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Unusual Wake Up Call


This story happened a few years back on our old house. We were renting this two-storey house located in Cavite. No one lived in this house for a couple of years because the owner migrated to the province.

There was a huge mango tree that stood in front of the house that was cut down when the owner decided to have the house for rental. The house was renovated. It has two bedroom, one upstairs and one downstairs near the kitchen.

I live with my parents and three brothers. My brothers and I occupy the room downstairs while my parents use the one upstairs.

We've been experiencing unusual stuff ever since we moved in. One I will truly never forget.

It was one summer vacation and my mom and three brother went to the province. My father and I were left because of work. One night, my father went to work and I was left home alone. It was my day off of work, and as a call center agent, it gave me a difficult time to get some sleep (most of the call center agents here in the Philippines work at night).

It was a bit hot that night so I decided to use the room upstairs for it has an air conditioning. I was feeling something strange but disregarded it. It was around 11pm or midnight that I was able to catch some sleep. I'm a heavy sleeper, I can say, so my sleep went well. It was around 8 in the morning when I was awoken by the sound of my father's motorcycle. I heard the gate opening as well as the front door. I also heard my father calling out for me. With my eyes closed, I answered him. Then he went upstairs, got some change of clothes and told me he was going out to buy something to cook for lunch. I told him to just lock the door again and I will catch some more sleep. He went down and I heard him locked the front door and the gate.

It was a couple of minutes after my father went out and I'm already half asleep when I heard someone whisper in my ear saying "Wake up", too close that I felt his warm breath on my ear. I immediately opened my eyes and saw no one. I ran downstairs to see if father was back, but I'm all alone. I thought it was weird to hear someone waking me up, being all alone in the house. What's even more weird is how he told me to wake up. I heard him say "Wake up" in English. Not the usual "Gising na" phrase in our native language. I felt amused rather than scared.

Well, prior to this event, I've seen an apparition of a soldier in the room downstairs, that looked like an American soldier, but that's a different story.

Anyway, I thought that I maybe dreaming when this happened but I really did feel his breath touching my ear.

Well, there are some instances that there are paranormal encounters that will amaze you rather than scaring you, like this.

Any thoughts on this? Comment down below.

Thanks for reading. More stories to come.

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notadaddysgirl (guest)
8 years ago (2016-04-21)
I too have a story like this on this website and had comments about it. I find it amazing that this happens to others here to.

Maybe he/she thought you had enough sleep and that you should wake up. I think mine thought I was just being lazy.

Blessed be. 😆

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