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I'm a 1st time user of this type of site and to be quiet honest, I thought I'd never be posting or visiting this type of site because before the last couple of months of my life, I didn't believe 100% ghosts/spirits didn't really exist. I'll take you back a couple of months before my experience... I was like most of the population, working hard, depressed, wondering how to pay the mortgage, every normal persons woes. My wife always believed in the after-life and attended Angel card readings and suggested that I should go to one and it would give me direction in life. I attended and to tell you the truth, it made me feel good. She told me that I had a light and that I was special in a way that'll bring good to others and that I'll find myself over the next few months and I'm on a new spiritual chapter. I hadn't a clue what she was on about, but it made me feel good about myself. A couple of months past and the angel reading was gone out of my head but things were changing in me. I know it sounds crazy, but voices were in my head, my own voice, but someone else's thoughts. For a while, I thought I was going crazy. I had to put that to one side for the last 7 weeks because my second youngest child was waking up every night between 1am and 4am, crying hysterically. I was a wreck.

One night I stayed up watching a film while my wife and young family was in bed. It was about 12. 30am and I walked down towards my bedroom, past my second youngest child's room and caught something out of the corner of my eye. I swung around and there was a kid ghost about 3 feet tall and partially configured, as in, his bottom half looked real and the his top half not. He ran behind the half open door. I banged it open; just to see a blur rushing to my son's bed and disappearing and with that, my son roared. I stood there listening to my son roar for a minute and then went and woke my wife to tell her that Cameron was crying. She eventually got him back to sleep and came back out to me in the hallway. She knew there was something up with me. I told her and she freaked out. She believed me straight away. Up to this point in my life, I have never seen anything like that before. I felt confused, but not scared in the slightest, even though I said if I ever saw one, that I'd probably freak out.

My wife contacted her cousin who is a quantum healer the following day and told her the story. She asked her spirit guide to find out about what I seen. Her spirit guide said that it was a boy of four years old who had made several attempts to be seen to my wife and failed and he then turned his attentions to me. Luckily he was a good ghost and all he wanted was to find his mum and dad and that he enjoyed playing with my son Cameron. She put us in touch with a spiritual cleanser, Michael Anthony, who came to our house 2 weeks later. That was the longest 2 weeks ever. Cameron woke more and more every night, voices in my head were back stronger, and the noises... Anything from one knock on the bedroom window every so often, swishing noises in the hallway, talking, as in, three to four words at a time. Finally when Michael Anthony turned up, he cleansed us all before cleansing the house. He said that straight away he saw the energy off Cameron and said that he had what he had, his ability to see and hear at a higher vibration and that the spirits will decide if his future to see the spirits on a regular basis. He may lose it when he's 7 years old or it may continue.

He told me that the boy that was playing with Cameron had died in 1912 from TB and was lost and wanted just to play with him. He was sorry for causing trouble and just wanted to find his parents. I felt terrible for the kid. He called me aside and said that he had messages for me. He told me that my friend had died in a car crash when he was 20years old and was wishing well for me and also that I had a ghost attached to me. He said that he died only recently and he stuck to my aura and that he was electrocuted. He said that he was polish. I said that I didn't know him and left it at that. After an hour he had cleansed the house and sent the ghosts/spirits on their way.

Later after he left, I checked the internet for this polish guy and found him. He died in 2007 in a recycling plant in wexford Ireland and was electrocuted. I froze because only three months before this I had been working there for the ESB (national electrical service). He obviously followed me from there and was hoping to find his way home.

I have so many questions that need answering.

Was it faith that all these things happened to me and my family, where we meant just to help these two lost spirits, is this the last of this, am I on a new path, Were the voices in my head this polish guy talking to me, I just don't know. I was just an ordinary guy 5 or 6 months ago and my life has changed in a way that is largely unexplainable.

I know my story isn't as interesting as seeing an evil entity and doors banging and me being attacked but the spirit world is real and I thought I'd never say that. So if anyone wants to comment on this or had similar experiences, I would like to hear them. Thank you.

