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What The Hell Is It


For years now I have been followed by an annoying pest who won't get the hint and get lost. It frustrates me because I unfortunately am the only person who can hear it or communicate with it.

It has pinned me at night time when I have been awake laying on the couch, bed, and so on where I can't move cause I'm paralyzed by it somehow and I have to wiggle my little toe to get out of it. It makes it even more distressing that at the same time I can't scream or call for help because my vocals are some how immobilized. While this is going on at bed time my partner can't seem to wake when I get out of it and then I get pinned again.

The other night I had a disturbing dream that someone came to my house and tried to rape me. Last night I got pinned the worst time ever when I woke up and felt someone in the room, followed by footsteps, I turned no one was there. I couldn't wake my partner up and I got pinned repeatedly while something tried to talk through my mouth without my permission while watching an invisible force trying to wake my partner by shaking him and shaking him.

It is so unfair that the living have to put up with this crap from the dead!

We can't do anything about it happens everyday!

If they were alive and done this crap they'd be jailed!

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666devilchicks (12 posts)
11 years ago (2010-11-24)
dude I ❤ the line
Why do the living have to put up with this crap from the dead!


😆 tears of joy
Lots of ❤ shajuana
robertar (223 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-18)
i agree with previous comment, that there is something people can do about it and many do.

If the biblical accounts about Jesus are true, then He is alive, has authority over these spirits, the power to back up his authority, and the will to help those who ask Him. That's more than fair.
greenpondmike (1 stories) (82 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-18)
Sounds like a demon to me. Only JESUS can help you with that.I'm not trying to push JESUS on you--this is only a suggestion. Go ahead and try everything else if you want, but when all of that fails, please remember HIM. If you can, call out HIS name, but if you can't--just pray to HIM. The BIBLE says for us to taste, and see that the LORD is good. I see this as an opportunity to begin a relationship with the best friend that you will ever have!
KirkoBezerko (guest)
12 years ago (2009-11-17)
It's not crazy, I mean it's scary as hell, but nothing out of the ordinary. What you have is a common sleeping disorder called 'Sleep Paralysis, SP is quite common and nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. It happens to thousands or maybe even millions of people every day, hope this helps, kirko!
kittiemoon (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-17)
unfortunately kate this has happened to me many times when I have been awake... So the sleep poralysis thing is out the window for me. But you guys have given me some great ideas, especially about the stress thing.
cutechoy (42 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-17)

What a SCARY story! I hope the GHOST stop pinning and disturb you and your partner...

Thanks for sharing!

Kate (18 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-16)
It sounds like sleep paralysis. When you're in certain stages of sleep, your body is paralyzed. Sometimes your mind can wake up before your body does, and it is possible to see, hear and sense things that aren't there. I encourage you to look up the phenomenon, as it is quite common.
ZiShu (281 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-16)
This is no person. It is a demon. It is attached to you. Demons pin or hold their victims down while paralyzing them during attacks. They attack at times when you are sleep and when everyone is unable to help.
Forget trying to wake your partner. Demons choose a time to attack when your partner is in a deep sleep. Forget about jail or whatever you are thinking about this "person". It is a demon, and it has not many rules. It will keep attacking you until you give in, and a Fallen Angel will possess you.
You NEED to pray to God as it attacks you. Pray before you sleep for protection.
This happens to me everyweek, and almost everyday. I do not let it pin me because I wake up when I feel it coming close, and I say my prayers or I tell it to leave in God's name.
Trust me this will only get worst for you.
God Bless
Dimber (1 stories) (50 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-16)
Ever tried a exorcism. When did this started to happen? Did you bought anything that might have been haunted? Are you stress from thing or anything that might have caused this thing to be follow/ feeding off enegry. These type of thing like to mess with people who are spirity weak. It open a way for them to intrude and mess with you. Just keep your spirit up and whatever it is will leave you alone. Don't fear it. Exercise and bless your house to see if it works. Stay safe. If it doesn't leave you alone. Please do see professional help who can rid of the thing for you.
deon1234 (7 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-16)
Wow that's super CRAZY
I am sorry that happened to you I hope you feel better

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