of our family who were scattered in a VERY large cemetery (they have a golf cart to get people around it's that large). I was walking towards the row where my great grandparents were making sure I did not trip over corners of slabs or stray rocks and holes from earth shifts. I found them and was just having my alone time with them, my mom was easily 100m uphill at her dad's grave (her dad was her everything so I let her have her time with him) when I felt the need to look down the row towards the end that led onto the "road".

Note there was no one else around (its situated on a slope so you can see quite easily all round and it's comforting seeing others at a cemetery then you don't feel alone) and I didn't feel scared or anything. Walking uphill was a tall distinguished old man wearing a black suit, white shirt and a blue tie with round glasses in a thin frame with his white hair reaching just past his shoulders, waving slightly and the front was beginning to thin and bald.

I looked at him and thought he could be the spitting image of a poetry judge I had had a few years back at a convention in Florida. I looked at him and thought that this man was a twin, it was uncanny. He slowed down ever so slightly whilst walking past my row and smiled at me, I remember thinking he had this soft and gentle demeanour about him, walking calmly at ease even though it was boiling and he was in a suit (something that isn't seen unless there is a funeral). He smiled at me and I smiled back and waved (no idea why, just felt right, I was calm) and he nodded slightly in my direction and continued up, I watched him for a bit and then continued my private time at the headstones looking down. A few minutes later my mom came to pay her respects, walking the same path the man was.

I mentioned if she also thought the man looked like the judge I had... She questioned what man? We both looked up and from our vantage point you could see right to the top and he wasn't around... So we made our way back up the path towards the car looking in between the rows and saw no one at all. We arrived at the top and asked the caretakers casually if they had seen an elderly man come past because it was getting close to closing time- there hadn't been anyone in the top section since my mom...

I described the man in perfect detail to my mom and she immediately knew which "elderly judge" I was referring to. My mom is aware of my abilities and she too has underdeveloped gifts courtesy of a narrow minded family- thankfully she is very open minded. We checked the parking lot and looked around with the caretaker in case something had happened to him. But the cemetery, for lack of a better word, was dead. We were the last people- even the main admin building staff had left.

To this day I will never know who he was, what he was doing there and that he was such a perfect manifestation I didn't sense the whole "i see dead ppl" vibe or any emotions from him. I was just strangely calm standing there, ironically in that time I didn't feel hot or sweaty, just comfortable and able to look at him without squinting (something that is nearly impossible for me with sensitive eyes). Never since have I ever seen another manifestation- vibes and emotions yes- but no physical spirit. Normally I am overwhelmed in the presence of a spirit with their emotions but this was as if he alive and happened to be walking past politely greeting me back.

At my age now that memory is still perfect, it's never faded. Any insight or theories would be interesting to hear. Thank you for your patience in reading my memory, I hope it was food for thought.

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Taintedprincess (20 posts)
5 years ago (2019-09-13)
Hello my fellow South African. My name is Taintedprincess and I have just started my paranormal podcast. I enjoyed your story and would love to share it as content for my podcast! Thats if it would be ok with you? Please let me know ❤

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