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irish-guy (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-07)
whitebuffalo, I'm back from Arthur findlay college and really enjoyed it. I really didn't know what to expect going over, but all my questions have been answered in a way. We got assessed over there and my assessor said that I'm a born medium that saw at an early age and had contact with the spirit world. Obviously, I can't remember that but she said that the spirit world are interested in me and the ghost I seen and everything that happened in my house was so it would lead me to that college to start me on the road of mediumship. To tell you the truth, I thought at the end of the week, I'd be seeing and hearing the spirit world with ease, but how wrong was i.She said that you have a belief that you are here for your child and that you think that your some type of gaurdian for him, that being partly true but you are here to become a medium yourself and that camerons time isn't yet. Then for the other 3 quaters of the reading she talked about cameron and said he was a crystal child and very special. Every experienced medium on the course were sayin that to me all week about him. The problem was that everyone of them had different ideas on how to handle his situation. Varing from trying to stop his experiences because of his age, to, encourage and feed his ability. I found it very confusing, so we are trying the 1st option and to tell you the truth it doesn't feel right to me somehow. Logically its the obvious option, but something doesn't feel right about it.
I felt a kind of division over there... Like mediums are the best (trance mediumship the ultimate)...tarot readers 2nd and healers were 3rd. In my opinion everyone with a talent/gift like this are equal. Maybe I'm new at this and don't understand it all yet, but I didn't like it. It was like if you can't make it as a medium that you have these other lesser options. They were people there that were 20years at it and people like me 1st time experiencers.
I was in a class of 15 with a tutor called sharon Harvey who really pushed me and raised my confidence. She was brillant. We worked hard everyday. We worked on the psychi 1st and I had very few problems tuning into that. It was amazing. We sat opposite a partner and had to read their aura and tell things about them. It felt so natural it was scary. It was like someone just dropping information into your head...amazing. What I found hard was the connecting with the spirit world and holding onto images in my head and when I got them, how I was meant to elaborate on them. I had to stand up in front of the class and make a connection, be in the power, concentrate on the spirit world and not use my logic to explain what was going on... EXTREMELY HARD. My tutor held her hand at the base of my back to give me more power and the amazing thing was she knew when the information and what I was felling hearing and seeing and being passed to me. The problem was I could feel everything very well (clairsentience) but my other senses were hard to hang onto for more than 3 or 4 seconds before I was getting overwhelmed. The amount of times I felt like crying was a joke. My tutor said that I was a gentle soul and atuned to the spirit world and it was normal. It was embarressing as I'm a big strong guy and I don't tend to cry at all. She said with pratice I could have them all, but it will take time on a lot of pratice. The problem is that in Ireland there isn't a spiritual church near me and to find someone like me is extremely hard to find without telling a lot of people and have people talking about me in a bad way, as in he's a wierdo.
I have asked the spirits to help me get to the next level and put opportunities my way and I have no option but to leave it in their hands. Its going to take years for me to attain my skills. I have no idea what the future holds, but at least I know 1 thing... I am a medium.
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2010-01-03)
Oh, please do. And you are so welcome. It will be a great pleasure to monitor your progress. I would love to hear the details!
Thank you.
irish-guy (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-03)
Whitebuffalo, Thanks for your advice and I'll keep you informed on how it goes over there. I agree with your thought of michael not telling me everything. I might screw it up and wait for it all to fall into place rather than going and getting it myself. I understand what your saying and its true. I'm going to be like a child in a candystore and I'll probably burn the ears off them with questions. Thats what they are there for I suppose. I probably won't sleep until I get there with excitment and yes, spirits aswell, lol. Thanks again
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2010-01-03)
Well, how exciting for you! I can not even imagine having the opportunity to go to school and study the way you have the opportunity to. Soak it all up. Try to gain more knowledge than what is handed to you. You WILL go far, as you have the desire to know.
I have a thought on why it is that Mr. Anthony could not tell you that first day, nor can he be too open about it all right now.
We are ALL created with free will.
Even if a person has the ability to see clearly into the future, the future CAN be, and often times (with just our actions, or reactions to things we are subjected to) IS "changed" from the path it would appear it was supposed to go.
IF he had told you that this is how all of this would have panned out... Seriously. WHAT would your reaction have been?
Now, be honest with yourself.
Would you have just simply accepted it and "followed the leader" like a lemming running off a cliff? Or would you have said "you are all so full of bunk" and renounced everything you have since come to learn?
I suspect, just with the short time that we have been having this conversation, that you would have taken the latter path, and therefore cheating yourself out of an amazing opportunity.
Besides, it is NOT up to anyone else to TELL you what your path should be. It is up to the individual to find the one that is right FOR THEM. As outsiders, it is easy to tell someone the road they should take, and the "I can see you doing..."'s. Often times, it turns out to be the personal desire of the "seer", and not what is best for the one involved.
It is MUCH like raising our children.
We WANT them to do so much better than WE did. So we try to point them in the right direction, and yes, even make a few decisions FOR them. But when it comes right down to it, it is what THEY ultimately decide to do that is the deciding factor in their path. They have to learn that they ARE responsible for what they do.
It may kill us to see them make mistakes, and even rip our heart out to sit by and watch where their mistakes may lead them, but in the long run, it is better for all involved when they find their own personal notch in this life. Without they find it them self, they will not truly be happy.
Good luck to you! I wish you quick and retentive learning, tenacious memory, and patience to decide what is best to recall.
In honor.
irish-guy (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-03)
