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Was It My Grandfather


Last summer, My Dad, Sister, and I, went to spend our vacation down in Durango, Mexico. We drove there all the way from Los Angeles, CA. We stayed at my grandma's house. My dad's afraid of the room we stayed in. He said that when he was around thirteen years old he always saw two men sitting at the foot of his bed in military revolutionary clothes on them. And after my grandfather died about 10 years ago, everyone is afraid of the house. I personally never got to meet my grandfather. Now here's my story. After staying in that room for five days I never saw or heard anything, all that was about to change.

One night I went to go to sleep with my sister by my side and my mom and dad sleeping on the bed across from us normally. I fell asleep, then I woke up later in the middle of the night feeling an arm shaking and it almost seemed as if it was trying to tickle my ribs. I thought it was my dad trying to scare me, but I knew that he would've been too scared to get up in the middle of the night in the house. I stayed like this for about 15 seconds, so I kept pinching my sister to wake her up, and when she finally reacted and said, "what," the hand stopped shaking and it dropped on to my belly, I was scared out of my mind, so I kept my eyes closed. It felt like a strong man's hand. It was heavy and it kind of hurt my ribs. Then suddenly I feel the arm drag away from me, but I heard no footsteps walking away, and it was no longer on me. This whole thing lasted for about 30 seconds. I spoke to my sister after I no longer felt the arm on me. I told her the same thing I was telling you. She got scared and woke up my parents by shouting at them to wake up. My parents listened as I told them what had happened. My voice was shaking as was I, for I had never encountered something like this.

My dad got up from the bed and turned on the light. I asked my sister to see if she felt anything, she said she felt the bed shaking a little bit but didn't feel a hand. My dad and my mom were both scared. But we couldn't wake all of my aunts up to tell them, so we decided to wait until morning. But I couldn't sleep, that same day before I was attacked I went to the cemetery and saw all of my relatives' grave. I wasn't too comfortable being there after hearing all the ghost encounters my Aunts and Uncles talked about. Just the thought of knowing that I went to the cemetery that day made me even more scared.

The next morning my parents told everyone about what happened to me last night. No one thought it was my grandpa; they don't think he would have tried to scare me. They said that my dead grandpa visited a lot of my aunts and uncles when they were sleeping. My uncle said that one night after seeing my grandpa's picture, when he fell asleep he felt someone touching his face and slapped him very softly on the face twice. My grandma said that she talks to my grandpa at night sometimes. That just gave me the chills. I heard many other stories that they have all encountered some about the devil, and some about witches. I never thought anything like this would happen to me. I guess my grandfather went to visit me for the first time.

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Alan (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-05-30)
I always hear paranormal experiences that happen to my aunts and uncles in Mexico but I've never personally had my own direct experiences, nor do I want any. I think your experience was pretty bad because it was physical. At least you know it was your grandpa.

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