Whitebuffalo, Hello. 4 days ago Michael rang my wife looking for me. She was in town and gave him my number. He said that he was visited by spirits the night before and he had messages for me. He said that they were tryin to get in contact, but I was doing my best to keep them away. He told me word for word every experience I had since he has been gone... I mean, word for word. The night he said he was visited I was also and it was extremely active. It normally starts with my hearing being amplified (I hear static from a t.v and then it gets real loud). I knew something was going to happen. My hearing would go nuts then cameron would roar. I let it happen 3 times to make sure I wasn't imagining it. So the 4th time, I got up and stood at my bedroom door and just listened. I could her talking perfectly, but at a real low volume and the damn static noise in my ears was screwing up my attempts to hear it properly. So, as usual, I hunted them out of the house and told them not to come back. Michael said at 3a.m, he was wokin by a load of spirits and a girl that said she was my sister being angry at me for throwing them out of my house when they were tryin to help me. He said my sister has been with me since birth and knew she had to pass on to leave me through and that the time was right. I never told him anything about my sister. He told me everything is happening for a reason and that he has been told to help me every step of the way and that there will be a few more teachers over the next few months helping me and they will make themselves known. He told me that I have to lose my ego and except everything that's going on. I vacuumed up the salt from around the bed and stopped asking archangel michael to put warriors in my room and guess what appart from the 1st night I done it, there has been no occurences, typical. He told me that I need to understand quick and that currently, I was screwing everything up, unknown to myself. He told me to go to Standsted, England to arthur findlay college to study and understand what my abilities are. I have booked in for the 31st jan and I can't wait. Its going to be weird to be with fellow people that are on their own journeys. Its like Harry potter or something... Its surreal. We talked about 30 minutes on the phone and for the most of it my mouth was open and I was shaking. I don't shake much as I'm a fairly strong guy and not a lot of things shake me but what he was sayin was just unreal. He also knew I was giving out about him,... The spirits ratted me out, but he explained to me that he said on the day that the house was clensed from anything bad entering but that he couldn't stop good spirits from entering,...which in fairness to him, he did say. I just didn't think that it would get worse after he visited us. He also said the minute he seen me that day, he knew that he would be helping me, but he couldn't tell me that day, for what reason, only god knows. He also said he knows my path, but he can't tell me. I suppose, its because I might choose not to take it, maybe. Before I let him go, I asked him a final question. When I was young I'm nearly sure I was experiencing thing but my parents told me it was my imagination and maybe I just finally believed them and they went away. Was I to see the other life, so I wouldn't ruin camerons visions and tell him that they werent real and that it was his imagination. Am I just a gaurdian... He said "no". You are on an important path and yes cameron is special, but his time isn't here yet. A chill rolled down my back... So its really about me then I thought. This is like a film. You couldn't write this stuff. I'm like frodo in the lord of the
I really don't know what to expect anymore. Just to think before May of last year, I had nothing, well I suppose, I had nothing but misery and bad luck and now I have confusion and good luck. To tell you the truth, I rather the now, even with the sleepless nights. I feel I have a purpose, whatever the hell it is, lol. Thanks for listening. I suppose I'll know more after I go to college, but I'm fairly sure I'm going to have a couple of more visiters in the mean-time. Bye.
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2010-01-02)
Sounds like you got quite a few things accomplished in a short amount of time, there, irish-guy.
I find it annoying, as well, that Mr. Anthony did not have the foresight to help the others Cross Over. It tends to honk me off a bit to hear that those with the ability seem to shirk the duty, but those that do not quite have the knack are the ones that seemingly try to send them away. Makes for a rush hour slow down in the Spiritual sense, in my opinion. I find it rather... Disturbing, I guess, when I ask people what their intentions are when dealing with a ghost and their first response is "to see who they are". I do not understand why the WHO is so important, and the ghosts comfort is lost. They were not intended to STAY here on this plane of existence, but to be in the Realm of Purity.
I would also agree with her in that you are in the beginning stages of your "career" as a clairvoyant, you will want to be very careful in who you let in on the little secret. There are those who will go to the extreme and tell you some very hurtful things. I personally feel that the reason they do that is that they do not understand one iota of what you are going through. They may THINK they have a clue, but in all honesty, if you have not experienced it, the chances of you having empathy for the other is pretty derned slim. I would suggest looking up information (or even the person themselves) on persons like Sylvia Browne, David Wells, James Van Praagh, Derek Acorah, or maybe even John Edward. While some of them may be a bit more theatrical than others, they still all got their start somewhere. Some of them are very candid on where they "came from" when pertaining to the clairvoyance.
Be careful while experimenting with the Astral Travel. I would also look into Ethereal Travel while you are researching. Some people have much more success with one or the other, and not so much both. However, there are those that can become quite proficient in both aspects of traveling. It is quite interesting what one can learn WHILE traveling...
In fact, I would venture to guess that while you were envisioning the other than human beings, you were ethereally traveling, with in the confines of your healer. I say confines, as if she should have noticed an issue, or something that you could not have handled at that time, I am quite assured she would have pulled you out. She seems to be quite thorough, and a mite protective, which IS good.
It IS very important that you all be extremely vigilant as it pertains to the removal of all negatives in your home, and lives. IF you "miss" a day of calling in the protections, others will sense that and jump at the chance to harass, as you have found out. The important thing is that you and your wife, need to keep each other in check. Be each others "crutch", so to speak. If you do not KNOW that the other one has "done their job", ASK. It does no harm to be extra careful. If ONE of you is too scared, ask the other to assist. There is power in numbers, and all it does is strengthen the protection.
And who could not use a bit of extra protection at times, right?

Any time you need to vent, or get a few questions answered, feel free to call on me. If I do not know the answers, I will be more than happy to call on a few friends, or look a few things up, or whatever it takes to help from this end. There is no shame in asking for assistance. I will do my best to be there for whatever is needed.
In honor and respect,
I thank you.
irish-guy (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-29)
whitebuffallo, your grand, thanks for getting back to me. My wife went to the healing and suprise, suprise, she brought a little girl ghost down aswell. The healer said the child was effecting her stomach and arm regions and she past the child on. I went down a few days later and had a healing and brought 2 children ghosts with me. I hurt ligaments in my knee playing soccer last season and was struggling for full fitness this season and she said that the 2 children where effecting the healing process. The funny thing about it, my knee is 100 time better since. I asked her, why are all the kids hanging around my home and she didn't know why. She was annoyed that Michael didn't pass on all the kids when he was up in my house and didn't know why he wouldn't do that also. She said while the healing was going on that she had to get rid of a lot of spirits with messages for me and let in only a few. The messages where nice, from close relatives that died when I was young.
Then she told me that I am very clairvoyant, the light out of the top of my head was bright (my light to god, I think she called it) and that my 3rd eye was wide open and was taking in too much and that the angels told her to turn it down a few notches as I wasn't ready for it. My aura was full. I haven't told anyone appart from my family because she told me not to. She said that people would laugh at me and put me down and to be wise who I tell. I'd be a bit embarressed telling anyone anyway because I feel like a fraud, I can't understand the messages, the signs etc, its all very ameture in my head at the moment. I'm meant to meditate and develope, give up smoking, drinking, sugar and anything fun by the sounds of it. But I'm determined to get an ending to my journey, so I'm going to give it a go from the new year onwards. I'll give up the drinking, sugar and meat then and wait a while with the smoking (I need something).
The healing was mad/cool. It was the weirdest thing ever. As I lay down on the table with the blanket on me I felt the heat off her hands, but then after a while I just forgot she was there and got a whole lot of images/colours in my head. I felt at peace. The images where 80% human faces and 20% not human faces. Human faces were from anywhere from people from victorian times to present day and I didn't recognise any of them, but seen them clearly. I got a sense of my sister that died before I was born. My mum was 6 and half months pregnant when she mis-carried my sister. My mum immediately got pregnant with me. Basically, if my sister survived, I wouldn't be here.
The non human where just plain wierd. It was like 3D or something, a woman that had a light out of her eyes, silver face and blue greyish hair/head. (I know wierd). And the other thing was too wierd to describe, but I can still picture him. The Lights that I could see was white and also a blue swrilling ball. All relaxing. I could feel my eyes flickering up and down, in and out of focus, surreal.
After it, I told her about the experience in the beedroom and she said that the floating was astral traveling, Projecting yourself out of your body, the barbed wire was 3rd eye connecting with the spirits and the gasp of air was probably the ghosts screwing with me alright, she joked. She said when I will meditate, I will be able to controll this.
We had only 1 bad night since the healing. My wife said she forgot to call in the angels 1 night last week. She goes to our room and camerons room, lights a candle and asks archangel michael to put 4 warriors in the room at each corner of the room and she asks that the windows and doors are a crystal light that shines up to heaven and helps lost souls to pass on. Well, all I could hear was breathing most of the night and cameron roaring. I turned on my side and heard footstep on snow and something crouching over me and breathing and when I turned around, nothing. Cameron was shouting let me go. Both of us have salt around the bed, so I found that a bit wierd. My wife told me in the morning she forgot and she was too scared to say it during the night. She didn't think it was anything until cameron was screaming let me go at about 3.30am. I don't think she fancied going from room to room expelling ghosts. She hasn't forgotten since and its been o.k, but I can feel things around, but they aren't making themselves known.
I'm looking into going on some courses to develop what I have because it driving me crazy at the moment. I'm neither here nor there with my "gift". I'll keep you updated anyway. Thanks for listening and your advice. Its like a weight off my shoulders. I can't tell my friends and my family barely accept it, so it nice to have a release. Thank you.
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2009-12-28)
I apologise, irish-guy, for getting back to you so late on this. My personal life took on a few more added responsibilities, and work has been...
But anyway.
Did your wife go through with the healing procedure this time around?
Personally, I think that your Guide was just trying to get through to you and HAD to use drastic measures as there was too much ELSE going on at the time to get your FULL attention.
Kind of like when your wife, and both kids are trying to talk with you at the same time. Sure, you can pick out the different voices and kind of follow along, but if you do not answer one of them right after they asked their question, and they think their answer should come next, they might do something a bit more obvious to get your undivided attention.
Like tap on your leg, or talk a mite louder, or follow you through the house much too closely, so that when you turn around you just about stumble over them.
I do not think your Guide meant to cause you undue stress, just wanted to holler out to you that "NO! You are NOT alone in fighting this and if you would just look over HERE, you would SEE that your angels are still RIGHT HERE."
Your last question kind of has a double answer, I am afraid.
Ghosts. No, I do not think ghosts will be able to breach through the protection that you have placed, UNLESS there is a "break" in the circle. If someone kicked a "hole" in the salt circle (if so, just redo the circle), or if someone invited someone back in, either through excessive thinking of the issue (which is why I asked if your wife went through with it) or out and out asking them in. OR if someone doubts the protections potency.
Faith is a big part of ANY protection rite. If there is no FAITH that it WILL work, no matter WHAT you try, it may not. It is just like when the masses here give the advice to call on the name of their personal Higher Power. If you do not have FAITH that THAT higher power has the strength to banish all, then it more than likely will not work.
It would be as calling on Larry Byrd to help you with anger issues.
But Spirits have the "round trip" ticket and are free to roam between the realms. Whereas a ghost is stuck for some reason (a one way ticket, so to speak), and has NOT Crossed Over, a Spirit HAS, and is in their perfect form (thus, SOME people refer to them as Angels). The good news is, you can tell a Spirit that you do not wish for it to scare, or harm, or... Anything, and most generally they tend to comply. UNLESS they MAY be trying to help one of the ghosts present in that area.
Did I only confuse you more?
Thank you for your patience.
irish-guy (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-15)
whitebuffalo, hello again. Your explaination of the rope with frayed ending is probably more accurate. That was more wierd than the floating thing. I never seen anything like that before, when my eyes close. You asked what was I thinking, and what I can remember was anticipation of something happening and when it was happening, I suppose, fear and feeling let down by the angels (as I thought that they were leaving me be annoyed by ghosts). You also asked did I salt around my home and yes I did and every 5 paces laid down a piece of garlic clove. My bed was the only 1 not salted up to saturday night and obviously the following morning, I put salt at the 4 corners. Every night something went on in my house, nothing came into my room, appart from knocking on the windows, talking outside (I live in the countryside, so shouldn't be anyone out there) and walking outside my door, in my opinion, tryin to annoy me.
What do you think he was tryin to do. I know you said he's just wanted to let me know that he's there. That was a fairly extreme " how do you do" and the holding the nose thing really boiled my blood. Was there an important message/warning that he was trying to tell me or as usual am I reading to much into things. And lastly, Do you thing that there is spirits still able to breach our house, as in, come and go as they please. Your the only person that is giving me any concrete advice and answer, so I'm really, really thankful to you. Thanks.
irish-guy (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-15)
Wow, that's unreal. To tell you the truth, I thought I was going nuts. So it wasn't ghosts/spirits screwing with me, it was my spirit guide doing his best to tell me a message and keeping me awake all night and freaking me out. You also had a similar experiences aswell. What do you think the message related to. I didn't recieve any inspiration out of this experience that night, only tiredness and anger. I have to go to work now, so I'll text you later again. Thank you.
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2009-12-14)
"Bright barbed wire". That is a pretty good description, there, irish-guy.
May I ask if you recall what you were thinking while this was going on (well, aside from the "what the #&*^ is THAT")? It would be interesting to note if the thought process was YOURS, or something they were trying to communicate TO you.

MANY years ago, when I was much younger (and quite head strong) I got myself into quite a situation. I will not bore you with the details, but let's just say that I should not be alive. I was not where I was supposed to be, no one knew where I really was, and no one was missing me. Yet.
There came a point in which I was "hallucinating". I "imagined" that there was a bright silvery cord, with "wisps" (much like a rope will have frayed edges) that seemed to sway, or move in a breeze that was not present, that was connected to me.
I felt as if I was floating weightlessly, but felt nothing of my physical form. During this time I heard a voice tell me to grasp the rope as hard as I could and to pull with all my might. I remember thinking that I had no strength and there was no way that was possible. After minutes of arguing (telepathically, but weakly) with this unseen voice, I finally reached for it and was "zapped" back into reality. At that point, I gasped as if pulling in a resuscitating breath (kind of like when someone is holding your nose, and you have to breathe a quick, deep breath through the mouth.) All the pain, aches and thoughts came at me instantaneously.
In MY situation, that was a near death experience. I personally feel that I was "speaking" to my Spirit Guide, and the silvery chord was my link to this reality, or what some would say is our life force. Astral travel is possible, ONLY with this cord.

So, just by going with that experience, I would say it is some sort of communication tool used when we close our minds off to any other source. In MY case, my situation closed my mind to the communication. In your case, you staunchly refused the communication (you salt enclosed the beds- Did you salt enclose your HOUSE?). It had no other way to get through.
With all that said, I should THINK that your Guide was trying to get through the throng of others trying to get your attention. Your Guide needed you to pay attention, and went to drastic measures to let you know you were NOT alone. You felt like the Angels were ignoring you. You felt like it was you against a mob. You were listening and feeling all these other "forms" and were unable to hear that ONE voice.
It just let you know it was there.
Kind of like you would hold the face of a child when (s) he refused to look you in the eye because (s) he KNEW this was not going to be an "easy" talk.
Thank you.
irish-guy (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-14)
Whitebuffalo, Hi again, My wife didn't go to the quatum healer sunday because I want to go with her next week. Something happened to me last saturday night when I went to bed. I felt uneasy going to bed, like there was something going to happen. My wife was sleeping in my youngest childs bed as he was uneasy in the other room, so I was alone in our bedroom. Stuff like the single knocks on the bedroom window and the swishing noises in the hallway and at the start of it about 12.30, talking in the hallway. My bed is the only 1 up to saturday night without salt around it because I thought that they were afraid of me. As I lay in the bed I knew there was someone around the room, but everytime I looked, I seen nothing. But when I closed my eyes for any peroid of time, wierd stuff started to happen. The 1st thing was I thought I was floating up, so I put my hands down from my chest to the bed and I wasn't floating, but still felt like I was, so I jumped up. I started the usual cursing the spirits and asking my angels to help me, but every time I got mad, it seemed to get worse and my angels didn't seem to do anything. That stopped and maybe an hour later, I felt like there was someone standing at the end of the bed and wait for this... How can I explain... It was like they had a fishing rod and the fishing line was made out of like bright barb wire or lightning and it was attached directly between my eyes and it was lifting my head. I opened my eyes and again no-one was there, so I closed my eyes and immeadiately it was there again. I just sat up and kept my eyes open until it went. I was wrecked tired and maybe a half hour passed and I feel asleep again only to be woken at about 3.30am by what I can only explain as someone holding my nose, so I gasped for air. I don't breathe out of my mouth when I sleep. That was the last thing they done that night. Needless to say I put salt around my bed for last night and nothing happened, but I know they were still around. At no time did I feel threatened, it was like they were taking the piss out of me or like they were tryin to show me that they are in control and not me. Obviously they can't get near camerons bed, so they seen my clear and thought that they have a go. What happened to me there, have you heard anything like that before and if so, what the hell were they at. If they ever take full form again I wouldn't mind giving 1 of them a smack. If you could shine some kind of light on this, I would appriciate it. Thank you.
irish-guy (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-12)
Whitebuffalo, thanks very much. I'll try that with the sweeping and we were told to do that with the candles already, just this week. The funny thing about it, the salt around the bed and the clove of garlic under it have seemed to work. It seems the more crazier the suggestion of a cure,...the better it works. Because when I heard that salt and garlic would keep the ghosts away,... I thought, come on, give me a break, are you for real. But to my surprise, it has worked, so I'm definatly going to try the sweeping routine and thank you for that. I'll let you know about anymore updates over the next few days or weeks or hopefully years, lol. Thanks again
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2009-12-12)
TELL me about it, Irish-guy. "Women"! <shaking head> It would be nice to know a time so that you could work around it if necessary.
I WOULD suggest that while she is out getting healed, perhaps YOU and the children (believe it or not, CHILDREN seem to have a natural knack for cleansing. Our two that still live at home "lead the way" in the process) could "sweep clean" the place. Make it a game and I am sure you will all be laughing in short time. With YOU being "the wall", NOTHING will harm.

Lynn Tucker, who is a Spirit Medium with DECADES of experience, a pastor of the Spiritualist Church of Canada, and has a degree in religious studies from an accredited University suggests this:

"Get one full-sized natural fibre sweeping broom (the kind you use to sweep the house with). You need to be strong in your intentions. Your mind must not have any uncertainty in it.
Go to the farthest part of the home. The farthest part away from the door to go outside. The whole house must be swept, even over carpet.
While you sweep you speak loudly and clearly with authority to the ghost. Sweep in a pace, like you are moving to the beat of music.
With each sweep say this:
'We don't want you here. You must leave. You cannot return. Out! Out! We don't want you here. You must leave. You cannot return. Out! Out!'
Repeat this like a mantra" (keeping with the rhythm of the sweeping)
"Don't miss any part of the house. Sweep it out until you reach the door. Then sweep out the door. Once you are done, I want you to go to each room. When you go to each room you should light a single white tea-lite candle in each room.
When you do this you must say:
'I light this flame of protection to cleanse my home.'
Then with strong conviction you must say:
'This is MY HOME! I am the living and I LIVE HERE!'
You must do that in every room of your home. Once that has happened you should have some friends over while the candles burn. Invite them over for tea or drinks so living people's energy can fill the space.
The brooms are the next issue. Once you sweep out with them they must be dunked in a bucket of water to cleanse them, and allowed to dry outside before they are brought back into the home. Some people burn them or throw them away. It is your choice.
I find that water is the universal cleanser, so water works just fine.
If you want to smell nice tranquility you can burn incense in the home after, but it is only a cosmetic preference for people to choose.
Ghosts or spirits can be scary, but they do not have the strength of a living human. They can only mess with our minds to make our confidence low. They can freak us out because they shock us. Always remember that we have control over the ghosts, they do not have control over us. Think of an active ghost who is constantly scaring folks, like it is a bully. Stand up to the bully and he runs. He is only a bully because someone bullied him in the past. Be tough with the ghost and they will back down."

Just thought I would pass on the information, as it pertained to you. None of what is suggested would interfere with your wife's process, would not affect her vibrations (well, she MAY become a bit more relaxed about it all) and would not stand in the way of her healing.
Thank you.
irish-guy (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-10)
Sorry I didn't get back sooner, I was watching a film. Its touch healing and my wife has just told me that she hasn't arranged a time sunday as of yet...women...but is going to try get down to her sunday as I work a 6 day week and that's the only day I'm off, so I can mind the kids. I suppose your right that I shouldn't be tryin anything new before sunday, so I'll just have to wait. I'll have to get advice off you after that day most definatly. In your opinion, has our house become some kind of beacon for lost souls now, a passing on house or is that just a ridiculous suggestion. Thanks.
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2009-12-10)
Well, until the healing, you have three days. I know that makes for very long nights, but I would suggest YOU keep on doing exactly what you are. You seem to be keeping them at bay with your terms (literally and figuratively)
I do not want to mess with the quantum healing technique that will be used, so I would not suggest going crazy with protection circles and the like, as it MAY interfere with the healing process.
Do you know if it is "touch healing", "aroma healing", "device healing", "mineral healing"...? I do not want to mess up her "vibrations".

Please do keep in mind that they are not back. You may have newbies, but these are not the same individuals.
YOU have basically told them they will not get to your family except through you. Be firm, and remain being that wall. If you have to talk so that sailors blush, so be it. Every situation is unique, and for this one, that may be what is necessary.
Thank you.
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2009-12-10)
I did read it, and that is why I am wondering what EXACTLY she is having healed. Is it a mind/body healing? Do you know what process it going to happen?
Thank you.
irish-guy (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-10)
read my previous post with all the details in "Unusual experiences". She getting quantum healing... The ghosts are back! Great...
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2009-12-10)
Please forgive me, your wife is getting what, exactly done on Sunday?
Thank you.
irish-guy (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-10)
oh yeah, I forgot to say that my wife is getting that done sunday, please god it helps.
irish-guy (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-10)
whitebuffalo, guess what, new ghosts/spirits back again. 4 weeks from the clensing and we have it all back again. For the last week I've thought that they were something around, but thought that we're clensed, the house is clensed, we put down salt and cloves around the perimeter of our house and was just imagining it. But for the last few nights cameron was waking and was just asking for his juice every hour which we thought was unusual but then 2 nights ago he woke screaming every half hour and I just knew something was back again. I got up everytime in the hope I'd see something but didn't. It was about 2.10am and I was pissed off and I asked my gaurdian angel adriel and archangel michael to get rid of them. When my wife left camerons room, I cursed them out of it... I told them spirits that they weren't welcome in the most vicious language I could think of. I went back to bed and about 10mins later I heard a woman voice, possibly late teenager to young adults in camerons room and then it was quiet for the night. We aked cameron the following morning was it the boy that was waking him but he said no, it was a girl and when we'd asked him to explain, he'd just run off and do his usual daydreaming playing. He's 3 in a couple of months and do we have to put up with all this craziness until he's 7 I'm thinking. We got my wifes sister to contact michael anthony the following morning to find out what's happening. He said that camerons was super sensitive and that he couldn't stop them from talking/appearing to him and that our best bet was to put salt around his bed and a clove of garlic under his bed and to carry a clensed stone on him at all times. I just thought... What the hell... My wifes mother went the quatum healer "cousin" to see what she could do for us and she said that the problem of the spirits visiting the house was not because of cameron but my wife. She said that they know she terrified and that they live on that and that my wife needs to get healed as soon as possible and it might help. She then said that they spirits know that I have no fear and that when I told them in my four letter rants at them that I meant business and they left. (I was kind of embarressed as I told no-one about it) I found this a bit wierd because I didn't think that they would take a living being seriously but obviously my gaurdian angel must be some fairly serious scary dude or something. She also said that I could hear things as I'm sensitive to things but again I never get any concrete answer to what the hell I have or what I am. Last night cameron slept all night through but I know they're not gone and I say "they" because I feel they are more than the 1 voice I heard. Is our house some kind of a half way house now for lost souls and that they are all hoping to get passed on through us... This is just crazy. I'm grasping at straws here for a solution to this. I'm just terrified some kind of bad ghost will come into the house and screw with him and the worst thing about.,, I won't be able to do anything to protect him. Please let me know anyone I could talk to or do you have any advice, because that clensing wasn't that good by the look of it.
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2009-12-02)
Well, you are welcome, Irish-guy.😳 I try.

As for your question. That IS a tuffy. To be completely honest, it varies.
There are those that ONE cleansing of both the home and the body works for. But then there are those that need a "re-do". I personally have cleansed my home, uh... Numerous times (Sorry, I can not recall just how many times). But then, I seem to have a problem with inviting things to come home with me. 😉
There ARE some stubborn entities that will leave for a period of time, and then come back because they liked the experience so well, or enjoyed the company. There have also been those that "hide out" until the healer is gone, and then just come out of hiding. A good healer will be able to sense if they truly are gone, or just hiding. YOU had a good healer do the cleansing.
You will not have a problem and will not have to cleanse again- because of THESE entities. The little boy IS with his parents, and Darius HAS moved on.
On the off chance that you should gain another entity, burning a sandalwood incense will help get rid of it. I would reiterate that you might want to talk to your wife's cousin about protection. I really do not think you will NEED it, but it does not hurt to be prepared.
Thank you.
irish-guy (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-02)
whitebuffalo, sorry, 1 last question, how long does a clensing of the body and of our home last. Thanks.
irish-guy (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-02)
Wow, your good. Your 1st response was fairly spot on. My wife is infact a good person and would bend over backwards for us and... I'm a person that gets things done and I really don't like asking for help with everyday things, but obviously I needed help here to know what happened to my family because this was something I couldn't get an answer for, something I couldn't control. Thank you... Questions answered and it didn't cost me a penny. I feel better already, lol. You've obviously got some kind of talent going on there or you just know alot... Either way, thank you.
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2009-12-01)
Well, my goodness. Guess I took too long on that response. I gave you enough time to write me another one.
Did I still do alright?

Ah, and I just saw that ONE part I want to comment on. Mr. Anthony is absolutely right. In fact, I just wrote that in a comment a bit earlier today. The life impaired do not have any concept of time. That is why sometimes people who have been gone for some twenty-odd years, show up to loved ones so long after their death, and seem to be confused as to why their loved one whigs out. It is also why seers have seen people from the seventeenth century clearly (or even longer ago).
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2009-12-01)
Nah, she was not just putting up a smoke screen, or fluffing your feathers. You DO have a shinning light.
Geez, how to explain?
YOU were the prime candidate to get this all done.
Your children, while at the right age in which to see and sense those from the Other Side, were not ready for the experience. Your one son, Cameron, was a playmate, but unable to HELP. There is no shame in that. It is not a negative thought, just some people are able to handle it, and some are not. It is THOUGHT that may be why the gift of medium-ship, at times, skips generations, or falls on the one that seems least likely. THAT person may just have the right personality to deal with such a thing.
You wife, though she has a connection through her cousin... Your wife works through her cousin. Know what I mean? She is not a communicator on her own. She is a helper. Again, no shame in that either. Many a psychic, medium, seer uses a helper to keep them grounded. They are like a tool that is irreplaceable.
But, on the same side of that coin, she is also a fierce and loyal protector. If it came down to helping out a ghostly little boy, and helping her own flesh and blood- no contest. She would rip off the doors of Hell in order to keep them safe. There is the problem, though. She would have had to divide her attentions. And I really do not know all that many women who could do that and still acquire the desired effects. Nothing bad meant by that, just saying when one is in protection mode, one tends not to be able to be fierce AND calming.
Your wife, and your children needed each other during this experience.
But YOU. You are a seeker. You tend to spend more time working out the problem than researching it. You are slow to call in help (do not want to be too impulsive there, or draw too much attention to yourself) but will drop everything (family excluded) if the suggested solution sounds spot on.
There is your light.
At that point in time, you were the most likely candidate for the upcoming situation.
But it is more than that. You could be a force to be reckoned with. You get the job done, and that is what was needed. But you also learned a lot, did you not? You can grow from this and become what you were meant to be. We are never too old to learn (and you are not THAT old).

Oh, and just so that we are clear. The VOICE. If the voice remained your own. Generally the thoughts that are messages ARE very uncharacteristic. It sounds to me like you were "used" just for this experience.
Thank you.
irish-guy (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-01)
Sorry, I read your post again, the kid ghost enjoyed playin with my son, michael anthony said, but ghosts have no concept of time and when he woke cameron in the nite, cameron was freaking out, probably because he was tired, I don't know. And also you wrote " if it did not change from what your thoughts normally sound like", did you mean type of voice or type of thoughts. Because if you meant thoughts,... They definatly weren't mine and I know this because I think rationally in everything that I do and I know my own thoughts works and though tormented at times with bills and everyday life... They werent my thoughts and the worst thing about them was 90% didn't make any sense. I should be payin you... Your like my shrink, lol.
irish-guy (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-01)
Whitebuffalo,- bang in 1. You just answered all my questions and what your sayin, I totally understand. Thats all I wanted- closure. Thank you. When I found out that it was a kid ghost involved, I wanted to make sure he got to where he needed to go, no matter what the cost and as for darius, he got lucky, lol, but I'm also glad he benefited from me. There is just 1 question left... When I got my 1st ever angel reading, she said I had a type of shine off me/ light and that I was more special than you know. Is that like when some is feeling really low and you just tell them that to make them feel better, like telling an overweight person that their big-boned. Sorry for the examples, I aint to good with explanations. What do you honestly think. I do feel stronger as a person after these events and maybe it was the kick in the backside I needed to get that drive back that I had in my early 20's. I'm losing that negativity, lol, I'm like a reformed alcoholic or something. By the way thanks for your frank replies and keeping your opinions real.
whitebuffalo (guest)
12 years ago (2009-12-01)
Oh, BELIEVE me, I understand. I personally would have had a spiral notebook FILLED with questions to ask the man. Cleansing is such a personal thing (meaning, you tend to do the same things, but it takes on a personal quality to the person experiencing it) that "one question fits all" is hardly the case.

And, for the record, I totally believe you.

As for your answers and the information I gathered from my audio friends:
IF the voice NEVER changed from sounding like yours in your head (face it, your own voice will sound different in YOUR head, on a recording, to other people...) if it did not change from what your thoughts normally sound like, chances are very high that this was a one time occurrence.
You may never see, or hear anything such as this again. MAY. IF all of the entities that were there are now gone.
That is why I had asked if Darius was gone.
Chances are that you did nothing to bring this on. It is more likely that, just as your wife was told by the cousin who spoke to her spirit guide, this happened as a last ditch effort by the little guy to get recognition.
I mean, here he is trying to play with your child unsuccessfully. That is what kids do. Forget the fact that the poor thing is life impaired. He more than likely was unaware of that bit of information. So he tried to get your wife to pay him a little attention, and again, he is ignored (not really, but how is HE to know?) so he did the next logical thing to ANY child. He went to the other adult in the home. And guess what? It was a HIT!
With little guy safely where he needed to be (with the Mama and Daddy) he will no longer be an issue.
With Darius, he is a mite different. He saw an opportunity and just jumped on it. Kind of like a drowning man will grab unseeing at anything that happens to float by. The fact that the little one was in your home had NOTHING to do with his attachment. More than likely he did not even know he was there.
There ARE various methods on "slicking ones aura" to make an attachment unable to stick, but honestly, I do not think you will have any issues from here on out.
IF Mr. Anthony was thorough, which I am pretty sure he was, he more than likely erased all "hand holds" for another one to catch.
Are you able to talk with your wife's cousin? If so, I would suggest that you ask her about protection from other forms of attachments. Just as a precaution. There are times that I use them, even if I am just about positive that nothing is going to happen.

In short (yeah, right), I would think that the Angel card reading that you attended DID open your eyes. But not in the way most would think. It allowed you to see what was there, and to help your children be comfortable in their own home. It also allowed enough discomfort to make seeking answers a necessity so that you could find something that NO ONE mentioned to you before. Darius.
For what it is worth, I want to thank you for helping both of them Cross Over. What you did went well beyond what most people do when encountering the essence of a life impaired individual. For that, there are two less wanderers stuck somewhere they were not meant to stay.
Thank you.
irish-guy (1 stories) (20 posts)
12 years ago (2009-12-01)
Whitebuffalo, No the voice never changed. It remained mine throughout the few months. The voices stopped that day we got clensed. I presume the polish guy, Darius, got sent on his way. I know his name because I checked it via the internet. I had so many questions to ask michael anthony after the clensing, that I had mentally prepared, I just didn't ask him about a polish guy, I didn't even know. It just felt the 1st day I went to the angel card reading until the house got clensed everything that happened was meant to happen. As I said, I never seen a ghost until this point in my life and I'm 31 years old. I have no reason to lie. I'm not a story teller or looking for an oscar nomination for my story. I just want an answer to what happened and I know someone can fill all the blanks in for me. I'm the type of person that wants things yesterday and people tell me to meditate to try and ask my angels and see if I can get answers. I tried and its too slow and too vague. If you don't believe me, I'm not too bothered, because up to 6 months ago, I wouldn't believe me. But I know there has to be someone else out there who had a similar experience, got their answers, and can let me know what's going on and what role exactly, if any, did I have in this little drama.

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